Trump’s UNBELIEVABLE Announcement About G7 Summit

Trump’s UNBELIEVABLE Announcement About G7 Summit

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>>In yet another example of violations of
the Emoluments Clause, Donald Trump has announced that the next G7 summit will take place at
one of his resorts. It’ll take place at the Doral Golf Resort,
which has faced some financial issues recently. Now, several on air hosts over at Fox were
not too happy about this, so they’ve spoken out against it. But first, I wanna go to Mick Mulvaney, who
recently had a press conference and admitted that Donald Trump’s phone conversation with
Ukrainian president did involve quid pro quo. He later walked that back when he realized
it was probably a bad idea to admit that the president’s a criminal. But nonetheless, let’s focus on Doral. Here he is responding to a question about
it, take a look.>>Can you at least understand and acknowledge
that the just the appearance of impropriety makes this wince inducing and maybe this is
something that you wanna reconsider how that conversation got on the wrong.>>Yeah, but the president knows that. Listen, the president, we know the environment
we live in, you all know the environment that we live in, and he knows exactly that he’s
gonna get these questions and exactly get that reaction from a lot of people. And he’s simply saying, okay, that’s fine,
I’m willing to take that. The same way he takes it when he goes to Trump’s
Mar-a-Lago, the same place where he goes to play Trump Bedminster. He got over that a long time ago. We absolutely believe this is the best place
to have it. We’re gonna have it there. And there’s gonna be folks who will never
get over the fact that it’s a Trump property. We get that, but we’re still gonna go there.>>Unreal.>>Yeah, it’s just, this is, look, you’re
talking about foreign leaders coming to a Trump property that he’s making money off
of, and they’re gonna spend money, their governments are gonna spend money on that property. I mean, this is a clear violation of the Emoluments
Clause. And this isn’t just me someone on the left
making this argument, you have people on the right including people at Fox News of all
places, multiple people at Fox News are like, what are you doing, bro? This is a bad idea.>>So we’re gonna get to those, there’s three
different hosts of Fox News going, what? Okay, but look, this is another level. So Trump encourages people to go stay in his
properties inside the country, that’s already bad. That’s like a giant conflict of interest. And then foreign governments will come and
stay at his hotel to curry favor with him. Sometimes they’ll take a huge number of rooms
and not even use them. Okay, that’s already horrible and a potential
violation of the Emoluments Clause. But this where he says, no foreign leaders
must stay at my properties and pay me money, it’s literally in the Constitution. There’s not a lot of things in the Constitution
that says the president cannot do this, right? This is one of them. It says the president cannot ask for gifts
from a foreign government or any kind of compensation from a foreign government. That’s exactly what he’s doing here. It’s the most brazen violation of the Constitution
I have ever seen. Cuz this part is so specific, it is so clear,
and he’s clearly violating it. In a little bit I’ll get to why it’s insane
to have it at Doral in the first place.>>I sometimes wonder why I’m here on the
panel because literally everything Cenk said I was all stoked to tell you. First of which is, this isn’t the optional
money of Trump. This is the forcing of revenue toward Trump. This is saying no, this is where the G7 is
meeting, you guys are gonna spend money here. So again, as Cenk just pointed out, and look,
Trump is all about money in himself. He does everything but wear like one of those
NASCAR jackets with endorsement stuff on it. He is unbelievable when it comes to perpetuating
the Trump brand worldwide. And also the point I was gonna make is that
we’ve learned that many stay at the Trump properties or buy out a bunch of rooms and
then only a small percentage of the rooms are used. So yeah, everybody worldwide is hipped to
the fact that this is the way you curry favor with Donald Trump. But this is another level I would add one
other thing that hasn’t been said and that’s this, Mulvaney you see there doing something
that this administration and the GOP do so well. And that is, yeah, so what? Yeah, they lean in. And this is a remarkable fact, this is clearly
an Emoluments violation. It’s self-dealing, it’s reprehensible just
even if there weren’t an Emoluments Clause, it’s just what are you doing? Even the appearance gives you the creeps that
said, they lean into it, and that’s what the GOP does.>>Of course, yeah, who has really held him
accountable specifically for these types of violations, right? Violations where he is enriching himself,
no one, no one. So every single time Democrats want to do
an investigation into Donald Trump’s behavior, it’s not about financial crimes. It’s not about his abuse of power to enrich
himself or the corruption. It’s usually about conversations he’s had
with foreign governments. Now, I think those investigations are important,
and I’m glad that they’re moving forward with this impeachment investigation in regard to
his demands that both Ukraine and China look into his political rivals. But they should also look into how he’s used
his position of power to enrich himself. How he’s violated our Constitution. The GOP, I have no hope for the GOP, the only
time the GOP is gonna do something is if it’s actually gonna benefit their political careers,
right?>>Yeah, they have to be on the precipice
of losing a significant number of seats in the Senate before they actually act against
Donald Trump. So even when they do, you should give them
no credit whatsoever.>>Exactly.>>Because that just means they thought, I’m
about to lose, and that’s why I’m acting. Here it’s brazen, is violations of a kind,
I’ve never seen anything like this. And they know what Mitch McConnell and every
Republican senator knows, this is clearly unconstitutional. These are the guys who claim they care about
the Constitution. A lot of them like Ted Cruz calls themselves
constitutionalists. You don’t have to be a constitutionalist to
know that this is deeply unconstitutional. And yet, where are you, Ted? Where are you? Nowhere, so it’s not just Donald Trump breaking
the law and violating the Constitution. It’s the entire Republican Party that is backing
him up that is responsible for this.>>Yes.>>Now, I gotta tell you two more things about
that. One, I actually had a debate on the conversation
with a writer for the Nation. Cuz he thought one of the things they should
emphasize in impeachment was Emoluments Clause. And I said, look, I hear you, he’s definitely
violated it, but it’s gonna be a little hard to prove, because the Saudis could say, no,
I just wanted to get 100 rooms and then I changed my mind and only used two, right? And so it’s a little hard to prove. Well, he was right, because now it’s over. It’s not hard to prove it all. He just made foreign governments give him
money at his properties. I mean it’s textbook, you’re literally, if
you’re a prosecutor and you got this, you’re like, how did I get so lucky? This is the easiest case in the world. There’s no question about it, zero percent
uncertainty. So now Emoluments Clause should definitely
be a part of impeachment. And then he says no, no, I picked it cuz it
was the perfect place. It’s June in Miami.>>And it’s had financial issues, he chose
it cuz it has financial issues.>>No question.>>Yeah.>>It’s gotta help, it’s been health code
violations, it’s been cited a bunch of times by various regulators. The places is a hornet’s nest of trouble. But yeah, he needs the money, that’s what’s
going on. And just the last thing, he’s forced, but
these are not foreign governments, which is why technically may not be an emoluments,
like it’s just a self enrichment thing. He’s forced, as you know the American military
to stay at his places overseas. And he’s forced that whole Pinson crew to
stay at his place, I think was over 100 miles from where the actual meeting was going on. So, look, he’s forcing a lot of taxpayer money
into Trump pockets. But yeah, this is the emoluments violation
in spades.>>Yeah.>>In June Doral only has an accuracy rate
of 38%, you know why? Cuz it’s June in Miami, nobody wants to go
to Miami and deal with the heat and humidity in June. That’s why he’s desperate to get people to
go there. And yes, you’re right Mark, it had bedbugs,
it’s had health problems. Some of the foreign governments, is such a
poor location they might not even show up. They gotta go to G7, but they might be like,
you picked Miami in a place with bedbugs, and now I gotta go there? So my point there is, instead of being the
perfect place, it’s actually the worst place to hold the G7 meeting. And he did it anyway, just to enrich himself.

100 thoughts on “Trump’s UNBELIEVABLE Announcement About G7 Summit”

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  2. Why are Republicans and Fox surprised Trump doesn't care about the Constitution? I figured it out in 2015 when Trump called for travel bans on Americans based on religious beliefs.

  3. So basically Trump is admitting he knows this is corrupt and just gave everyone the finger anyway. Classy guy you picked there Republicans. Maybe stfu about email servers and Ukrainian gas deals until you get your own house in order.

  4. One way to put this toothless tiger in his place is for the rest of the G7 not to show up at all. It's not like Con-rade Trump is going to be around much longer anyway. They would probably be cheered by their own constituents and boost their own ratings at home. What has Trump done for them lately.

  5. "The president knows he is going to get these questions, and exactly get that reaction from a lot of people and he says that's fine I'm willing to take that' " How noble. Donald Trump, facing the criticism and questions from others but, he is willing to take it and go bravely on, in spite of it all. How admirable. Sometimes the clearly stated principles of the American Constitution have to be broken for the sake of higher principles, like Donald Trump's desire to enrich himself.

  6. Trump does whatever he wants because he always has….nobody stops him. They will talk about it…but nothing will happen. Off to next weeks trump surprise @!!

  7. How many meetings with foreign leaders did JFK, Bush, Obama and Clinton have at their luxury homes and estates. As I recall quite a few. You got to be careful with Andrew Napolitano, because while he is a very sharp judge, he has been known to correct the record for misquoting things. While the Constitution does set out a protocol for predisential affairs, it also protects every citizen's right to private property and the business conducted there. Sorry, TYT, but I have to part ways on this one.

  8. Who's gonna stop the clown? Moscow Mitch? Spineless Ted Cruz? Corporate Shill Pelosi? Unless Batman comes to save the day, this Joker will continue his rampage to no end.

  9. I was already worried about this when Trump first suggested this at the last G7 this past summer! Mark's comparison with the NASCAR jacket was funny..and true!

  10. Emoluments clause violations are many and obvious!!! Too many commentators overlook the DOMESTIC violations!! More than $350 million spent at bloody Maralago since drumpf took office!!! And there are LOTS of other deals and transactions around the world that are provable and demonstrable!!

  11. The only way i can see Trump winning this fight without scandal, is if he decided to make this trip free for everyone who's coming.

  12. The best place in America for an international summit such as the G7 is Camp David. But then Trump can't make money off it.

  13. Dude is BEGGING to be impeached.
    He doesn't want to be President. He wants to get out and however it happens he will claim he won, or it was stolen, or it was a coup. No matter what, he wins. He will start Trump TV and take the Tribe Who Rubs Shit in their Hair with him.

  14. Can you imagine what would of happened if President Carter had kept his peanut farm and a White House cook make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch?

  15. This brings back one of my early rants against Trump. His very first lie as President didn't happen a week into his Presidency, or a day or two into his Presidency. It happened WHILE he was being sworn in. When Donald Trump was being sworn in as President, while his right hand was raised and his left hand was on the Bible, WHILE he swore to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution – at that very moment – he was in violation of the Emoluments clause of the Constitution. At that very moment he was making tons of money in all of his foreign hotels and real estate projects, with foreign governments and banks granting financial favors for his projects, in violation of the Emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution. He literally lied under oath and was in violation of the Constitution AS he swore to uphold, defend and protect it.

    I personally think that if investigated, we would find COUNTLESS examples of his foreign policy – in ALL matters, on every continent – being based largely on trading U.S. favors for Trump's financial enrichment or for Trump's corporate industrial friend's financial enrichment that then translates into donations to his campaign through dark money. THIS is why, THIS is how Trump has amassed his huge $145 Million campaign fund – by using the office of the Presidency to use the apparatus of U.S. foreign policy to make countless corporate deals, favoring business interests, NOT true U.S. national interests.

    I used to think that the Reagan Administration was the most corrupt in U.S. history, with James Watt as Secretary of Interior selling off hundreds of thousands of acres of public land to private industry (for oil drilling, mining, and forestry) at way below market price to their many wealthy corporate friends – so much that it made the Teapot Dome scandal look like nothing. Or the massive deregulation, stripping consumer, environmental and safety protections. Or the Iran-Contra Scandal, which secretly sold arms, including Hawk missiles, to Iran, who sponsored terrorists, in order to trade arms for hostages (while Reagan was on TV pounding his fist saying the U.S. would never make deals with terrorist nations), and used those funds from the secret illegal arms sales to fund the Contras (considered terrorists under international law) and their illegal secret war to overthrow the democratically elected government of El Salvador (a war that was outlawed by Congress). And then I thought that the George W. Bush, Jr. Administration took the mantle from Reagan as the most corrupt in U.S. history with their lying us into war in Iraq on false pretenses with their false orange cake (uranium, that didn't exist), nuclear weapons centrifuges (that didn't exist) and babies in hospitals being killed by being thrown out of their cribs by Iranian soldiers (more debunked lies), as well as giving us The Patriot Act, and the biggest deficit in the history of the country – bigger than all other President's debts combined (taking the mantle from Reagan, who had the pevious record of leaving us in the biggest debt, bigger than all previous Presidents combined), more massive deregulation, giving us the Great Recession of 2008 and the bank bailouts, costing the tax payers billions of $ (socialism for the rich), etc. But now, that proud mantle of most corrupt President and Administration in U.S. history must be passed to our current President. This President's corruption is broad and deep. Virtually every cabinet is led by foxes put in charge of their respective hen houses. The lies, corruption and flagrant and blatant unlawful activities seems to know no bounds, starting on Day 1 – as he was sworn in – with multiple violations of the Constitution. Chief of Staff Mulvaney's admission just the other day that they extort and base foreign policy decisions based on political motivations routinely, "Get over it," he says – like it's perfectly acceptable, shows how this Republican-supported widespread corruption has been normalized, also by acceptance by the corrupt Democrats to let this go on year after year under spineless leadership.

    This country is seriously circling the drain. I think Bernie and a real revolution is our only hope.

  16. How does american law work in terms of prosecutorial obligation? Why would the wealthy and powerful have a longer wind-up before prosecution than other cases? Is there no legal obligation for prosecutors to prosecute?

  17. This isn't violating the constitution, when our President took office he signed over his company to his children. Honestly do your research and think, besides a man of buesness could hold the title as U.S president as well CEO of a major corporation and if we all remember Donald Trump was asked if he was going to continue to be a CEO but he wanted to focus on our nation first, that's why he signed over his business over to his children.

  18. And while I'm on the subject, what's wrong with Trump profiting off a visit from foreign leaders who have been milking our government for years. If they can do it, then we should be able to do it too.

  19. Can someone explain to me why the world leaders HAVE TO stay at Doral in order to attend the G-7? Surely with all their money they could make arrangements to stay elsewhere. It's bad enough that the American toadies surrounding him do as they're told but why do foreign leaders have to do the same?

  20. Articles of Impeachment: 1. Obstruction 2. Violation of Campaign Finance laws 3. Violation of Emoluments Clause. And that;'s just so far.

  21. Americans are so sad and have no limits to how low they go for trump and the rich and trump is proving my point since he is doing everything he can and want to make money out of the office and you are nowhere to be found, I guess the only way for you to understand is if trump do a brain surgery on you

  22. Now would be the perfect time for the other governments who make up the G7 to announce that they won't be attending the next meeting at Trump's club, because they don't want to be public accessories to a crime that violates American law.

  23. Everyone should refuse to attend. Hold it at another venue and leave him out of it. Nobody needs to play his game. Refuse to participate.

    Russia and other autocratic gvts operate exactly this way. We are breaking the law, what’re you gonna do about it?

  24. In 2012 the G8 summit was held at Camp David. Why not have the G7 (no Russian contingent) there next year?
    He wants Russia back in to make it G8 again, so maybe having it at his place he thinks he'd be able to invite Putin.

  25. It’s disgraceful how Trump twisted his original “drain then swamp” quote into a partisan slur. Originally, it was heavily implied that “drain the swamp” meant getting the corruption out of government. It was obvious he had no plan or was going to but it got people’s attention. And then as soon as he gets elected and becomes arguably one of the most corrupt presidents in history, he spins the meaning of “swamp” to “democrats” and doubles down on the idea that the Dems are the sole source of corruption.

    Then his cult of supporters continue to eat it up without a shred of self awareness.

  26. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just don’t go to it. The world knows trump is a bitch and the people of those countries know it and won’t want their leaders to be there.

  27. I stopped looking at this video at 0.01 because of the product endorsement for the second time! It sucks that TYT does this!

  28. A normal person would go above and beyond to avoid any possibility of violation.
    He is literally saying 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  29. IF this happens, I'd bet my life that Putin just happens to have a reservation in Doral next June. I mean, if he's already there…
    "C'mon, just tag along my friend!" Wink! Wink! "No one will mind…"

  30. DUH! Stop & take a look at the last few weeks, months. Its Apparent and Very Obvious that trump is be Enabled by ppl of the Gov't for a REASON. This isnt what it Appears to BE on the surface. Not even what u Think u uncovered & discovered. This Is Far deeper than ANY of That. What's happening Everybody, OPEN UR EYES ALREADY, is the coming together of the New World Order. DICTATORSHIP. Our Democracy is being swept away and changed arrogantly right before our very eyes. There is NO STOPPING This. Trump and his goons in the Gov't office are all in bed with Putin. Our freedom, democracy, and life as we got comfortable living it will Soon be no more. There are VERY DARK days ahead for all of us in this country. Trump is changing our CONSTITUTION as we speak. And Matter of Factly. TELLING US, SHOWING US, and Not One Person or Group is STOPPING him. So What do U THINK!!! WISE UP!!! We're all headed for the most miserable and darkest of times all because NO ONE has the Balls to STOP THIS MUTHERFUCKER!!! And after its said & done then ull hear everyone Bitching and Crying. But TOO LATE bc NO ONE had ANY COURAGE to STOP HIM Dead in his tracks!!!

  31. This is a perfect opportunity for members of the G7 to go but not pay their bill. What is Trump going to do, sue them for not paying him. They can just say it would be illegal to pay him and be done with it. What a great burn.

  32. They should impeach him now. There is plenty of evidence already. If the Dems plan is to drag this out to negatively effect his campaign, they are guilty of the very thing they are accusing Trump of. Using their office to influence politics.

    He has done several things that warrant his impeachment. He has admitted it, said he will keep doing it, and told us to get over it. What are they waiting for. No more investigation is needed.

  33. That lil whiny bitch Mulvaney just lined himself up for an orange jumpsuit alongside his pals…
    This is "All The President's Mongoloids".


  35. Okay, thanks, I´ll never ever touch NordVPN even if it let me torture Jeffrey Epstein eternally! TYT are bad, liars and bad liars.

  36. Two things need to happen: 1) The G7 countries need to simply refuse to meet. 2) This needs to be an obvious article of impeachment.

  37. Trump is the best thing that ever happened to USA..
    Wake up u F&@king mentals..
    Democrats are and should be considered as the Deplorable ..
    What’s wrong with you brain washed fucks!

  38. Jesus Christ , are there not large convention centers aplenty in the U S of A with all the accommodations in the city that the diplomats would need . The other leaders didn't get their positions by being stupid , they can smell a rat right away , imagine the Prime Minister of Britain having the other world leaders stay at his private hotel in London when they were there on business . The Brits would be in the streets protesting big time .
    Trunk is dumber than I thought , he doesn't even realize that , that is a obvious no no . Can he not see , that we can see him taking the money off of the collection plate . Money is his sole reason to be , he is a greedy pig and can not help himself . He has been that way all his life , a leopard can't change his spots .

  39. Traitor-tRump will demand that the resort gets upgrades to protect the world leaders. Congress should deny the cost. The upgrade should be on his dime.

  40. Hmmmmm,we need a judge to dis-allow this due to emolumuse clause,and just for jest,confiscate all of trumps properties due to the money he has already made from our taxes

  41. The question is where are the Ds? Where's the opposition? Oh that's right, the Ds aren't the opposition because they take money from the same big money donors as Rs. The Ds are a dead party that should be referred to as R-asst.

  42. Trump didn’t get ‘over’ Mar-A-Logo. He got away with Mar-a-logo. Since nobody called him on it, he got emboldened to go for the G7 at Doral.

  43. @1:40 "There are folks who are never going to get over the fact that it's a Trump property." Awesome… by his admission, people are fully justified in not getting over it, ever (Until Trump goes to court for it, which he never will). If Mulvaney at any point in the future, tells anyone to "get over this," or words to that effect, he's a hypocrite, and can be dismissed out of hand.

  44. Not true anymore. Dumpster has walked that back, only because the Repubs were queasy about it. Of course, he is blaming the Dems and the press for him having to face political reality.

  45. So this clown thinks Trump has to rent out one of his shacks to be able to what?.. pay his electricIty bill or something?. The President in a Billionaire . he was offering it for free. Just as he iust President for free. So the Demorats will now have to get a venue paid for by the taxpayers…thats you . Nice work.

  46. Trump's M.O. is to break rules & laws, then on occasion act like he's turning over a new leaf. What it means is he is hoping you talk about Doral instead of noticing Trump Jr flying to India on our taxes with Secret Service protection for building hotels & entertainment complex IN THE NAME OF PERSONAL PROFIT while cultivation of world division simultaneously (India's relationship with Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc…all based on alignment against Muslims, Nikki Haley Tulsi Ted Cruz style). They SO NEED to paint Hunter Biden as comparable corruption…NOT EVEN SAME CONTINENT OF COMPARISON!!

  47. If I were one of the members of the G7 I would refuse to attend on grounds of health concerns. It is infested with bedbugs.

  48. Hosting the G7 would without question violate the emoluments clause, even Republicans would agree. The hundreds of trolls that leave idiotic comments on this channel each day represent a lunatic fringe of society, not the vast majority of Americans. They belong in an asylum. It's a fact that the overwhelming majority of Americans now not only support impeachment, but polls show that a majority of both Democrat and Republican voters support higher taxes on the rich, a living wage, action on climate change, stricter gun control laws and universal health care. The trolls are low IQ losers! I'd say they're brainwashed by corporate msm, which they are, but they were stupid even before Fox news existed.

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