We Tried Glasses To Cure Our Headaches

We Tried Glasses To Cure Our Headaches

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right now it’s time to get busy today we are going to be trying blue light blocking glasses obviously this world of technology we are subjected to blue light of our strange a lot and these glasses supposedly cut that blue light I guess make it yellow and everyone likes yellow Fosters right open like journalists I [Music] get a lot of headaches from the screen I’m not looking like computer and looking at my phone I’m assuming the one school do this I’m assuming people in other industries do this there needs to be something that can help it otherwise I’m gonna let it have to live with a headache the rest of my life you can’t do it alright I think it’s time to look at them whoo so the brand is tij in and they look snazzy they come with a little clean me thing so that’s nice oh okay it does make everything a little yellow you know or relaxing it feels like it’s now evening time we’re just not like look cuz I’m just going to want to go to sleep so we’re gonna test them out for a few days and see how our headaches get cut down and if it saves our careers can make or break us guys it is a very important experiment alright that’s Hayley’s first spoon they look fashionable and cute it looks like what the fashion gurus wear looks so good you guys are the twins now it’s I think that they look very reflective I like the pace I like the clear I really like the paint no offense yours are a little smaller right no we just have different heads oh hello well so I’ve been working for a couple hours now I don’t know if it’s a placebo but when I look at my screen and I like to put them on girls I might all my muscles are relaxing a little bit I don’t really understand the science behind it but so far I’m quite press it definitely got a headache and I don’t feel like kind of swinging and straining as much just bizarre anything suspicious they don’t look suspicious to me except that you asked me that they’re really reflective to be is that a thing I didn’t go deep they were real are they sunglasses though because they look like a little bit tinted or Saha they’re not sunglasses so I think it’s too early days to say whether it’s helping with my headache no I literally have a headache right now that’s one thing that is slightly weird is colour correcting when I’m energy it’s off because there’s slightly yellow so you have to take them off and when I edit just slightly irritating but they’re very comfortable and I so they’re blue like looking glasses nice – how good like staring at your screen okay whoa you don’t see the color guru no I’ve been hearing about them I really really want to get them I will say these are more stylish than I like pictured them being seen them on camera that really reflective I like nothing the cool the blue it’s like almost holographic yeah they’ve really comfortable like I don’t notice in the – too much I do keep doing this thinking they’re sunglasses do you ever get headaches um you scream I feel like I get a headache look at my phone more than I do my my laptop just weird it’s like fast scrolling like right phone line shopping that’s where a mini device normally whenever I’m like finally going to bed at night then I feel like a headache come on my vision has gotten worse since I look at the computer all day and I just don’t know if there’s anything that can be done about it they look the exact same barely yellow you’ve been wearing the most of the day now I think they do relax my eyes a little bit it’s honestly a little hard for me to tell but you seem to be enjoying I’m enjoying them plenty yeah I really like them maybe I’m an easy sucker it also is a nice like thing to associate with work because then it’s like right now it’s time to get busy I’m getting really used to worrying them now to the point where when I don’t wear them took a screen I feel weird it’s like immediately feel a little more like just tired and strained when I don’t wear them I haven’t had a headache since and I really wish I could really prove there’s the glasses but either way it’s what’s happening so I’m gonna keep wearing them until I get a headache what was i opening I would surprise how much I liked them the immediate reaction for me was my eyes relaxing I definitely started noticing more as time went on I don’t think it’s something that you can wear for like a day and it’s like solve your problems like I think they’re a great option to try I mean I definitely haven’t had a headache this week maybe as Princeton’s because it’s from the internet and seems gimmicky I was like I’m sure but I’m pretty much convinced I’m not 100% convinced but I will say when I wore them at night like towards when I was gonna go to bed that’s when I really felt like they did something because I would you know feel sleepy er and not so like buzzing from there in a blue TV considering is nighttime mode available on your phone is obviously something in it I haven’t tried any other brands so who knows which brand is best but for us this specific one seems to work okay so I’m just going to keep them yeah go out and try them out and if you know any better brands that’s know or if you have any tips for getting rid of headaches would be nice too because I always [Music]

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  1. So if you do not wear rx glasses but you happen to have a vision plan, go to an optometrist or optical shop, pick out frames to your liking within your your plan’s benefit coverage and get Plano lenses with prevencia AR coating on them. Or you can pay out of pocket for all the things I mentioned above. I have prevencia anti-reflective coating on the glasses I wear predominantly to cut the blue light from the amount of computer work that I do.

  2. I was hoping you guys would get your eyes checked, because if you have a slight deteriorated vision you might strain yourself to see things sharp and therefor get a headaches.

  3. Take magnesium before bed and the headaches should stop happening so often or completely go away! This was a game changer for me a couple months ago!

  4. My glasses have the filter in them and it has helped a lot! I have chronic migraines and I've definitely noticed an improvement although I'm doing lot of things to help combat migraines so it might be a mix of things that I'm trying to do that are helping me.

  5. There is a very easy and natural cure to get rid of headaches. Just stop being addicted to all them fake social networks and electronic devices . Go out in real life with friends and family , have a drink , talk , cheer up and enjoy life as it's very short.

    The real cause of headache is due to eye rods stress . Glasses will only block some low level radiations .


  7. I start having headache not long ago due to a muscular contraction. I try to warm the most painful place and chill lay for a few mins. I love my microwave seed pillow. Also shower works too. It doesn't rip off your headache but It feels better and please visit a doctor If its repeating often.

  8. I’ve got glasses with purple coating on them, and they help immensely! Mine were prescribed though, and the colors of everything stay the same.

  9. My phone has a filter that turns your screen a little yellow-ish. The colors are different, but still, I keep it on all the time.

  10. I have a pair because I was getting horrible migraines. They do help. The other thing that helped me get rid of my migraines is cutting chocolate out of my diet. I also drink more water. I have had one migraine since I slightly tweaked my diet. The blue lenses are nice in Harsh indoor lighting.

  11. OR

    You could try adjusting your device settings so that the displays are more warm than cool, which decreases the amount of blue light that you are exposed to while looking at the screen. It's basically like having night mode on all the time.

  12. I won't go a day without my blue light blocking glasses. I used to feel so sick at the end of the day from being under the florescent lights at work and looking at my computer screen. I don't get headaches anymore and the nausea I always felt is gone now. I also wear my glasses whenever I encounter florescent lights like at fast food places or the grocery store. I don't know what it is about them but they definitely used to mess with me but with my glasses I'm fine.

  13. If you have headaches and all those people around you at BF don't, then you may need regular glasses. It helped Becky, but not Chloe. Maybe Chloe's eyes are just a little off, which means for the most part she is seeing thing right. But looking at stuff close up all day makes her strain her eyes to focus right, leading to headaches.
    I know this has happened to other people.

  14. you could you know… download an app for ur laptop that can turn the blu light off grrrrr u could put ur phone on night shift that works too…and their both free..

  15. It's best to get a full eye health exam, especially if you are experiencing reoccurring headaches. It happens a fair amount that people think their vision is fine but need some correction. Which causes headaches. A licenced optician or your optometrist can answer any questions you may have about lens coatings as well, to make sure you are getting the product that is right for you.

  16. I have headache tips! First: make sure to drink lots of fluids (like water) and eat regular meals and snacks. Second: make sure to take time off of screens. Third: make sure to keep your vitamins and minerals correct. Fourth: get enough sleep. Fifth: get your eyes checked.

  17. Ask your doctors to put you on something to prevent the headaches, or for a triptan medication such as Imitrex (sumatriptan) or Amerge (naratriptan). You get a pack of 9 tablets with either imitrex or amerge, and you can take up to 9 tablets in a month. You take one tablet when the headache first starts and they are supposed to abort the headache and make it stop happening so you can go on with your day. Another medication that REALLY helps me is called Phenergan (promethazine) which helps with nausea, allergies and headaches.

  18. I was getting lots of headaches from working on my computer…. I got an actual prescription, even though it was minimal, it really helped. I would like to see how actual glasses help these ladies rather than blue light filter glasses

  19. an easy solution for computers is to download f.lux its an adjustable yellow tint for your computer which I live by.

  20. I would get headaches a lot and one night I just popped on some sunglasses while I was working on my computer and it helped. But this is better, because they look like regular glasses and you can wear them at work. xD

  21. Got some Felix Gray glasses, they 100% work. I'm a web designer and ALWAYS on the computer. Can't use "night mode" or "blue light filter" because it changes the colors, so these are a great solution!

  22. Iv been getting headaches lately I’m getting glasses soon cause my eye sight might be an issues as it’s been hopefully it helps

  23. Hi! So i'm a optician and I learn a lot about this. So you don't blink a lot when you are working behind a screen and maybe just check your eyes to be sure you don't need a prescription. Also take little breaks, like 2 minutes looking in the distance every 20 minutes. Xx

  24. My glasses don't have a prescription but they are bluelight filter. Mine don't have that yellow tint but that's probably because they got upgraded due to a misshap by the company. I use mine for my chronic migraines. Sometimes they don't help cause my triggers aren't limited to only light. Other triggers being smells, sounds, high emotion, but with light I've found a drastic decrease in the amount and severity of my migraines.

  25. I work for a popular eye glass company and this is something we sell to everyone because it is very important. Blue light is everywhere and you don’t see it, it’s more of something your eyes feel. It also is the most harmful UV light because it goes deepest into your eye and has been thought to cause macular degeneration(not proven yet). At my job we sell a tinted and clear option for the filter, the tinted protects more but not everyone likes the look. The other option is clear and it’s completely natural looking so you can’t tell it’s there. I recommend to everyone I sell to bc everyone is on a digital device and its can be more harming than the sun so please protect your eyes even if you don’t get them as prescription.

  26. They will make colours different as they put like a saturation on your view. I do swear by them though. They are basically like night mode on your phone.

  27. Ladies, I am the inventor of the Rezzimax Tuner Pro, a serious headache relief device. Are you interested in doing a trial? www.rezzimax.com
    Sharik Peck – inventor

  28. Everyone in that office uses a Mac. You can just use https://justgetflux.com/ It really helped my tension headaches from working on my computer all day. And you can customize it to different saturations depending on the ambient light around you and time of day.

  29. Got blue lens glasses for gaming and stuff but wear them all the time bc I like the style of them, totally surprised me when my daily headaches stopped! Definitely made a difference for me.

  30. These look really cute! I haven't tried lenses like these before. I suffer from migraines and headaches daily, and light sensitivity is a huge problem. I have Theraspecs. They make lenses for indoor and outdoor. It does help take the edge off, for sure!

  31. I have headaches and eye strain and so I got glasses. The thing abt mine is I can only wear them up close or else it looks blurry

  32. For all those comments about putting night mode on, that literally does nothing. Headaches still occur and the screen still keep you awake. I just ordered a pair since I get terrible migraines from screens so I guess ill come back on how it worked…

  33. I have these in prescription and recommend it to everyone! Getting them in your computer prescription is going to reduce your headaches for real because it's true eye strain relief. Best way to get computer glasses is to literally measure the distance from your eyes to your computer and give that number to your optometrist, and he/she will incorporate it into your exam. I wear contacts and put these glasses on at work only. I got anti-glare so I mine don't look so.. cheap? Also mine aren't that yellow. And no, it's not like night mode hahaha so much better

  34. I just got these and they're supposed to come tomorrow! I was wondering if you only wear them when you're looking at a screen? ?

  35. You may want to look at some ophthalmologist web sites. They don't sell glasses they are about eye health. They do not recommend blue light blocking lenses. Have you heard of the placebo effect. It is a con to sell glasses to everyone even if you do not normaly wear glasses.

  36. What’s the price range for blue light glasses ? I’ve looked it up but can only find the prices for the frame ? Just looking for the lowest – highest prices x

  37. Oh my friend has glasses for the computer but she also wears them other times too sometimes

  38. The mistake was getting blue light blocking glasses without an anti-reflective coating. They would've been a lot more effective.

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