What Are Pellets Therapy And How Do They Work? | Explained Dr. Cathleen Gerenger

What Are Pellets Therapy And How Do They Work? | Explained Dr. Cathleen Gerenger

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hi my name is dr. Cathleen Garinger
tonight we will be talking about pellet therapy around the age of 25
our Oregon starts to produce less and less hormones our thyroid testosterone
and progesterone starts to decrease our growth hormones DHEA and pre-need alone
and also melatonin starts to decrease as we age as well however our insulin
resistance hormones such as insulin cortisol and estion which is the bad
form of estrogen starts to increase so sizes symptoms of hormonal imbalances
include extreme fatigue around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. mood swing anxiety tension and
irritability sleep disturbance especially waking up about 3 to 4 a.m.
memory loss depression lack of focus brain fog hot flashes night sweats
weight gain joint pain bladder symptoms frequent UTIs urinary tract infections
migraine or even severe headaches decrease in sex drive and also
performance again these are signs the symptoms of hormonal imbalances again
today we will be talking about pellet therapy and when we talk about pellet
therapy we’re talking about testosterone in a pellet form or even estradiol if
needed for women that no longer has a menstrual cycle and these pellets are
very very small they or the size of a grain so these pallets
are available in multiple dosages it is tailored towards to that individual
needs so the most common pellet dosage that we usually use for our female
patients can range from 6 milligrams 10 milligrams to 12 point five
milligrams and I am referring to the estradiol pellet in milligrams and
estradiol is the good form of estrogen for a female testosterone pellets can
range from 25 milligrams 37.5 milligrams 50 milligrams 87.5 milligrams or even up
to 800 milligrams for male the pellets for testosterone range between 100
milligram to 200 milligrams sometimes in a male patient we actually have the
procedure done with about 8 to 10 pellets and that can be between 1,800
milligrams of testosterone all the way to 2000 milligrams of testosterone again
depending on the individual needs in the u.s. these pellets are considered a
control 3 substance so they need to be locked up in with three different locks before we do any kind of pellet
procedure on our patients we need to test their serum blood level in female
labs these are the labs that we’re looking for pre insertion labs include
testosterone total testosterone bioavailable testosterone in free to
start wrong estradiol f sh t sh t for free t3
free t sh t p o vitamin D b12 in a CBC after the female patients being pellet
about four to six weeks we would like them to followup with post pellet labs
these labs may include vitamin D if the initial labs are not within that optimum
levels and optimum levels of vitamin D we like to keep them at between 50 to 70
so post labs also include testosterone total by available free also if thyroid
medication is suggested we would like to look at their TSH t3 free and t4 free as
well we also need to look at their estradiol their FSH level and also their
CBC for a male pre insertion lapse includes testosterone total free
bioavailable also their thyroid panel which includes t sh t for free t3 free
TP o vitamin D CBC PSA and also estradiol for male pulse insertion laps
includes total testosterone free testosterone bio available to Stas her
own estradiol and of course the thyroid panel if cyrix
is implemented thyroid meds are implemented that includes t sh t for
free t3 free and also TP o we also like to look at their vitamin D level for
follow up labs if their vitamin D level is not an optimum range which should be
between 50 to 70 we also need to look at their CBC especially their hematocrit
and their humic loeben male pulse labs usually within four to six weeks four
weeks if they do not feel any difference six weeks if they do patient triage
includes we always take their vital signs before administering pellet
therapy we weigh our patients and we look at their history their
questionnaire any kind of history of cancer heart disease menstrual cycle pap
smear mammogram or hysterectomy wait of course our dose is based upon their
weight and please document all their medications our post pellet procedure
includes complete patient teaching of post insertion instructions please give
the patient a copy of these poles insertion handout provide a review
though what might occur handout with the patients it will prevent so many
unnecessary phone calls if the patients are correctly informed please reiterate
the pose lap follow-up and the importance of it because we need to
remesh to figure out if that first initial pellet dose is
what the patient is needed about four to six weeks re measure their labs again
reiterate the necessary of the nutriceuticals recommended by their
provider such as their dim their liver detox and an adrenal support if the
patient is lack of it Biron medication must be properly monitored so please
provide education on thyroid medication thyroid medication should always be be
taken every a.m. on an empty stomach sciences symptoms of hyperthyroidism is
when they put their hand out and then it starts to tremor that means they’re
having too much thyroid also another sign and symptom of having too much
thyroid can be increase in anxiety or heart palpitation so when we start a
patient on a new thyroid medication or when the provider changes the patient’s
thyroid dosage you must always order their TSH their t3
free t4 free and it must be romesha in three months again when we change the
patient’s thyroid dosage or if we initially place a patient on a thyroid
medication please remesh their TSH their t free 3 T 4 3 within 3 months and
please also document when a doses increase and make sure your document
there’s no tremors or heart palpitation post pallet procedure the secret for
patient compliance write it all down for them lots of information can be very
overwhelming and also get a signed copy of these poles palette instructions so
routine and repetition is so important to ensure each patient that gets the
same type of education let’s talk about the procedure drawing syringes supplies
includes 10 cc syringe lidocaine between 1% to 2% and we prefer it with the
epinephrine to decrease the bleeding sodium bicarbonate the draw NATO should
be an 18 gauge needle and then a 23 gauge and one and a half inch needle is
used the mixture the mixture of lidocaine with epinephrine and sodium
bicarbonate my vary depending on the providers preference for a male patient
we usually use between 8 to 10 CC of lidocaine and 2 CC of sodium bicarbonate
so also use about 10 to 12 CC total and please do not over inject again for male
use between 10 to 12 CC total and do not over inject for a female we usually use
between 8 to 10 CC of lidocaine and 2 CC of sodium bicarbonate and we usually use
a total of 6 to 8cc and do not over inject in a busy
office sometimes it is very helpful for us to pre draw the lidocaine syringes
if priests drawn syringes it should be labeled and it should be used within 24
hours a lot of times after the patient’s initial three months of pellet therapy
of course they would start feeling a difference for female between three to
ten days for male about seven to ten days and through time after three months
four months five months and six months and also up to like about thirty six
months they will start feeling so much better such as their muscle mass starts
to increase their bone density starts to increase their stamina everything else
starts to do really really well as they continuously used a pellet therapy case
number one a 50 year old male height 510 weight 168th symptoms decrease energy
decrease muscle tone low motivation high intensity workout such as weights in
cycling so what we do is that we administer bioidentical hormones these
are hormones that rep resembles the same exact electro structure as your body’s
natural testosterone so he is a minister a total testosterone level of eighteen
hundred milligrams which in total is nine pellets at 200 milligrams
each so this is case history number one these are the type of patients we see initial laps we noticed that his total
cholesterol level is 295 two months after post pellet therapy his
cholesterol level drops down to 260 his total LDL is at a 210 two months after
post pellet drop down to 184 triglycerides initially 114 two months
later after pellet therapy 109 total testosterone prior to pellet therapy is
sitting at 263 post pellet therapy it goes up to 15 77 his free testosterone
was at a ratio of one to one at one point one post pellet therapy after two
months his free testosterone went up to 284 case to 57 year old female height 5
for weight 154 she’s been in menopause since 2015
her symptoms night sweats hot flashes brain fog low libido and she was
referred by her husband actually she was a minister bioidentical hormone pellet
therapy testosterone a dosage of 125 milligrams and estradiol at 10
milligrams estradiol usually stays in the body for
about six months so when a patient comes back to be repelled it especially for
female their pellets lasts about three to four months and when they return
between three to four months we don’t give them another ten milligrams of
estradiol sometimes will hold the estradiol on the second round or
sometimes we reduce it down to six milligrams of estradiol and keep
everything at bay so pre bile identical hormone laps so propel it route laps her
total cholesterol was sitting at a 225 two months after her pellets it dropped
down to 197 her LDL was at a 123 after her pellets two months later
102 her triglycerides were at a 116 after pellets it went down to a 79 her
total testosterone prior to pellets were 16 post pellets came up to 134 her free
testosterone was sitting at a 1.8 post pellets it went up to a 17 point 6 and
yes for female the testosterone the total testosterone that range is so
outdated so what we usually see in our practice for a female to feel
physiologically amazing with an energy level that is kind of like a really
sustainable and their ability to think and actually decrease their anxiety and
depression we usually see their total testosterone sitting at about 100 and
sometimes it goes all the way up to 300 as well so what really depends
on the individual and where the numbers are best for them and that’s why we do
post laps to gauge and communication with your patient is really really
important because everybody is so different case number 3 51 year old male
height 6-0 weight 263 pounds symptoms lack of energy fatigue lack of focus
weight gain irritability low libido joint pain muscle aches and pain so he
was a minister testosterone pellet dosage of 1,800
milligrams which hurts a total of nine pellets his pre pellet laps total
cholesterol was 212 it dropped down to 185 after 2 months of his first round of
pellets his LDL 124 it went down to 109 triglycerides he was sitting at a 59
then it went up to a 124 and that is actually dietary habits and we’ll go and
talk a little bit about that his total testosterone was at a 576
propellant and then post pellet it’s sitting at a 14 23 his free testosterone
was sitting at a 99 post pellets it went up to 301 let’s talk to you about his
triglyceride so why did it jump from 59 to 124 well this patient come in feeling
tired lethargic so he wasn’t working out at all
so now after his pellets he’s feeling absolutely amazing which we always see
in our page and what they do is that they feel like
they have more energy and they’re more motivated to go and workout so when he
start working out he started dapping a more ketogenic type of a diet which
composed of a very high protein and we will talk a little bit about our four
step program which includes detoxification nutrifix ketogenic type of a diet puts a lot of
stress on your kidneys and we want to talk about detoxifying the body and
nutrify in the body putting the right kind of nutrients back into your body so
your body can heal itself and sometimes long term of a high-protein diet will
eventually bring your cholesterol level back up again case number for a 56 year
old female she is 5-8 she waits a hundred ninety five pounds her symptoms
includes anxiety mental fog forgetfulness weight gain bloating
frequent UTI urinary tract infection she feels depressed she can’t sleep
throughout the night she wakes up multiple times she’s experiencing hot
flashes night sweats no libido whatsoever
and vaginal dryness and it’s really sad because a lot of these patients they
come in and when they have no sex drive and they don’t feel good it really seeps
into their personal relationship it really puts a toll on their marriage as
well so when our practice what we see is that when we balance these hormones the
male or the female hormones they start to feel so much better and there’s so
many marriages that we save by just making everyone feel
better and when you feel better you feel sexier and you’re more prone to increase
your sex drive increase in motivation and so you’ll have an increase in energy
level as well so back to our case number for her she was pelleted at a hundred
fifty milligrams of testosterone and also a ten milligrams of estradiol so
prior to coming to us she was using an estradiol patch and a testosterone cream
a lot of times when a patient’s is placed on by identical hormones such as
a cream or a patch sometimes the cream isn’t absorbing so what we did was that
we did preliminary laps on her Preetha pea laps what we call propellant laps
her total cholesterol was at eight to twelve two months later it dropped down
to a 185 her LDL was sitting at a 124 it went down to a 109 her triglycerides was
sitting at a 59 it went kind of up to like a 124 and then her total
testosterone was at a 576 it went up so how long will the patient notice an
improvement after pellet therapy for a male about 10 to 14 days our male
patient usually feel the increase in energy and sex drive in sexual
performance actually within 3 to 5 days but we usually tell the patient between
10 to 14 days everybody’s so different for a female patient we usually tell
them between 3 to 10 days our female patients usually feel the mental clarity
and an increase in sex drive within 3 days so how long does the pellets last
for a male it lasts about five to six months depending on the level of
activities for a female it lasts about 3 to 4 months again depending on the level
of activities patient retention when it comes to pellet therapy is about 93
percent so remember yesterday’s unorthodox treatment is tomorrow’s
standard of care this pellet therapy is just absolutely amazing
and I feel like it is the gold standard of what we’re doing with our bio
identical hormones one in seven pre menopausal women die from heart disease
one in three postmenopausal women die from heart disease so that’s an alarming
number else hi MERS disease women get alzheimers disease eight to
one over men women on estrogen are more likely to be
50% less to develop alzheimerís disease in other words women on estrogen are 50%
less likely to develop alzheimerís disease men with low testosterone are
three times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease author itís actually
hormones could ease pain about 10 percent of men and 18 percent of women
greater than the age of 60 have osteoarthritis both estrogen and
testosterone can stimulate these pre-college cells possibly by reversing
the development of author-it ik tissue so these testosterone pellets these SAS
trone actually helps to decrease your pain so let’s always remember proper
nutrition is the key in maintaining your hormonal balance along with your
testosterone pellet therapy so don’t forget our 4 step program number one
let’s detoxify the body let’s get rid of that toxin number two let’s nutrify the
body let’s put the good nutrients back into your system number four number
three fortify the body let’s balance your hormones let’s make sure your stem
cells are up to par and we can talk about a little bit about peptides and
number four the power of the mind and that’s so important because positive
mindset is what really helps us to get to that better that
energy level that better level in life and always remember biology before
pharmacology let’s go and balance the root cause of the problem and get our
patients better and get people feeling great and feeling well so let’s go back
and reiterate step number one detoxify the body what does that mean any type of
movement helps to stimulate your lymphatic system we also suggest a sauna
which helps to eliminate toxins and we also supplement our patients as well
sometimes we recommend them to get on something called a liver detox that
helps too everything goes through the liver it helps to detoxify their liver
and hormones are produced in our livers in our adrenal glands and our testes as
well especially in men with the testes and glucose ion is the mother of all
antioxidants so we recommend for you to take something like that to detoxify the
body nutria focaccia that means let’s make sure we put the
right type of nutrients back into your body raw Whole Foods helps to regulate
your bowels so the small intestine is about 23 feet long everything has to be
broken down and absorbed through that small intestine so moving your bowel
movements on a regular basis really helps you not only detoxify the body but
it helps your body to absorb all the good foods that you’re feeding it so
eating nutrient-dense foods such as bok choy and broccolis really helps to
increase your body’s immune system it helps to increase the nutrient density
that your body needs to heal itself and supplementation such as red beet greens
such as green leaf tea vegetables and also a adrenal support
the adrenals is so important helps to support your cortisol it helps to
support your stress fortify number three you have to fortify your body with the
right type of hormones you have to keep your hormones in balance such as Christ
in beta sister een triple is your din also you can also look into peptide
their appeal such as PT 141 CJC 1295 oxytocin stem cell therapy it helps
to rebuild a repair and regrow new tissue supplementation’s such as DNA RNA
protector a straggle estroux beet root extracts pomegranate and also grape seed
extracts power and speed so there are a lot of things that you can do to really
fortify your body with the right type of nutrients so your your body can heal
itself from the inside out and of course the power of the mind so we talked about
the neuro reprogramming brain tap meditation and also yoga well that
concludes our session for today and what we’re going to do is that we’re going to
walk you over to the next session with our coaching our training training our
doctor’s training our providers on corrective therapy such as pellet
therapy which we cover in this session then we move on to peptides stem cell
and also supplementation

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