TTS Day 5 Q&A – Bloating, headaches, &  fatigue

TTS Day 5 Q&A – Bloating, headaches, & fatigue

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– Hey, guys, welcome to day five of Q&A for The Thyroid Secret. This is Dr. Izabella Wentz. I’m really, really excited
to have you here with me. If you are watching, if you’re online, if you can go ahead and comment and let me know where you’re from. In the meantime, I wanna tell
you a little bit about myself, so I am a licensed
pharmacist that was fed up with conventional medicine
and how it was treating my thyroid disorder, and so I set out to first change my life
and get myself well, and now, I’m working
on changing the system, so I’m the creator of The Thyroid Secret, which hopefully, you’ve been
watching the last few days, and I’m also the New York
Times bestselling author of… Let’s see if I can get this screen here. I’m also the New York
Times bestselling author of Hashimoto’s: The Root
Cause, which is this book here, and you can also see it
below me on the shelf, there next to me on my
shelf, and I also am the author of the upcoming
book, Hashimoto’s Protocol, which you can see behind me as well. Something weird happened
with my screen here, so let me just readjust
it ’cause I know you guys, a lot of you might just
be joining right now and you wanna get the correct links where you can watch The Thyroid Secret, so if you haven’t been
watching The Thyroid Secret, The Thyroid Secret is a
movie, a documentary series that I’ve created just for you, if you have a thyroid condition, so you can learn how to
take back your health. This is a nine episode documentary series. It started on March 1st, where we released the very first episode,
and what we’ve done is we’re releasing one episode each day so that you can watch it for free. We’re only keeping up
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just so you guys know. We wanna make sure that
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I’d love to hear where you’re from and would love if
you came by and said hello, so looks like I have Linda from Ohio and then I have Kim
from Buffalo, New York. Hello, Kim, hello, Linda. Leslie from Texas, she’s loving
all five episodes so far. So great to hear that,
Texas is in the house. Shauna, what a beautiful
name, from Tennessee, hello. Allison from southwest Florida. Wow, Allison, I think all of
us wish we were right there with you this time of year,
although I’m in Colorado and it’s been actually
really, really nice, so went for a nice walk with my dog today. I can’t say the word out too loud, otherwise you’ll hear barking and all that coming from the rest of the house. Leslie says sound is great. Thanks so much for letting me know. Kim, she’s saying she loves the book. Deb wants to know, is black tea okay as an alternative to coffee, and then is that compliant
on the autoimmune Paleo diet? Once you’re trying to get
your health back, I would say for about 30 days, you
wanna get rid of caffeine. You wanna get rid of any kind of coffee, coffee or black tea, and
you know, once you realize that you’re not sensitive to it, your adrenals have had a chance to reboot, then you can start
reintroducing that to your life. Most people will be able
to handle just fine. There’s a percentage
of people that may not be able to tolerate any kind of caffeine or any kind of tea or coffee. They just might be sensitive to it. Let’s see here. I have Bonnie from
Connecticut, hello, Bonnie. Kim says Root Cause, and
Andrea’s on again from Minnesota. Hello, Andrea, would love to
know what your weather is like. Megan from UK, wonderful. What time is it over there in the UK? Let’s see, and Megan is
asking about the prize draw, so Megan, if you go to, yeah, the prize draw is actually
for the people in the UK, so if you ordered it through
my website, that’s good. If you ordered it through Amazon, you will have to go to to submit your receipt and be
entered in the prize drawing, ’cause otherwise, if you get it on Amazon, we won’t know to enter
you into the drawing. Bonnie says she’s watched
each episode, that’s awesome. Cathy says hello from Portland, Oregon. Thank you for helping
me take my health back. Yes, I love you too, Cathy. I’m so glad that you’re excited to be getting your health back. I’m really, really looking forward to just the kind of effect that is gonna happen from all of you guys tuning in and taking this time for yourselves and really prioritizing
health for yourself. I know we’re in episode five right now and I released the documentary series to about 100,000 people a few months back. I guess time’s just kind of
been flying on my end here, but it was January, February,
and one of the women sent us a message by episode nine and she said I changed
my diet in episode five. By episode nine, I was
feeling significantly better, so you know, how’s that for inspiration? I know some changes will
take just a few days to see. When I personally changed
my diet, within three days, I was able to get rid of acid reflux. I was able to get rid of
irritable bowel syndrome that I had for, let’s
see, what year was that? I had that irritable bowel
syndrome from my first year in pharmacy school until,
pharmacy school was four years, and until like three years
after, so about seven years is how long I had the
irritable bowel syndrome, and within three days, that went away. The acid reflux, I had right
after I got married in 2007. That seems to start
somewhere around 2007, 2008, and I would basically
have to sleep on a wedge ’cause I would be waking
up choking every night, and by January 2011, so about four years, three years actually,
sorry, I’m trying to do math in my head here and not be distracted by all of your comments, so yeah, that went away within three days as well, and the bloating went
away, and I was like, I used to work out quite
a bit at that point, but I could never have a flat belly, and within three days of
getting gluten and dairy out of my diet, my belly was flat, like, all of a sudden; I was like, wow. I was able to wean off of a bunch of acid suppressing medications. I was able to wean off
of allergy medications and then carpal tunnel, which I had for only about a year at that point, so it wasn’t like a really
long term thing with me, but that went away within
about two to three months of changing up my diet, and
I also did some chiropractic adjustments for that, which
I feel like can really help dial in carpal tunnel if you
guys are suffering from it, so just nutrition is such
an important and huge topic, and really probably one
of my favorite topics when it comes to taking back your health. The reason I say that is
because it’s entirely up to you, so you don’t have to
work with a fancy doctor. You don’t have to work
with a fancy nutritionist. Of course, I recommend
if you can afford it and you have one within your network, please, all the way go for
it, but if this is something that you, perhaps, are on a budget and you’re not able to do
it on your own, you know, there’s blogs out there, there’s my book, there’s resources out there, cookbooks, that you could utilize
and this is something that’s entirely up to you,
how you change your diet, so anyway, this is something that is really, really exciting for me to share, the food components, and I also love the component of using
nutrient supplements, so vitamins and minerals, usually, when we add those into the routine, into the regimen for people
with thyroid disease, we start seeing a tremendous
improvement, and it’s, like, a lot of these supplements
cost pennies a day. You know what I mean? So this is something
very, very exciting to me. Michelle says hello
from Surprise, Arizona. Thank you guys so much for
being here and for joining. If you could actually do me a favor, if you can share this on your timeline because we’re gonna be
getting into food as medicine and I know that plenty
of people that you have in your life would really
benefit from this information, because who knows, this
might just be the reason that convinces them that they
can take back their health, so definitely share this on your timeline and let people know that they
can recover their health. You know, bloating, headaches, fatigue, these things can go away completely when you change your
diet and you figure out what you’re sensitive
to and how to dial in your nutrients and nutrition. Grace from New Zealand, hello, Grace. We’ve got another Shelly from
Oregon, Tracy from Australia. Tamila says thank you for the information. It’ll change many people. Tina from Naples, hello, Tina. Karen from Boulder City, Nevada. Alright, another Boulder. Cheryl from Malaysia, wow. Let’s see here. Recommendations for herbal teas. So there’s a lot of
really great herbal teas. I like chamomile, that’s
one particular one that may be very relaxing
for a lot of people. That’s something to try,
then there’s another one. There’s actually a company in Boulder called Celestial Seasonings. I live in Boulder, in
case you didn’t know. I grew up in Poland and
then I lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, Arizona,
Amsterdam, Netherlands, and now, I live in Boulder, Colorado, and Celestial Seasoning
is a wonderful company that has a whole area of fabulous tea. One of my favorites is
called Tension Tamer, and surprisingly, it has
a little bit of catnip, which for cats, if you’re a cat lover, you know that it makes cats go crazy, but for humans, it seems to
give us a nice, relaxing thing. Let’s see here. Bald spots, so Emil wanted
to know about bald spots. Could the bald spots on
the side of your head, so like, when you put your hair up and you still have the bald
spots, like I used to have, is that related to ferritin levels? It could be. Really, anything that’s
out of balance in your body could cause you to be losing your hair. I know this doesn’t sound
exciting, ’cause you know, you could go through a
lot of different things, but here’s the deal. Check your thyroid hormone levels. Make sure you’re on a
T3-containing thyroid medication. Make sure your ferritin is dialed in. Make sure you’re taking
enough omega-3 fatty acids and that should be a
really good starting point, then the further things
we wanna look at are your other female hormones as
well as your adrenal hormones, so we cover adrenal
hormones in episode six, which is coming up tomorrow, so I’ll hope that you check into that. Let’s see, Maya from
Arizona, bright and shiny. Hello, Maya, nice to see you here again. I love Arizona. I go to visit there anytime I can and I always get to hang out
with Dr. Alan Christianson, who’s also in the series. April says Epstein-Barr
virus and thyroid, no bueno. I agree with you, and through the course of traveling the country to
record the documentary series, I met some amazing people and
we’ve shared some protocols for you for Epstein-Barr
virus in episode eight, so that is something you can recover from. Shelly says The Root Cause
book changed my life. I’m really, really glad to hear that. The Root Cause book is my
first book that I wrote in 2013 on the study, a little bit of
a study known as, in medicine, N of one, because it was my study of how I took back my health
and I wrote about it in Hashimoto’s: The
Root Cause, and I shared all the research I did to
recover my health as well as what I did, and I’m really
excited to let you guys know, as of today, we have over
1,600 reviews on Amazon, and this is something that
always is a surprise for me. Like, I really just wanted to
get the information out there because I knew as a
pharmacist that I would be a credible source for the information and I couldn’t keep it to myself. When I first recovered my health, I had a brief stint of working
in pharmaceutical sales and I thought this was such a great career and I definitely think it still is, but at the same time,
I felt limited because I was seeing all these changes
in my life with nutrition and I was like, well, I can’t
just talk about medications. I need to talk about nutrition, right? And that’s how I became
the Thyroid Pharmacist and why I decided to do
the work that I do is to let people know about all of the things they can do to recover their health, with thyroid disease specifically because, having gone through it, this is a very, very
close thing to my heart. I almost lost 10 years of
my life and most of my 20s because I was so tired
and couldn’t do anything that I wanted to do,
and so now, my goal is to let you guys know about everything that you can do to take back your health, and sometimes, it’s a
combination of things. It might be hormones,
it might be nutrients, might be addressing
your diet, or you know, it might be addressing
your stress response, which we’re covering tomorrow. Marinda wants to know, which one of your books cover nutrition and diet? So both Hashimoto’s: The Root Cause and both Hashimoto’s Protocol
cover nutrition and diet. The Root Cause is basically my story, and all the research I
did to recover my health. The Hashimoto’s Protocol
contains my protocols that I developed with working
with over 1,000 people with Hashimoto’s once I
got my own health back, and so the Hashimoto’s
Protocol goes through fundamental protocols, which
are supporting the liver, supporting the adrenals
and supporting the gut. The reason why I decided to
come up with the second book was because I’ve had all this extra data and all this information on how to shorten the healing process for people. This, of course, was very
serendipitous to me where I found that by using targeted liver
support, you know, food, nutrients, supplements as
well as lifestyle strategies, I was able to see that
65% of people felt better within two weeks, and this was people who had been struggling for years, working with functional medicine doctors, and so that was why I decided
to come out with a second book was to share these fast
track solutions with people, and the first protocol,
the fundamental protocol, focuses on liver support, and
that takes about two weeks to complete, and we see such
a tremendous improvement within those two weeks, and
then we have adrenal protocols. You’ll learn more about
the adrenals tomorrow, as well as gut protocols. So liver, adrenals or gut
are the primary systems that are affected in thyroid disease, and then the second part of the
book has advanced protocols, where you can learn how to
optimize your hormone levels, so not just through taking
thyroid hormones, but also, I gave you access to some
tissue regeneration protocols and then I get deeper
into various protocols for infections, which can
trigger thyroid disease in some cases as well, and various toxins, how do you find that you have them and how do you get rid of them
and how to tailor your diet. My hope is that the Hashimoto’s
Protocol book will kind of be your solution in a
box, or in a book, per se, that you could take and you
can say, you know, I don’t really need to know all the
research behind Hashimoto’s. I don’t need to be a Hashimoto’s expert, but I want a plan that’s done for me, and this is something that one
of my readers from Chicago, Teresa, mentioned to me when
I met her a few years ago and she’s like I love all the research, but can you just give me a protocol? ‘Cause The Root Cause is
very heavily research-based. I’ve got thousands of
references to really show that, you know, my big goal with the
first book was to show people that recovering from
thyroid disease is possible and that it’s research-based. Knowing about my
background as a pharmacist, I was working in conventional
medicine and public health, and I really wanted to
get this message out there in a way to let people know
that this was a credible source, and so it’s more research-based
and some of the feedback, of course, a lot of people
love it and wanna take back their health, but some of
the feedback I got was, can you give us a simplified protocol? And so that’s what
Hashimoto’s Protocol is. It has fundamental
protocols that everybody will benefit from, as
well as advanced protocols for people who are, you
know, like the tougher cases, the tougher nuts to crack, per se. You know, if you have hit a
plateau with your healing, you’ve already done a lot of things, you will still benefit
from Hashimoto’s Protocol. Lynn says I watched all
episodes, lots of aha moments, so that’s so great. If you can share some of those
aha moments, I’d love that. Malu wants to know, is broccoli
okay for thyroid patients? So broccoli and cruciferous vegetables, this is like a big myth. They say that if you
have a thyroid condition, you should never eat
crucifers, but that’s a myth. They’re thought to be goitrogens, and the word is like a really old word that means, basically, it
interferes with thyroid function, but the way that they interfere
with thyroid function is through blocking iodine absorption. Now, most of us in the US are
not gonna be iodine deficient. There is a small percentage
of people that will be, but for most cases, if
you steam your broccoli or ferment your vegetables,
you’ll be fine eating them. The other thing too is there
might be some population of people, if they have SIBO issues or certain kind of gene
mutations, they may not be able to tolerate broccoli, but
for the average person, majority of people with Hashimoto’s, broccoli and crucifers
are gonna be just fine. Susan from Florida, hello. Joy from Washington, how are you doing? Let’s see, Jenny wants to know, is Hashimoto’s disease the
same as thyroid disease? Yeah, so 95 to 99% of
cases of thyroid disease in the United States are
actually due to Hashimoto’s. Most people don’t know that they have it because their doctors, one,
don’t do the right tests, or they just don’t tell
them, so if you are told that you have an underactive
thyroid or a sluggish thyroid, you’re taking the thyroid
hormones, thyroid medications, you have Hashimoto’s, unless
you were born without a thyroid or had radioactive iodine
to remove your thyroid or had your thyroid surgically removed, then if you take thyroid
hormones, you have Hashimoto’s for all intents and
purposes, 99% of the time. Let’s see, great questions. Is it imperative to be gluten free? Bonnie wants to know, and
are muscle spasms related? So muscle spasms can be related and they can also be related
to magnesium deficiency, so magnesium is one of those nutrients that’s really, really important
to use in thyroid disease. You guys, it’s like miraculous
for relieving cramps, especially if you have menstrual cramps. I highly encourage you to look
into getting on magnesium, and if you have migraines,
so those things, I’m not kidding you. Like, I’ve seen migraines
and menstrual cramps, things like that, that
women had for years, disappear when you take
a magnesium supplement. I get really bad leg cramps, Lisa says, so yeah, magnesium supplement. Pepe says, what reduces migraines? Magnesium supplement, so this is something that we covered in day five,
and I also have a blog post on it on Thyroid Pharmacist,
if you wanna look up magnesium, so this is a very, very important nutrient for thyroid healing. Heidi says, interested
in iodine, yes or no? So iodine is one of those
Goldilocks nutrients when you don’t wanna
take too high of a dose, and generally, the dose that I recommend is what’s gonna be found
in like a multivitamin, so about 200 micrograms per day. Let’s see here. I don’t have the symptoms like
people talked in the video. My TPO is 98; I’m not on medication. Should I still remove gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, et cetera? I would try to remove those things, and somebody asked earlier, is
the gluten free diet a must? And I’ll tell you something. 88% of people with Hashimoto’s feel significantly better gluten
free, so to me, it’s a must and I’m not gonna say
that every single person with Hashimoto’s is gluten
sensitive, but I will say that the majority of them
are and I highly recommend that you do get off of
gluten to see how you feel. You might just see a
tremendous change in your life. Brooke says, what was your ferritin level when you were diagnosed? My daughter’s ferritin is five. Yeah, five is pretty low. I think mine was at like an
eight or something like that, maybe 10, and it is one of those markers that you do want to monitor and track to figure out what’s going on, and it could be low stomach acid. It could be potentially a
lack of iron within your diet, so if you’re not eating
meat, if you’re a vegetarian, that could be a potential for that. Tracy, does Barnes & Noble
sell your thyroid books? So Barnes & Nobel does
sell Hashimoto’s Protocol and The Root Cause book,
and you can get both of them in store and online, and
then Amazon does too, so Hashimoto’s Protocol and
Root Cause are both on Amazon and I also have a way for you guys, if you wanted to pre-order
Hashimoto’s Protocol ’cause it comes actually on March 28th. If you go to, we’re gonna give you some
bonuses there, and if you, for anybody that supports
the Thyroid Secret mission of dispelling the myths of
thyroid disease and chooses to own the gold package of
The Thyroid Secret, you guys, we’re gonna give you a copy
of Hashimoto’s Protocol within that package if
you’re in the United States, so we’ll ship that over to your house as soon as it comes out. Kim says it’s so wonderful
to have these books. They have helped me so much
and continue to help me. I’m so thankful for you because I felt I was the crazy person
and no one would listen, so appreciate your theory. Kim, thank you so much. That comment really made my day. Sometimes, it’s a lot of work to get this information out there and I’m really, really glad
to see that it’s working. My dream is to have success stories from all of you guys that are watching and seeing you recover your health. I love it if you send me pictures of whatever you were able to achieve, whether that’s being more
fit, feeling more beautiful, having babies, starting
new adventures in life. Whatever it is, you know,
it’s amazing, what happens when the symptoms are lifted
and you start feeling better. I don’t follow traditional
media as much anymore, but I was reading Time Magazine. I’ve been reading that since I was a kid. My parents had a subscription
of that growing up, and there was a message
a woman was writing up, talking about Tom Brady’s diet, so Tom Brady is the football player who is, like, the oldest quarterback and he actually credits
a lot of his recovery to eating a diet much like the one that we recommend in The Thyroid Secrets, so he’s gluten free, dairy free and he removes inflammatory foods and that could help him recover, and now, unfortunately, in Time Magzine, the woman was kinda critical. She was like, oh, well,
I’m sure it wasn’t, yeah, she was kinda saying the
diet didn’t do it, right? That is was just Tom Brady and
we can’t expect those changes and I thought about that, I
was reflecting on it today, and before 2011, so I finished
pharmacy school in 2006, between 2006 and 2011, I worked as a pharmacist in various roles. I worked as a consultant pharmacist. That was one of my favorite
roles that I had in my past life and I enjoyed my job and I loved it and I got to help people
everyday in my work, but everyday that I came home from work, I would eat something,
watch TV and then go to bed and I would be really tired the next day. I had panic attacks, I had
anxiety, I had carpal tunnel. I actually had to stop writing
up reports for my clients. I had to get dictation software because I was in so much
pain of the carpal tunnel. I had acid reflux that prevented
me from public speaking because whenever I was
in front of big groups, it would flare up and, like,
I would get really nervous and sometimes, I’d have
to run out of meetings to throw up because of my acid reflux. Irritable bowel syndrome, so
I’d have to run out of meetings and go to the bathroom, and you know what? As of 2011, I changed my diet and I no longer have these
issues, so I can speak up publicly on stage to big
groups and talk to you guys, and you know, to have
done all these things. I’ve written two books. I’ve written a couple of eBooks. I created a documentary series. I created a supplement
line, and all these things, since 2011, I’ve been able to
do since I recovered my health so I mean, I’m just really excited. If you haven’t changed your
diet, I’m really excited to see what transformations
you’ll have once you do. Malu says thank you, you’re great. Thank you, I appreciate that. Lucia says thank you for the
wonderful effort and help. Thank you, I really appreciate that. Jenny says try magnesium oil. Yes, that can be very helpful. Shirley is wondering
what kind of magnesium. Magnesium citrate, if you tend to be more on the constipated side and anxious side, magnesium glycinate if you
tend to have more diarrhea, ’cause citrate can have a
little bit of, you know, laxative effect is like the common term, but I wouldn’t necessarily… Anyway, I won’t get too
technical with you guys but it can make your bowels looser when you take the citrate version, which can be a good thing
if you’re constipated. Not such a good thing
when you have diarrhea. Paige says I’m late to
the party due to work. In terms of Hashimoto’s, what blood test do you recommend besides TSH? So free T3, free T4
are where you gonna go, and then you also wanna
test for antibodies again because every three months or so, you’re gonna see a trend in them reducing, and as you make these lifestyle changes, whether that’s changing your
diet, changing your nutrients, figuring out if you have infections or addressing your stress
response or toxins, you’re gonna see a trend in
those antibodies going down, and that’s a good sign, and of course, there’s other markers to look at, but the antibodies are
one of the easiest ones. Elis from Hungary, how are you doing? It’s so great to see a European on here. Gluten free grains such as
rice and quinoa, are they safe? So here’s the deal. There’s different kinds
of levels of nutrition that you need to undertake,
and I say for everybody, you wanna start gluten
free and dairy free, and that’s gonna help people feel better, and I’ve had a lot of
people get into remission with that approach, and then
there’s other types of foods that people may be sensitive to, so this is actually a really good segue. I’m gonna kind of talk about the takeaways from today’s episode. If you guys are watching
this, if you can go ahead and share this on your
timeline to let people know that we’re gonna be talking
about food and medicine and how different foods
can trigger thyroid disease and if you haven’t registered
for The Thyroid Secret, I have the link, if I could
just move out of the way, I have the link on this screen behind me, and on the description of this thing here, so So food is medicine. The common food
sensitivities are gonna be, in people with thyroid disease, the most common one is gonna be gluten. 88% of people of people
with thyroid disease are gonna be sensitive. About 80% are gonna be sensitive to dairy, and another 79 or so are
gonna be sensitive to grains, then we’re looking at additional foods and those are gonna be soy,
seeds, nightshades, and eggs, and so these are additional foods that not everybody will be sensitive to, but you wanna start kinda
dialing in those things. Nightshades are a really
interesting sensitivity. So this is like bell peppers, eggplant or aubergine, as people in the UK say, which just sounds so beautiful to me, and then even tomatoes. Now, I personally was
never nightshade sensitive. I grew up eating organic tomatoes and I never really ate bell
peppers or eggplant growing up so I don’t know if that’s the reason why. A lot of the tomatoes in the United States can be genetically modified and perhaps that’s what triggering the
sensitivity, but for the people that are nightshade
sensitive, a lot of times, that manifests as pain in
their bodies, and inflammation. What they find is when they get
off of the nightshade foods, they actually see a reduction
or even disappearance in pain. Grains are another food
that’s associated with pain. I would say for when you’re starting off and if you’re having a lot of symptoms, I would start eliminating
some of the different foods. One protocol that’s really helpful is the autoimmune protocol,
which is an elimination diet that’s kind of templated for
you, that you could start with, and you start eliminating all these foods and then give it 30 days
and see how you feel, and then start introducing
them back and see which ones you’re tolerating
and which ones you’re not, and this is a really great way to uncover what’s triggering you to have
inflammation within your body and you might find that you’re
sensitive to just one food or you might find that you’re sensitive to a whole bunch of foods,
and if you’re sensitive to a whole bunch of foods, that means that we need to do more work on your gut, which is gonna be
covered in episode eight, and it’s never a bad
idea to work on your gut. Let’s see here. Getting some great questions here. Heidi said my husband
was talking super loud when you answered my
question about iodine. So iodine, it’s a Goldilocks nutrient, so you don’t wanna do too high of it. Generally, the dosage in a multivitamin, like 200 micrograms,
is gonna be just fine, but any dose above 500 micrograms, for the majority of
people with Hashimoto’s can be inflammatory and problematic. It can cause more damage and an increase in thyroid
peroxidase antibodies. Now, this is not every single
person across the board, but as a pharmacist, my goal
is to always talk about safety and let you know that in a
significant amount of people with Hashimoto’s, when we
have high doses of iodine utilized, that can actually
make them feel worse. Jill wants to know, do we have only until the ninth to watch? Yeah, so The Thyroid
Secret, thanks for asking, is available online between
March 1st and March 9th. We’re releasing one episode per day, and so episode one is on March 1st and episode five is today,
and you get the idea, and we’re keeping episodes
up for about 24 hours to give you an opportunity
to watch for free. If you go to the link that I
have in the description of this and you click on that,
you can get to register for The Thyroid Secret and
then that will give you a schedule page, and when you
get to the thank you page, after you enter in your email, that’ll give you the schedule. Leslie says I have dark circles, almost like the skin is
darker around my eyes. Is that thyroid too or a deficiency? Yeah, so this is something
I used to have too. I always looked tired and deficient, so a few different
things could be related. Food sensitivities, iron
deficiency, vitamin K deficiency or adrenal issues, or lack of sleep too, so those are some things to consider. Chris says when you say dairy, do you mean goat products as well? That’s a really common question I get. So goat products and cow’s
milk products have about, actually, I don’t remember
the percentage offhand, but there’s anywhere from 60
to 80% cross reactivity rate, where if you eat one food, the
proteins are similar enough that you’re gonna react, if
you’re sensitive to cow’s milk, goat’s milk is similar enough. The only kind of milk
that’s tolerated well by people who are dairy
sensitive is gonna be camel milk, which sounds exotic, but
you can actually get it in the United States and
I have a wonderful article on camel milk on if you guys are interested
in taking a look because it does have some interesting healing potential for
people with thyroid disease. Jill says thank you for
sharing your testimony and giving us hope, God bless you. Thank you so much for saying that. I’m a firm believer in one success story can create thousands of
other success stories and I’ve seen that with my first book, where I put out the Root Cause book and it’s got over 1,600 reviews now of people who have been
able to get value from it and people who have been able
to take back their health. I’ve collected over 500
stories, success stories, that people have created as a
result of using the strategies in my book and I’m hoping
to create 10,000 more with The Thyroid Secret and
the Hashimoto’s Protocol, and so we had over
500,000 people dial in for The Thyroid Secret and I’m
really, really excited about that because we’re taking
this message worldwide and we’re gonna help heal some thyroids and we’re gonna recover this,
so if you’re watching this, if you could please share
this on your timeline ’cause we know that thyroid disorders are so incredibly common that we’re looking at anywhere from one in five to
one in three people affected, and they just might not know
that there are solutions to the problems that
they’re going through, so go ahead and share
this on your timeline and let people know that this is something that they can recover from. I don’t want this to be the
world’s best kept secret and that’s how I came up for
the name of The Thyroid Secret. People are saying, like,
oh, The Thyroid Secret, why did you come up with the name and what’s with the
butterfly and all that? And basically, what I wanna
do is dispel the myths and reveal the true
solutions to thyroid disease so that you can recover your health, because there’s so many myths around there and some of the myths are like, okay, this is all in your head,
you’re not getting better, there’s only one medication,
but there’s so much more that you can do to recover your health and I’m really, really excited to see what’s gonna happen
once you recover yours. Let’s see, sorry, you guys. Some of the comments, they
just keep moving, moving, and I’m only able to scroll down, not up, so if I didn’t answer your
question, you can post it again. Let’s see here. When you say sensitive, do you mean in terms of cutting out eggs, for example, your Hashimoto symptoms decrease, or an actual marker of antibodies? Yeah, thanks for asking. Here’s something really interesting. Gonna get a little nerdy here on you guys, but I try to tone down my
nerdiness when I’m talking. Usually, my nerdiness is found
in my books and my blog posts but basically, Hashimoto’s
is known as a type four delayed hypersensitivity
reaction that’s governed by the IGG in part of your immune system. Now, compared to allergies,
that’s a different part of your immune system; that’s IGE, where this is things like
having anaphylactic shock or having a reaction to shellfish, that’s actually your IGE
part of your immune system. These are known as true allergies. Sensitives are actually
type four delayed reactions that are also governed by the IGG branch, so what’s interesting is
that the food sensitivities I’m talking about impact the IGG part of the immune system,
and so does Hashimoto’s. What we’ve found is when
you have Hashimoto’s, you also tend to have IGG
reactions to various foods, and the most common foods
are the ones we cover in The Thyroid Secret, and
obviously, in all my books. That’s a big foundation of my work. The IGG reactions lead
you to have symptoms and they also fuel thyroid antibodies, so it’s the same type of
response that you have to foods that you have to your thyroid gland. It’s the same part of the
immune system that’s stimulated, so my theory is that
whenever you eat a food that’s causing a flare of your IGG system, then it’s also causing
you to attack your thyroid and that’s causing you
to flare your antibodies, so yes, we see when people eliminate foods that they’re IGG sensitive
to, like gluten, dairy, soy, nightshades, nuts
and seeds, and eggs, that their symptoms go
away, but not just that. Their thyroid antibodies go away as well. Like, they reduce significantly. In some cases, they get into
the complete remission range, where if a conventional medical
doctor were to test you, they would say you no
longer have Hashimoto’s, and we have also seen people’s
thyroid can regenerate, in some cases, not in every case, when they get off of these foods. It’s quite amazing, quite impressive. I really wish there was
more research behind that. Currently, there’s only
one research article and I have it written up on my website. I also talk about it
in the Thyroid Secret, that show that this diet does
reduce thyroid antibodies in about three weeks,
significantly reduction. The thyroid antibodies mean how aggressive the attack is on your thyroid,
and the lower they are, the less aggressive, the higher they are, the more aggressive, so you want them the lower, the better in most cases. So it’s a really, really
solid, significant thing that can you do, is once
you eliminate those foods, you’re no longer stimulating that part of your immune system, you’re no longer attacking
yourself as much. It’s pretty revolutionary;
really, really excited about you guys seeing how the
diet can transform your lives. Hi from Canada, hello, Lynn. Aw, Sharon says having a
tough thyroid day today. Cold, tired, and pain
pressure in my throat. I’m so sorry to hear that. You know, you’re in
the right place, honey. I hope that you take
good care of yourself. Get some warm blankets. If you’re going grain free,
take some of those grains and fill a sock with them
and put them in the microwave or somewhere to heat ’em up
and put them on your body to kinda warm yourself up, and nice, hot bath will
help as well, and you know, just check into The Thyroid Secret, make yourself some herbal
tea, watch today’s episode. Maybe this is your
body’s way of telling you that it’s ready to do some healing, right? So sometimes, we have to hit bottom before we can start climbing back up. I know that was certainly my case. Looks like Carla says she couldn’t get in, so Carla, if you go to the
link in this description, you can go ahead and watch it. You can register to watch. Let’s see here. Got some great questions coming in. Heidi said my natural
health doc prescribed, wow, 12,500 micrograms of iodine. No wonder I haven’t been feeling well. This is another myth of thyroid disease is that high dose iodine can cure all, and this is one of those old school myths and it can actually be harmful, so I’m sorry that you went through that, and I hope that you do get
yourself back, and you will. I have seen it with my clients, where we’ve taken them
through, once they replaced some really high doses of iodine, and then we take away the iodine and then we get them on selenium, which is a really important
nutrient for thyroid health and then we get them on
the gluten free diet. That flare up will calm down
and the person will feel better and their antibodies reduce as well. What causes really pale
skin that’s super pasty like you haven’t seen the sun for years? You know, it could be
anemia, so I would look at your iron levels, your
ferritin levels, your B12 levels. Those are some important
things to check into. Sun said just bought the
package, thank you so much. Yes, yes, this is exciting. I wanted to make an announcement too. So we’re doing a contest. Some of you guys might have
gotten a message about it. I also heard from my team
that the people that signed up during the initial launch
didn’t get the message, but that message should be going out soon, and so we’re actually giving away prizes to people that get The
Thyroid Secret package, so let me just pull up my notes here. I have a listing of the prizes
that we’re giving away today. So March 5th prize, we have five copies of my New York Times
bestselling patient guide, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis:
Lifestyle Interventions For Finding and Treating the Root Cause. This is the book on how
I got my health book and this has helped over 1,600 people, per Amazon reviews, get their health back. I actually think a lot more people than that were helped by it. I’m giving away five copies of this and I’m gonna sign the copies for you, so that’s something that’s gonna be fun, and just as a reminder,
also anybody that buys the gold package will get
a copy of my new book, Hashimoto’s Protocol, and the link to the gold package is You can see it in the description
of this Facebook Live. The other things that
are gonna be given away, three copies of Trudy
Scott’s bestselling book, The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution. Trudy was one of our
experts in episode two. She’s a dear friend of mine
and her book is excellent about how to recover from anxiety. We have a water filter, AquaTru. I was so excited about this water filter. I just found out about
it from Dr. Mark Hyman, and it’s actually, like, on
the counter reverse osmosis countertop filter,
which I haven’t heard of because every other kind
of reverse osmosis filter, you have to put into your house, which is what I was
recommending, but this one, you can just, you know, if
you live in an apartment or if you travel, you can just have that, so we’re giving away one of those. One skincare system from the
Spa Doctor, Dr. Trevor Cates, so she is the doctor in the series that was talking about some
of the toxic chemicals, and by the way, you
guys, all of these people have donated these
prizes, so very generously and I’m very grateful for that. We decided to do this
because we were getting a lot of questions about resources in the first launch of The Thyroid Secret, and so I decided to ask
everybody to give away some stuff because I like prizes,
I think they’re fun. Skincare kit from Annmarie
Gianni, so this is another type of kit that has
natural skincare products, and then Dr. Eric Z, who is
our essential oils expert, has 10 one year subscriptions
to his essential oils club. He talked about how to
make stuff in your home that’s not toxic, like alternatives to the antibacterial soaps that have the thyroid-disrupting
chemical, triclosan, so these are some of the
things, and then also, and I saw some questions
asking about that, about the supplement line,
and actually, I got you guys, I haven’t actually
announced this publicly yet, but I do have a supplement
line that I’ve just been formulating for, feels like forever, but it’s been about three years or so. Let’s see, yeah, it’s
been quite a journey. I could probably write a book about how to start a supplement line. It’s very involved, but the supplement kit that I’m really excited
about it, so I’m donating my liver reset protocol,
so this is gonna be this whole supplement
kit of the liver reset. This is a powder that contains
liver-supporting nutrients to help to clear away some of the toxins, and these are the other
things that come in the kit, so it’s methylation support,
liver gallbladder support and amino support, so this is something that you just take for two weeks, unless you have methylation issues, then you might need to
take one of them longterm, but this is something you
just take for two weeks and about 65% of people saw improvement within just two weeks
of using this protocol along with my dietary
changes and everything else, getting rid of the toxins
in their environment like we talk about in episode
four, so this is something that I’m giving away for the prizes today, and how you guys enter
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you would send in your receipt and then let us know which prize you want. There’s a form that was
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you haven’t gotten it, we’re resending that email, so let us know if you haven’t gotten it. The total value of prizes today is 2,500. We do have a contest submission deadline, so that will be in the email as well. So yeah, I’m really,
really excited about that. I get really giddy about
prizes and stuff like that. I’ve known to enter a
few contests, and one, one of the things that you
guys may not know about, but it’s, like, so many people will watch but only so many people will enter, so, like, your chances
are actually pretty good because we have 25 prizes today
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announced it publicly yet, but if you guys wanted
to take a look at that, I have the liver support protocol on there and then I have basically
all of the things that were hard to find for
people with Hashimoto’s and thyroid disease, so my
entire supplement line is gluten free, dairy free and soy free, and supports liver health,
adrenal health and gut health, to help create, you know,
basically reset the body and help you create
those healthy pathways, so that you can start feeling better. Okay, so great questions. So we have questions coming through. If you guys are just watching
this, I would highly suggest that you register for The Thyroid Secret, is where
you get episode five. That’s what we’re airing today. Each episode is only up for 24 hours, so please make sure that you
make watching this a priority. We also have, if you’d like
to own The Thyroid Secret and support our mission, we also have some fabulous packages that we put together. I just keep repeating it
because people have let us know that we didn’t tell
them about the packages, and we’re trying to make it more obvious. I have a link here for the gold package in the description of
this, and then, also, when you watch the episodes,
there’s a little red button that says learn more
about The Thyroid Secret. If you’re interested
in one of the packages, that’s what you would click,
and I know some people are like why can’t you make it more obvious, so we’ll see if we can change
that and make it a little bit more obvious for you guys that
are interested in it because it is a reduced price, only
until the end of March 9th. It’s discounted right now by about half, and after that, we’re gonna
increase the prices of it. Going back to your questions, so I see a lot of people are asking
questions about selenium. Yes, so selenium is one
of the top nutrients for thyroid disease,
like, the top nutrients, and this is a good segue
to talk about nutrients. So two big common root
causes of thyroid disease, food sensitivities and
nutrient deficiencies. Most common nutrient deficiency when you have thyroid disease,
that’s gonna be selenium. Selenium, 200 micrograms of a day in the selenium methionine version, and I’ve used the Pure
Encapsulations brand. That’s the one I’ve used exclusively for the last three years,
and there’s also one Whole Foods brand that
I used to use as well but I don’t think it’s around anymore, so Pure Encapsulations, in
case you guys are wondering what brand I recommend,
and 200 to 400 micrograms per day of that can be
significantly helpful, so reducing thyroid antibodies
by about half in three months and then we see a reduction in anxiety, better T4 to T3 conversion,
and reduction in hair loss and reduction in all
kinds of thyroid symptoms. Interestingly, selenium has been helpful in Hashimoto’s, in Grave’s disease. It’s also helpful in preventing
postpartum thyroid issues, so women who are at risk
for thyroid disease, before they get pregnant,
they’re less likely to become hypothyroid
after they give birth. This has been recognized as
a deficiency as a trigger. Deficiency of selenium has been recognized as a trigger of thyroid
disease, so what I recommend is, you know, generally, I
love food as medicine and I love for people
to get their nutrients from food as much as possible. With selenium, it’s a little
bit tricky ’cause again, like iodine, it’s one of
those Goldilocks nutrients, and the doses that I recommend
of selenium is anywhere from 200 to 600 micrograms per day. After 800 micrograms, selenium
can actually become toxic. Just like iodine with the
high doses can be toxic, so can selenium, and
so you wanna make sure, let’s say, you could get
selenium from Brazil nuts and they say two Brazil nuts a day. Well, that could be really, really helpful except for where you don’t really know how much selenium is in
a particular Brazil nut. It could be anywhere from 20 micrograms or it could be 200 micrograms,
sometimes even 400, so you could be, A, not getting enough, or two, you could be getting too much and potentially poisoning yourself, and then nuts are a common sensitivity, so if you’re sensitive to nuts, you’re not gonna be absorbing. One, you’re gonna be causing
your self inflammation and two, you’re not gonna be
absorbing the selenium properly so I always recommend for
selenium, you know what, just make sure you get really
accurate dosing of that and you do it as a supplement
because it’s important. You don’t wanna overdose yourself and you don’t wanna underdose yourself because doses of less than 200 micrograms have not been found effective,
so I hope that helps. This is a really, really helpful nutrient. Another helpful nutrient
is gonna be thiamine. This is something that I wrote
a blog post about a few years and I used to think
thiamine was only deficient in alcoholics, but I was
certainly not an alcoholic, but I was thiamine deficient when I took SpectraCell nutrient test, which is like the Cadillac of nutrient testing. It’s a bit on the expensive side. Basically, I had a New Year’s resolution that I would take charge of
my own health, and basically, this is probably bad, but
I was actually working one full time job and
consulting 10 extra hours a week so that I could save up
money to take back my health. In retrospect, that probably
slowed me down in a way because I ended up being too stressed out working one and a half
jobs, but I ended up saving enough money and ordered
functional medicine testing and I also cut down any kind
of discretionary spending, so I made all of my lunches instead of going out to eat at work, and I no longer bought
cute new clothes for work. My shopping was limited to thrift stores. Long story short, I was able to uncover a lot of root causes
and a lot of triggers. One of them was thiamine deficiency and it was causing me to
have low blood pressure and a lot of adrenal issues
and a lot of fatigue. Within three days of taking
a thiamine supplement, I was like wow, my energy was back and I was having my blood
pressure normalized. It’s actually been normal ever since then. It used to run like 90 over 60 and my doctor would be
like, how are you walking? You have really low blood pressure, and I used to get lightheaded a lot, and this is something that
can be very, very helpful. I wrote a blog post about
it, maybe in 2013, I believe, and that blog post went
viral, and still to this day, I have people coming up
to me and giving me hugs and saying, hey, thank you
for the thiamine article. It changed my life, and
I’m like, who are you? No, I’m just kidding, but
you know, it is something that is something that
has been so impactful on people’s live that people
still email me about it from three, four years ago
and still come up to me at conferences to let me know
how it changed their life. Just a few weeks ago, I
got a message from somebody who said that starting
thiamine, when they started it, they were working
unemployed or on disability because they were too tired to work, and then they began to work part time and now they’re working
full time, so just amazing, and this is, like, one nutrient
and 10 to 40 dollars a week depending on how fancy you
get with this nutrient. So this is gonna be
something that is gonna be discussed in The Thyroid
Secrets and given away, actually, as prizes for you guys as well, so that’s gonna be given away tomorrow, not to give away tomorrow’s prizes, but we are doing the prize contest from the fifth through the ninth, so anybody that owns The
Thyroid Secret could enter in a receipt as well as write
up what you’re looking for and something nice
about The Thyroid Secret and then we’ll pick out
your prizes for you, and then, let’s see here,
somebody’s asking about Candida. Can we share Candida success stories? Yes. And then Leslie says I hope you
had a good night with hubby. We did, we had fun. We got some wonderful food. I got some scallops, which were
delicious, and a nice salad. Pamela wants to know when will
the gold packages be sent out so on the eighth is when
they’re gonna be sent out for people that got them
during the soft screening where we put it out to
just the initial group, and then after the
conclusion of the series, we’re gonna be putting in another order, so right now, basically, as
you guys are ordering them, we’re collecting the orders and
then we’re gonna submit them to our company that makes them, and so those will ship within
two to four weeks or so, and then somebody said I’m really excited about your supplement line. I am too because I’ve been
looking for soy free products for a lot of time, and
I would find the product and I’d be like, this
is what you guys get, this is soy free, and
then I’d get a message, like, a few months down the line and somebody would be like,
oh, they’re no longer soy free and I’d be like ugh, back
to the drawing board, right? And so it was like I was
spending all this time researching all these supplement companies and which are the best,
and I just decided, okay, why don’t I just create
really clean supplements that I know can be really
helpful to give people access to, and I’m really, really happy
with how they’re turning out and you guys are sort
of the first to know, so thanks for being here on Facebook Live. You guys are privy to
all kinds of secrets. So Candida, Candida, we
discuss that in episode eight. Candida is something that you
can absolutely recover from. Body Ecology Diet can be very helpful. Doing medication nystatin
can be very helpful. Oil of oregano, berberine
can be helpful for Candida. These are all potential interventions. If you haven’t found benefits
with using a Candida diet and doing Candida
interventions, then there are three potential reasons why
Candida may be staying around. You could have mold in your
home or somewhere in your body that’s creating this
environment for Candida. You could have parasites, which
we discuss in episode eight, or you could have toxins, which were discussed in episode four. For some reason, and in full disclosure, I don’t fully know the mechanism of why, but people who have heavy metals tend to have a dysbiosis of Candida, and I don’t know if heavy
metals somehow create an environment that’s
more favorable to Candida, but it seems to be the case, and so those are potential root causes, If you keep having
Candida that comes back, it’s because there’s something else with the Candida that’s causing it, that’s saying, Candida, come
inside, we’re good friends. Let’s see, let’s get some
of your other questions. We have hope now, I’ve
been reading about thyroid for three years, had an adrenal
growth removed on the side. I was likely that it wasn’t cancer. Now, Hashimoto’s, I’m getting
your books, thanks again. Tricia, I hope that the
books will really help you. I really think that they will. I’ve seen really great results with people over the last four years
once they take charge of their own health and
they address the health of their liver, adrenals and gut, and address some of these root causes. Every one you address, you
start peeling back the layers, you start feeling better
and better, and I really try to make it easy for you guys
in Hashimoto’s Protocol. Terry wants to know, will
selenium help with anxiety? Terry, that’s actually one of the things I’ve really seen it
effective for, is anywhere from 200 to 400 micrograms per day can be very helpful for anxiety. Another thing that can be
very helpful is magnesium, the citrate version taken at bedtime. That can be helpful as well, and you know, I don’t know if you guys realize this, but anxiety is very closely
related to thyroid disease. Trudy Scott, my good
friend and nutritionist, she talks about how anxiety
in her anxiety patients, like, at least half of
them have Hashimoto’s. The reason we became anxious
with Hashimoto’s is because as the immune system and
the antibodies are elevated, this means that the
immune system is attacking the thyroid gland, and little
bits of the thyroid gland are destroyed and thrown into
basically our circulation with thyroid hormones, and that
can cause us to be anxious, so it’s like, imagine
getting these tiny doses of thyroid hormones and this
causes irritability and anxiety and I used to be really, really anxious. I just used to have panic attacks. I was taking Ativan or lorazepam. I had to resort to that because sometimes, I just couldn’t reason with myself. I would be on the floor
in my bathroom, crying. I’ve just always been such
a calm, relaxed person, like, really laid back,
and all of a sudden, I was just crazy, and you know, I couldn’t control my emotions. I was wearing my quote,
unquote heart on my sleeve at all times and I’ve
always been very composed and diplomatic and all
that was out the door when I had these raging
thyroid antibodies, and selenium, gluten free
diet, dairy free diet, you know, nutrition, magnesium,
nipped that in the bud, and caffeine too, that’s another thing. If you guys have anxiety,
you need to reduce or cut down your caffeine
intake, or eliminate it, ’cause that can be a big difference. I can have caffeine now and
it doesn’t make me anxious, but in my healing journey, that was one of the things I needed to cut out. Is it okay to start taking
selenium while pregnant if you aren’t currently taking it? So selenium has been found to be safe to be used during pregnancy, and it’s actually put in
most prenatal vitamins. I’m sorry, most really good
quality prenatal vitamins. Thorne Prenatal is one that I really like. You wanna check your
prenatal vitamin to see if there’s 200 micrograms
of selenium in there or not, and then talk to your doctor or pharmacist about getting another
supplement, or you know, your nurse practitioner,
naturopathic doctor, whoever you’re working with. Eyelids and sockets swollen. Diane, this can be a
symptom of thyroid disease. About 30% of people may be affected. The good news is once
you implement the diet and thyroid hormones, depending on what your numbers are like,
especially T3 containing ones, this should resolve. Elisha says SpectraCell is worth the cost. Yeah, I would agree with you. It was really helpful for me to discover what my deficiencies were. The supplements that I
recommend testing for for deficiency are gonna
be vitamin D and B12 because with vitamin D, and then ferritin, with vitamin D, especially,
it can build up in the body, so you don’t wanna get
doses that are too high. I found that majority of
my ladies in remission have vitamin D levels that are
optimized between 60 and 80, so that’s something you
wanna get dialed in. B12, you wanna get dialed in. Methylcobalamin is the version I like. This is often deficient;
you could test for that, and then selenium, thiamine
and magnesium are not something that I recommend testing for, per se. Selenium, you wanna do dosage of 200 to 400 micrograms a day. Most people will tolerate it just fine. People that have an adverse
reaction to it are a minority, and usually, these people are
actually iodine deficient, so they do need to take a low
dose of iodine along with it, and then magnesium citrate
or magnesium is another helpful thing that you don’t
necessarily need to test for because tests won’t find
that you’re deficient, and then thiamine is
water-soluble, so that’s a vitamin that you urinate out if
you don’t use it all up, and so doing 600 milligrams per day over the course of three
to five days, I would say, will let you know if you need or not, and if you, after five days,
you don’t feel any better, then, you know, just stop using it. Leslie says I have very low blood pressure and they keep telling me it’s
normal, also low temperature. Leslie, that’s actually a
symptom of adrenal fatigue and thiamine is one of those
supplements that supports the adrenals, so I do hope
that you check into that. That’s a really, really
important root cause of potentially low blood pressure. I mean, low blood pressure,
that’s not a good thing. You wanna have good blood pressure, where it’s not too high
and it’s not too low. If you’re like 90 over 60 like I was, that’s gonna be too
low and you’re gonna be more lightheaded and more tired. Alison says, is it safe to start selenium while on Synthroid? The two have been combined
together with good results, and there are studies that show it’s okay to do them together,
and you know, of course, for any recommendations, just
to give you guys a disclaimer, I’m sharing with you what
works for the average person and it’s up to you to make sure that you’re using common sense
and that you’re checking in with your healthcare practitioners, because I don’t wanna
be like, you, Mary Sue, you need to take this exact dose. That’s not my role. If you were my personal client and I’d be able to do a
complete health review of you, then I would be able to give
you personalized advice, but this is just, full disclaimer, this is just general advice
of the supplements that I’ve found really helpful and
the dose ranges for you guys. Let’s see here. Great questions coming in. Any recommendations on a
natural thyroid medications? So natural desiccated thyroid medications can be very helpful. I like Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid and Armor is good as well. What is the website for episode five? So if you go to You click on that, register. You’ll be able to go to the link. Where do you find your supplement
line? So How much thiamine should
you be taking daily? So about 600 milligrams is
what’s used in the study. I had no idea that low blood pressure was related to my thyroid, adrenals too, so make sure you check
into tomorrow’s episode. What kind of makeup do you use? I use Bare Minerals makeup. I recommend using gluten free makeup and really clean makeup. Of course, it’s very
personalized for everybody, but EWG is the website to check out to see what brands of makeup are
gonna be the cleanest and best. That’s my personal favorite. I like it and I feel like
it looks good for me. How do you know if soy
is in your supplements? You look at the back of
them and it’ll list that, or sometimes on the websites. Some really great questions. Somebody said I work in an ICU. I’m constantly using hand sanitizer. Triclosan has been
recently banned by the FDA and that’s found in hand sanitizers. It’s been banned by the FDA
because of thyroid toxicity. This is something that I
did share in my 2013 book, where this announcement
just became public in 2016 and the initiative is not
gonna go in through April, so that might be something that’s toxic in your hand sanitizer,
so just to keep in mind. Alcohol-based sanitizer, you can use that. I know that’s drying
on the hands, but that doesn’t have that
thyroid-disrupting triclosan in it. The Thyroid Secret has
a lot of innovative… I can’t talk. Thyroid Secret has the
innovative information that you need to know that
we’ve done with research and talking to healthcare
professionals and research and a lot of my clinical experience of working with people
with thyroid disease to give you the tools
to recover your health. Like, the triclosan thing
is just now coming out with the FDA, but there’s
a lot of different things like that, so I do recommend
that you guys do watch every episode of The Thyroid Secrets. We do have the option to
own the series for you guys, as well as own every single
episode that was recorded, every single interview
that was recorded through the gold package and the link
is here in this description. Every person that gets
the gold package in the US will also have a copy of
Hashimoto’s Protocol mailed to them and then if you guys
enter in today’s contest, if you choose to own The Thyroid Secret, I’m giving away five autographed copies of my New York Times
bestselling patient guide that came out in 2013,
Hashimoto’s: The Root Cause, so thank you again for dialing in tonight. It was really great to
hang out with you guys. If you haven’t registered yet, go to
to watch episode five. It’s gonna be online for
another 21 hours or so, so do make sure that you
watch it while it’s online. That’s why we have it on there for you, and really, really happy
that you are all here and you’re educating
yourself about the various interventions that you can
take on to recover your health. I really hope this information
is impactful on your journey. Again, we’re gonna be giving
you a lot of information and so, not all of it is
gonna resonate with you, but I hope that some of it
does, and just that these interventions give you a
tool back to your health. Episode six is gonna be airing tomorrow at six p.m. eastern. Really excited for you
guys to check that out. We’ve got some surprise guests, some of them that make fun of me, some of them that make me work out, so I think you guys will really enjoy the information in episode six. It’s been one of the
favorite episodes for people that watched The Thyroid
Secret the first time around, so I hope that you’ll watch
episode five, episode six, and really, every single episode ’cause this is lifesaving information that can help you take back your health. I worked on this documentary
series over the last year, and I’m very, very proud
of how it’s turned out. I’ve tried to put as
many protocols in there and as much inspiration and
information that I could for you guys, to give you the tools back to recovering your health. So thank you again for your time. Let’s see, Jill wants to know when does Hashimoto’s Protocol
release? March 28th. The link to pre-order is
in the description here. You can also pre-order on Amazon. You do wanna make sure you
pre-order because my publisher told me that we might not
get enough copies printed, and so whoever pre-orders
through the gold package, through Amazon or through
my website or Barnes & Noble will be able to make sure
that they get it on pub date. Other people, like if they try to order it after the publication
date, we might run out, so that’s what my publisher told me, so we’re trying to make
sure that everybody in my community has a chance to pre-order. Let’s see. Thank you guys so much for being here. Rosa says love the series,
Sun says thank you, Jill says thanks again, you’re
the best, thank you so much. Pam says south Australia, thank
you, nice to see you, Pam. Diane, nice to see you. Alexis, Cindy, Ingrid, Leslie, Miranda, Cathy, Jessie, thank you so much. Jessie said that she just
got The Thyroid Secret and she didn’t get the book with it yet. That’s because the book
is coming on March 28th. I only got one copy, a few
copies in the mail the other day, and March 28th is when
you’ll get your shipment. That’s when we’ll start
shipping them out to you, so it’ll be in a separate package. Let’s see, Joy says thank you. Allison, Cathy, Sun,
Melissa, Lisa, Sandy, Susan. Thank you so much, you guys. Laurie says she’s learned so much. I’m really grateful to hear that. I will see you guys same place,
same time tomorrow night. If you haven’t watched episode five, make sure you watch it tonight. You know, your mother says,
take this time for yourself. Get some herbal tea, get
some relaxing clothes on, and you know, turn it on and
take this time for yourself. Tomorrow, we’re airing episode five for the first half of the day, and the second half of the day, we’re gonna be airing episode six, so make sure that you
guys tune in for that and thank you again for
hanging out with me tonight and I will see you tomorrow night.

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