We Found Out How Stressed We Are By Our Mouths • Ladylike

We Found Out How Stressed We Are By Our Mouths • Ladylike

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– Traffic. – Money. – And the NBA Finals can
all be sources of stress. – But aside from the mental affects of feeling stressed out, how does it affect us physically? – It’s Ladylike and we’re gonna get our mouths stress tested. What does that mean? (upbeat music) – [Devin] We’re gonna go see Dr. Maddahi and he’s gonna put an
instrument in our mouth that tells us how stressed we are. – Oh it’s a dentist? – I don’t think I’m a person that gets stressed out easily. I think I have like kind
of a base level of chill. – Everything stresses me out! I be stressed, and I rarely have time. (record scratching) (Freddie laughing) – Yes, I do get stressed out. What I’m working on right now is not letting other people
know that I’m stressed out. – I’m pretty laid back when I’m stressed, but internally sometimes it can be a mess. – I’m just very impatient. I’m impatient when it comes
to walking behind slow people in the street, people taking too long to respond to a text message. – Honestly, one of the things is sleep. And like not getting enough sleep, which can kind of fold out
into a lot of different things. – Whenever there’s a lot of clutter, especially in my bedroom, it really, really stresses
me out and affects my mood. – You know, I feel like
we would be less stressed if we were allowed to cry more often. Everyone needs to just cry more often. We should just have a cry room next to like the lactation room
in every place of business. – I take care of my teeth. I floss, I brush, I do the things. But you know, that’s never enough. It’s never enough to
like do the bare minimum. Another stressor, last week, DMV. I don’t even know if I
have to say anything more. – Recently I’ve started cycling. I bought like a stationary bike, and so I started exercising
at my own home after work, and that’s actually helped,
alleviated some of that stress. – Exercise is a great
stress relief for me. ‘Cause I feel like when
I’m already clenched, the only way to make me feel unclenched is if I kind of like
muscularly force my muscles to lay down flat. And then I’m like, can breathe again. I also have a great vibrator.
(record scratching) Oh that vibrator, got you girl. – I love to online shop
and I love to call my mom. Mom always helps me feel better. – Right now I think I’m about
a five on the stress scale. I’m like a five or a six right now. I’m like fairly stressed out, but it’s nothing like a
good dinner can’t chill down to like a four. – I can’t remember the last
time I felt zero stress. Ladylike is a very busy team. I’m probably like a five or six. – I think I might be an eight or nine on the stress spectrum. (laughs) Please do. – I feel like Dr. Maddahi
is gonna look at my jaw and give me a nine or 10
on the spectrum of stress. Maybe even like a 13. – It’s time to go see Dr.
Maddahi and I am excited to see what he has to say. Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – Hi, Dr. Maddahi.
– Hi. – Hello.
– Hello, how are you? – Good.
– Good, how are you? – Very good. My name is Kourosh Maddahi,
I’ve been practicing cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills for the past 31 years. – The reason we’re here is
to pretty much figure out how stressed out our
mouths say that we are. – Okay.
– How are you gonna figure that out?
– Unlike other dentists, I start to look at the face. And there are certain things
that I see on the face that tells me if the person is stressed, if they’re clenching, if they’re grinding, if there’re certain things going on. And then I confirm it from the smile, and the teeth, and everything inside. – Oh God.
– Okay? Freddie, when I look at your face, the kind of things that I see is that the muscles on the side of your face are a little bit protruded out. That means that you have been clenching. That there’s possible grinding, but at least I know that there’s some clenching and grinding, the muscles are more sort of protruded. Then the next thing I would like to do is I’d like to just touch her muscles. So this confirms that she’s a clencher. (Devin and Chantel gasping)
For sure. Because the muscles are very, very tight. – Mm-hmm it hurts. – So if I were to ask you guys, what is the definition of stress? – When you feel overwhelmed or triggered by certain things in life? – Anything you cannot do
anything about is stress. Are we ready to go?
– Yeah. – Yeah.
– Let’s do it. – Let’s do it! So what we’re gonna do,
we’re gonna actually put a sensor in your mouth.
– Okay. – And record your bite. Bite down, gonna do it, okay open. Bite down again. Bite down. Open. Bite down again. Open. Bite down. Open. Bite down. Open. That’s the first tooth that’s hitting all the way in the back.
– Oh the back teeth are hitting first.
– The back teeth on the left side is hitting. So this asymmetrical muscle
is due to this point. – Okay.
– So when you are doing any type of clenching, when the back teeth are hitting this much, there’s so much more
pressure on the muscles. So pressure is something we can do about, something about it. You’re sitting in traffic, there’s nothing you can do about it, you
can’t get out of the traffic. You start clenching your teeth. What it shows me is that the tooth on your left side is hitting first. Here, what it shows is
that as you’re biting down, that back tooth on one side, one tooth on this side,
and then the back tooth on this side are hitting. Nothing in the middle is hitting, okay? And your bite is going toward this way, that means most of the pressure is going to this side, right?
– Uh-huh. That I like recently
like less than a year ago had a cavity filled there. And I kept telling him that it
like didn’t feel quite right. – Right.
– And so he was like filing it down and then he filed it down to be like pretty much,
I think, what it was. But I wonder if that’s why
there’s more pressure– – It could be
– On that side. – Sometimes when you get
dental work the bite changes. As you bite down, there’s
pressure on the left side. And there is some pressure in the front. This also was the one that was telling us there’s something going
on with the muscle here. And the neck is going also there, shoulders on that side. You’re not really a grinder. Grinding is when you
press down on your teeth and you go side to side. Grinding is a result of a bad bite. So if the bite is not correct, your mouth and your teeth start to grind to create a correct bite for you. You are more of a clencher. I don’t see any wear marks on your teeth. But what I see is just a lot of tension. Clenching is as a result of stress. Stray tension on your teeth
that’s causing the clenching and then, as we talked about, there’s a little bit of a
wear mark on your front teeth that is not really due to grinding. More to do with any type of cuticle, or nails, or something else
that’s causing that wear. – Nervous habits. – Nervous habits.
– Yeah. – So we’re now finding out what’s going on and why is there some of these things that are going on, right? And this is the area where
that tooth was not straight. So teeth are not straight,
bite is not okay, so there might be more clenching and grinding as a result of that, right? When I touch these muscles, these muscles are not very tight. This muscle, not very tight. So that’s this. – Oh. – I don’t see grinding
marks on your teeth. And in terms of clenching, I
don’t see that many symptoms of clenching either because the muscle, the number one muscle, is not very tense. Open. – Did you guys hear that crack? – Yeah.
– That’s my jaw. – There’s a clicking
here, there’s a popping on the right side. Muscles are pretty tight. This side is tighter than this side. Most likely, it’s coming from clenching. The level, yours, is much, much higher than the rest.
– Yeah. Wow.
– Because I do believe you’re a 24-hour clencher.
– Uh-huh. – There is symptoms of jaw ache, and then there’s huge muscle tension, and the muscles have grown
to be so much bigger, and I cannot feel the
fibers of the muscles. – At all?
– At all. One solid piece.
– So what is it supposed to feel like? Yeah, I can feel fibers.
– Yeah, you can feel fibers. Press it until you have pain, right? Press the same thing. Now do more, more, more,
more, I don’t feel anything. – Nothing?
– Nothing. That feeling of tension that you feel is because the muscle are already tense. – Yeah.
– So it’s the same thing. If you go to the gym, you
take a piece of weight, and you do this, after awhile
your biceps get really hard. That’s what you’re doing with clenching. These muscles, so far what I’ve seen, these muscles are tight. These muscles are not so tight. This muscle is tight.
– Yeah. – You feel that?
– I do feel that. Yeah.
– Right? And then the shoulder muscles– – Oh yeah.
– Are tight. – Yeah those also are (laughs). – Yeah they’re very tight–
– Wow, everything hurts. (Jen laughing) – The amount of muscle tension in the jaw and the head
is not very severe. If I were to say from one to 10, I would place her in about three to four. – Oh wow, okay. – So in your case in terms of severity of clenching and
grinding, I would say one. – Yay! That’s what I thought it was gonna be. So I’m happy that it turned out– – So it actually conforms with what you are feeling and know. Your stress level would be more moderate. – Okay.
– Because it’s a day clenching. Because it is day clenching,
you can prevent it much easier than the people that do night clenching. The severity of the clenching
is about four for you. – A four?
– A four. So normally somebody who’s
not a clencher and grinder, they put 250 pounds per square inch on their back teeth, close to this muscle, and 90 pounds per square
inch in the front. Clenchers and grinders, they can go up to 800 pounds per square inch on the back and about 300 in the front. I would say that you are more stressed than anybody else in this crew (laughs). On this show.
– I am the most stressed out of all of Ladylike.
– (laughs) That’s right. (Freddie laughing) – So only a four? – Only a four.
– I really expected to be a 10 today.
– Yeah, but you’re not. – But I’m not. Well, I’m still gonna go back to work and tell everyone that I’m a 10. (everyone laughing)
So they can leave me alone for the rest of the day. – Alright, y’all we did it.
– We did it. – We did it.
(Freddie laughing) So we found out who was the most stressed. – Fred!
– Poor, little baby Fred. – Baby Fred! – I am at a seven.
– You have a new nickname now. Sharky.
– Sharky. – Sharky!
– Aw that’s cute. – That is actually pretty cute. – That is cute! – There’s no grinding
associated with my diagnosis, it just is I have a narrow
mouth, AKA a skinny mouth. (Chantel laughing)
– Skinty! – Oh skinny mouth.
– Skinty mouth! – Skinty bite!
– Wow. I was surprise that there was less damage on my actual teeth, and I am
like an excellent candidate for a night guard, which my
own dentist has recommended. So, I’m glad that there’s
less damage to my teeth. I think it’s clear, I’m definitely
scared straight (laughs) in that I probably will be purchasing a night guard this month. I mean, once the cartilage
is gone in your jaw, it’s gone.
– Yeah. – And then it’s painful and bad. So I should try and
take better care of it. – Yeah.
– Thank you so much to Dr. Maddahi and his entire
crew for helping us out today and for really just talking
us through our issues. – Yeah.
– Yes! – So getting our mouths stress tested. – Lady tested.
– Lady strested. – But not for long! – ‘Cause we’re gonna relax! (laughing) – Watch me relax, I’m doing it now. – (laughs) Should we
all do our relaxed face? – Ready, one, two, three.
– Everyone, everyone do your relaxed face. – Ready?
(relaxing music) – Oh. – This is my resting bitch face. – Tongue behind the bottom teeth. – I’m doing it right
now, it’s hard to talk. (relaxing music) – Hey, Unsolved is on a new
channel, and now your part. – Subscribe here!
– Subscribe here. – That was my part.

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