Vertigo: Caused by Migraines or Inner Ear Conditions?


Migraine is a brain disorder. Its most common
manifestation is headache. However, migraine can also cause attacks of vertigo. These attacks
of vertigo are often difficult to distinguish from inner ear conditions. Sometimes it takes
a careful neurological approach to episodes of vertigo to sort this out. As such, be prepared
to come and see me and discuss headaches as well as vertigo attacks to try to see if migraine
could be causing your vertigo episodes. Migraine is well understood by neurologists and oftentimes
otolaryngologists will refer cases to me to understand what could be ear or what could
be migraine. I am an expert in vestibular migraine and I put a lot of effort into trying
new treatments in this disorder. We individualize treatment of vestibular migraine so that we
can understand what’s best for the patient, listening carefully to the types of symptoms
they have and then designing a treatment program around those symptoms. We provide ample time
for you to discuss what’s been going on with you so that we can approach your problem thoroughly
and comprehensively.

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