Unbelievable Military Training Techniques

Unbelievable Military Training Techniques

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(singing) I don’t know but I’ve been told
military training can get crazy! Let’s talk about that. ♪(theme music)♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
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– Military training. We all know that military training is
extreme and tough. – We all know that.
– Drill sergeants yelling at you. Sleepless nights.
Extreme physical training, but I found some military training
exercises across the globe that are (Old southern man voice) darn right unbelievable,
Rhett. – Oh. Wow.
– I have devised a game – That’s exciting.
– to teach you these training techniques in the existence of them.
It’s a true-false game, Rhett. Are you ready to play: Guess Which Unbelievable
Military Exercise is Real, or if it’s not Real
Because I Made it Up to Fool You Game! – Alright Rhett…
– So it’s true and false? – Yes
-Thats all… I mean, I’ve got 50-50 here
I’m smart. -If you get six out of ten of these correct you win these amazing Camp Booty Camp shorts! – Camp Booty Camp.
– What is Booty Camp? – Booty Camp is what…
– Do I get a trip to Booty Camp but i’ve got to wear those? – It’s just wearing these shorts. You get the shorts.
– Oh okay. – You know you want them.
– Of course. – And we all know we want to
see you wearing them. – Oh gosh. – Alright so let’s get right in to this. In order to join the elite ranks of the Turkish
Aquatic Defence Group, trainees hold their breath and are weighed down to the bottom of training pools where they’re repeatedly hit in the stomach with a pneumatic battering ran for several minutes. Is this training exercise real…
or fakey? – So this is to prepare for like…
Underwater boxing? – That’s a good question.
– That happens in Turkey? – I think… I think you can get punched underwater. – Yeah but I’ve punched…
– You’ve got to keep holding your breath. – I got in to a fight underwater one time, and it just like (pshhh sound) just really slows down. – They’re not testing that aspect. – Uuhh.. This sounds true. – It’s fake! (Wrong answer sound effect) (Laughing)
– I just thought it would be cool to like… – You came up with a pneumatic device? – Yeah, an underwater pneumatic device.
– Wow! – Oh okay.
I should have gone with my instinct because the punching doesn’t make sense
– All of these… All of these could be fake… – I should have gone with…
– …and we could learn nothing today. As part of Russian Spetsnaz training, soldiers are taken from their bunks in the middle of the night, and thrown into a dark room covered with guts and dripping with blood. They must escape in their skivvies, or be mauled by an attack dog. – Real or fake? – Spetsnaz? What?
– Spetsnaz training. – Spetsnaz?
– Spetsnaz. You’re gonna hold me on that?
– Who’s Spetsnaz? – Lots of details in here, that’s what you’re holding in on, huh? – Uhh… Spetsnaz sounds like some word you made up. Uhm.. Guts? Blooding guts?
– Dripping. – And they’re in their underwear?
– In their… In their PJs. In their Booty Camp shorts. – It makes me think that the underwear came as an idea because of the Booty Camp shorts, ’cause you knew that that was gonna be a prize, but last time i over thought it, I was wrong, so instead of saying false, which i believe is the correct answer, I will say true.
– Okay. So you were wrong, so you’re right. It’s real…
– Yeah! – …you get a point. (Right answer sound effect) – They cover the walls and ceilings of a room with chunks of rotten flesh, and pile the bleeding entrails, and brains from local slaughter houses, and then they… It’s to acclimate soldiers psychologically to deal with blood and guts, and there’s a dog at one end that you’ve gotta run the other way. – Spetsnaz. Is the dog named Spetsnaz?
– No, but that, that’s real too, I didn’t make that up
– Come here Spetsnaz. – Uhm, so you’re 50-50 so far. The People’s Liberation Army of China gets six soldiers to play hot potato with a live grenade. When the grenade has made it around to everyone in the group, everybody touches it, it is then thrown into a hole and everyone dives for safety. Or if you’re stupid you dive in the hole after it, and then you don’t pass your training. – Hot potato. Six guys, one grenade.
– Real or fake? – (Counting) Sounds like the beginning of a joke. You know, “How many guys does it take to pass a granade around before they throw it in a hole”, or something. Bad joke.
– No that sounds like a great joke. (Crew laughing) – Uhh well… This is highly, highly…
– Crazy, right? – I don’t understand what the utility of this training would be. Because in the field of battle, you wouldn’t pass it around. You’d just throw it back. (Imitating soldiers) “Pass it to your partner, pass it to your partner, pass it to your partner”. That’s like a childhood game.
– “You throw it back, you throw it back, you throw it back”. (Everyone laughing)
– So I’m gonna say you made that up. It is false. – I did not. It is real, and I watched footage. There is footage of this on YouTube. Uhm… You know it helps them acclimate to holding bombs, and then getting rid of them. Not — not freaking out. – If we ever go to war with China though, you know, expect that. They’re gonna start passing the grenades around. – They also learn how to scale buildings with no ropes, and master martial arts techsniques. – Techsniques?
– Yeah, man. – Spishnatz, what?
(laughing) – No we’re in China now, not in Russia. Let’s go back to Russia. Russian Special Purposes — Forces, and I meant to say Purpose Forces. That’s not gonna impact your ability to know anything, but I just like to get it right. Russian Special Purpose Forces trainees…
– Are you sure it’s not Porpoise Forces? (laughs) – That would be awesome! (laughs)
… are held between two officers by their shoulders and feet, like suspended like you’re gonna swing a kid. Then a burning cinder block, like up in flames, is placed on the trainees stomach, and smashed with a sledgehammer. Real or Fake? – Gosh — I’ve lost all confidence in being able to tell anything anymore. Spetsnaz, I’m gonna say yes this is true. – It is true!
– Yes! (Right answer sound effect) – I mean. It prepares them to deal with pain and remain unaffected, and able to continue fighting during combat (Link) I guess with people throwing burning cinder blocks at them, while they’re like playing little (Imitating voice) “Hey let’s swing each other!” And in the picture, like a couple of dudes are shirtless they’re just like… – Yeah. I would be too.
– … Awesome people. Awesome. I dwelt on that a second.
– Yeah you did. – I was like: that’s awesome.
(laughs) An Israeli Special Forces Unit actually trains their deep reconnaissance recruits by suiting them up, and pitting them head to head in cage fights against ferocious beasts, including cougars and bears. (Donald Duck sound) – Yeah right. I mean com’on, Bears? You fight a bear? – But you’ve gotta think. They’re suited up.
– I don’t care what kind of suit they’re in. – That’s protective clothing.
– They’re not fighting animals. This is as false as false can get. – It is false.
– Eyyyy! That’s right! (Right answer sound effect) – Yeah I’m not gonna say it’s cool, because that seems like a little, a little cruel here. So you got three. You missed two, you got three. You’re on a roll here, you’ve got to get three more right. During the multinational COBRA GOLD military training exercise, troops are made to catch cobras and drink their blood because it’s said to be extremely hydrating. (laughs) – What? Cobra Gold sounds like a WWE wrestler.
– Is it? Not it’s not… – (imitating voice) Cobra Gold in the house. Or like a monster truck driver.
– Sounds like an energy drink. Sounds like an energy drink that would be sold at monster truck rallies, attended by wrestling fans. – Or a golf club. Sounds like a lot of things. And that’s why…
– A golf club? (laughs) – Yeah, yeah. (imitating voice) Cobra Gold – All the pros are using it! Add twenty extra yards to your drive. – It’s got like… It’s got the head of a serpent at the end of a driver. – Uhh I’m gonna say…
– Is there a golf club with a serpent at the end of the driver? ‘Cause… – There is a golf club brand called Cobra though that’s… you know…. Sorry. – Is it real or fake?
– It’s re-fake. – Refake? (laughs) What is it? Real or fake?
– Fake. – No, it’s real, dude. (Wrong answer sound effect)
– No! What? Drinking the cobra blood?! – Cobra Gold is held in Thailand every year. It’s among the largest multi national military exercise in which the United States has participated. They also are taught how to bite a chicken’s neck to kill and decapitate it. – Oh yeah. Yeah. – Austrian Jagdkommando recruits must jump shirtless and shoeless through a maze of razor sharp rocks while being pelted with bean bags fired from shotguns at point-blank range. – Who does this? – The Austrian Jagdkommandos.
– Austrians don’t like bean bags. (Crew laughs) Austrians would not be caught dead with a bean bag. False. – That’s right. (Right answer sound effect)
– Hehey! – Alright, so you’ve got to get two out of the next three right. Here we go: Recruits for the Philippine Marines endure rigorous posture and balance training – they must eat lunch with a banana perched on each of their heads. – Each of their heads, huh? (laughs)
– They each get a banana on their head. – I’ve never been to the Philippines, but all pictures I’ve seen from the Philippines, everyone’s got great posture. – You’ve ever seen a banana on a guy’s head?
Real or fake? – There’s lots of bananas down there too. True. – It is true. (Right answer sound effect)
– Heyyy! – I’ve seen pictures. If the banana falls, they have to eat it. Ohh — what punishment. (Crew laughs) – Oh it’s bruised though. I don’t like a bruised banana. Get out of here bruised bananas. – To even get into the prestigious Estonian Defence Forces, recruits are required to allow commanding officers to literally break their pinky finger on their non-dominant hand without flinching, to demonstrate their pain tolerance and commitment to excellence. Real or fake? -Break the pinky finger?
– Yeah – Not the pinky toe?
– Pinky finger. Non-dominant hand. Estonian Defence Forces. – You can’t put a pinky ring on after that. Of course this is Estonia, not Miami. So I’m gonna say: true that. – That’s… Fake! (Wrong answer sound effect)
– Oh really?! – (laughs) I thought it was true!
– That’s… Fake! – I made it up, and I was like, thinking it was true. Alright it comes down to this one. You’ve got to get this one right.
– Yeah I do. – The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command, CANSOFCOM… – CANSOCOM?
– CANSOFCOM, takes team work and group-bonding really seriously — units of six are sent into the wilderness naked, NEKKID, with nothing but knives, and their wits, WITS, and must return seven days later for evaluation on their ability to work with the unit. There’s a weird pun in there. – Naked Canadians.
– Wilderness. Knives. Seven days. Bonding. – I am going to sssaaaaaay this is probably where they got the idea for that show “Naked and Afraid” ’cause they were like: “The Canadians do it, eh”.
True. – No it’s false!
– Ughhh – You don’t get the booty shorts, which means… What does that mean I get the booty shorts? – Yeah I guess so, man. I was gonna look so good in those. – Alright, let us know of any extreme military training you know of in the comments. Thanks for liking and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi! I’m Nadcia from Serbia.
– I’m Nicolas from Brazil. (Both) – We’re in Budapest, and it’s time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality. – If you wanna see that first sketch it’s called “The Nose Looker”, and you can go and watch it right now at Vessel.com/rhettandlink. – Click through to Good Mythical More. I have got a few more questions to see if I can stump you with military training exercises. Some believably real, some believably fake. You win, somebody! Congratulations to…
(Win face sound effect) Tristian Pengman on Twitter. You win a fan selfie. Watch your pose. – Got it. Nailed it. ♪(theme music)♪ – We’re gonna be more reckless now.
– What is the first thing that we’re gonna do that is reckless? – I don’t know, I could just throw this. – It might hit, it might hit Eddy.
– Made sure it doesn’t hit any of the equipment. You see how i did that?

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  13. Haha Link says theres a weird pun in that last one. Their Unit. At 10:56 I thought Link was going to say Wilderness, Knives, 7 days, Bonding and UNITS haha

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