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Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. So I’m currently back home in New York for the holiday season and I’m of course with sister Ian! Brother. We are not playing this game again! *laughter* When Ian was visiting me back in California a few months ago we had so much fun filming our videos together. I know he looked like he wanted to die the entire time but deep down he definitely did enjoy it. Ian: No.
James: Yes! You are just a liar. Not only did we get to have fun quality sister time filming those videos together, but you guys absolutely love them as well, they did so well! I got so many comments saying that you guys loved the videos, sister Ian gained a ton of followers on Instagram. Which was so dope and he’s definitely been enjoying the fame, SO for today’s video we decided to step it up a notch and I have all my make up here in front of me back home in New York. We set up a DIY filming studio and today…we are gonna be putting Ian in drag! Are you excited about this? No. *laughter* So do you know like anything really about drag? All I know is it makes you look like a girl. Okay, like anything else? Well I know it’s not when you’re transgender, It’s like for performances. Good, okay yeah, so the art of drag is basically It’s just for performance purposes and to get everybody excited and to get you to put those bills in the drag queens panties. So today, we are going to be putting you in to drag. You ain’t putting no bills in my panties! Well not with that attitude… Since you guys enjoyed the last video so much, give us a thumbs up. Let’s see if we can get to 200,000 likes! I know your sisters can do it. That was good!
Ian: I know. We love a youtuber in training! So without further ado if you’d like to see brother Ian I guess get transformed into sister Ian That was clever! Keep on watching… So this will keep the makeup – Ian: Oh dude, this is just crazy.
James: This is gonna keep the makeup off your actual hair Glue! What the f*ck are you using a glue stick for. We have to glue down your eyebrows so we can give you- Ian: I- I can’t do that James. You’re not gluing my eyebrows James: Yes, we are
Ian: NO No, you’re not gluing them. Stop! No, you’re not gluing my f*cking eyebrows. *Ian contemplating life* This is *** While we’re applying Ian’s base makeup, when we posted the original video, so many of you guys thought sister Ian was so attractive. Not only did Ian get a ton of followers but he also got a lot of – Interesting comments. Ian: Yeah, a little weird. We thought it would be funny to read some of them to you guys today so, *censored name* said- James: No! Don’t – you can’t say their name. Ian: Why not ? This DM says ”Hey Ian I know this may sound a little weird, but can I see a picture of the bottoms of your feet ?” James: No! *shocked* Ian: *looking at himself* Yeah, nice. Yeah, this is what I wanted to be doing on my friday. James: No, don’t raise your eyebrows. Don’t raise your eyebrows. Just look up. What are you doing open ! Open your eyes and look – there you go No don’t raise your eyebrows Ian: One girl asked from my snap and then continued the Conversation on, by saying: ”Do you know how to calculate the percent by mass of water loss by the chemical? Sister needed some help with her chemistry homework. Wait, so have you like, gotten recognised in public too ? Ian: Yeah. James: Really? What is like the weirdest thing that has happened to you so far ? Ian: I don’t know. Nothing really weird has happened. James: I actually haven’t had like a lot of weird sister encounters either. You guys are usually pretty good which I super appreciate. Ian: Loverboy80 asked: ”Have you guys ever liked the same person at the same time?” ”Not a question, but show the camera what you guys got each other for Christmas.” It’s November, 1 – 2. I don’t buy anything for Christmas for him. Louis Besily asked you can be someone really famous who and why suicide boys who? suicide boys those guys Are they robbers yeah, that’s dope why would say probably know Kylie so it definitely has a pretty hooded eyelids as you can see doesn’t have much validation It opens its eyes, so I’m gonna make his bra March pretty high tonight So I can give him some bigwig liner to kind of completely fake his eye shape so this should be interesting Allah asked biggest lie you’ve ever told each other. I wasn’t gay Last few idiom swap positions What do you think Ian would be famous for and what does he in think you’d be doing without theme obviously a really good question Go you Kayla. I think you would definitely be I don’t Phoebe making YouTube videos But I think you’d be like famous for like buying sneakers for sure. That’s what you already do What do you think I hope you doing if they wasn’t we’re going to do a magnet school cuz their grades are good thing is How do I be studying some weird thing I personally don’t like it morphe 35o palette? Use code James for tempeh, so I’m going to use this to set the concealer underneath Ian’s brows Beautiful, and then I’m gonna be using the Jacqueline help out of course shutout charmville. Oh my Jack. Don’t know you They’ve seen preschool Forecast or any girls interested in me and because of you look how girls like from like yeah really Let’s started talking to me again once I mean Yes, I don’t know you how does that? Make you feel? I? Guess Pat the turbo last what would you do if you were invincible for a day invincible or invisible? Hope you know who’s better at reading someone asked do you all like pineapple pizza no dude you’re getting in my eye That’s not in your eyes Bernie. It’s not sister say and ask him brother Ian Singh no You also like I’ve never actually heard you try Cuz I’m not gonna embarrass myself. I got points off in eighth grade. Oh my music test cuz I couldn’t sing Thanks for trying hello, yeah make up oh My god, holy crap we’re Stopped hello Patricia asked, what’s the worst thing? We’ve got in trouble for I don’t think the worst thing I’ve ever gotten to a four is well. This is gonna sound crazy by in eighth grade. I actually got punched I went home with a headache, and he actually ended up breaking his arm which was like nice karma So I got called in to look up. I got called. It’s like the school principal’s office Talk about it obviously and I’m expecting him till I get in trouble right And I literally get called in and like Dean is asking me what happened like are you okay? What’s going on, and I explained to him like this kid makes fun of me all the time And I finally stood up for myself and they front of him back then I got punished and I started out he literally goes Mmm. That’s where your sarcastic mouth will get you I Was like oh no miss bitch So I literally it went home and of course like might well itself Literally just hopped on Twitter and started tweeting about it And I was like this then he literally called Mia again at the next day I was like I thought you have some few choice words to say on Twitter And I had literal printouts like all my tweets on printer paper, and I was like oh no girl We’re not playing this game today I know your ass is not about to blame me for the fact that I got punched. I set up for myself It is so important to not victim blame, and then I walked out of his office Sturridge I guess. It was really kind of like getting a tool, but that was the clothes that are under getting in trouble That’s a pretty good kid Now we have all ice completely in this looking so beautiful And I’m gonna apply it the lashes and I have these custom stocked excuse me pair of lashes Kicks off pitching your ass No don’t do that oh my god What are you they said next? We’re gonna apply the highlighter and let it glow James what is that you’re singing? I don’t know yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, okay, you tell me No, cuz you’re gonna have to find out pretty soon Find out pretty soon Oh, oh my god, it’s like a stamp paper You need to be done chopstick without further ado Let’s go ahead and change the ins outfit and put on some hair change my outfit. That’s a joke I’m not changing my outfit. Well. You’re not wearing that yes, I am We’ll be right back You look beautiful Yeah, you’ve got quality bonding time with your favorites no Okay, so what did you learn something about the art of drag that it takes? Oh? It’s not fun. It’s painful. So you know like you obviously think you look crazy And I’m not used to seeing yourself like this could you ever see yourself doing this again in the future? never but the people that do do it I get respect to them because it seems pretty difficult and Yeah, doubly true. That’s awesome All right guys that is all we have for this video Sunday a poor sister yet a really one. I’ll take this Sister yeah, really wants to take this one off, and I definitely to time playing him if you guys sitting through this video Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below like sister you and said let’s get to 200,000 I know you guys can do it if you like to follow me on a makeup chair. You can follow me on instagram You know that our poultice James Shiraz and my snapchat for more haven’t seen same stuff is James Charles in the Metro asked dr. Charles Fleck to follow me on instagram or Instagram is Ian JD 12 stop leaving him creepy comments, please This accessor shout-out goes to sister Jill is so haha. Thank you so much girl boys long. It’s a party you know I love you so so so much, and if you’d like to be in the next week sister shout We should always be trippin at least legal life on high alright sisters Thank you so much for watching this video much love from me and sister Ian over at the trans family. We really do Love you guys so so much and we’ll see you in the next one. Bye Giving a side angle nope you’re out of the camera. What are you doing?


  1. Ian had no idea what he was getting into todayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  2. Ok I know that this is random but does James wear contacts that change his eye color because his eyes in this video are sooo pretty

  3. Somehow this duo reminds me of that viral video of "Charlie bit me" plot twist it was actually James Charles and ian πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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