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  1. Thank you Doctor. There are people in my life that are depressed and your videos are very informative and helpful. I struggle with how to effectively be supportive, especially when they become withdrawn and stop communicating.

  2. 2:07– “when cells don’t connect properly, you get abnormal production of the brain chemicals.”

    Response from a geriatric man- “What” (with a confused and puzzled look on his face).

    That was hilarious and helped me to learn something about neuroplasticity.

  3. 2:54– Donald O. Hebb was a Canadian Psychologist (Hebbian Theory catch phrase) – “Neurons that fire together, wire together and neurons that fire out of sync, fail to link.”

  4. 2:34– “As you learn new things, new circuit paths are formed and old, unused paths disappear.”

    This statement really stood out to me and will be very important for me to know on my path of healing and managing symptoms that I experience as a result of Bipolar. Self control and mindfulness can help me to “let go” of unwanted, bad habits and help me to create new and healthy habits that will help me to reach my goals and cause bipolar to be my ally. I recently adopted the idea of bipolar being my ally and look for the positive things that come from or can come from symptoms.

  5. hi doc im having really bad headaches ive been on setraline 200mg klonopin and depakote and my blood prwssure keep elevating any suggestions?

  6. Id be interested to hear your opinion on Ketamine IV infusions as treatment for major depression and anxiety.
    I haven't found anti depressants to be successful. Been trying to find a solution for about 10 years.

  7. @Dr. Tracey Marks do you think that someone who used crystal meth for over a decade and then stopped. That, that somehow messed up the dopamine and serotonin in their brain? I used to be happy and now I am have been clean since June 30th 2001. Don't get me wrong I love being clean but I don't have happiness anymore. It is fake now as to not draw attention to myself. I am on medication for BP2 and I suffer from PTSD. Seroquel only helps the manic (which I would rather have to be honest) and I take something for severe anxiety. I just sometimes think I should stop all the meds and see what happens. Any kind of anti- depressant just sends me to suicidal thoughts! So that is out of the question. I love my Dr. she is good she listens but wants me to try meds and I don't want to not feel anymore. I miss the "high and lovely' feeling of meth. if only there was something I could replace it with to be happy.

  8. I have MDD how do I get out of this? Can't see my therapist right now she doesn't take my insurance at the moment.. I sleep all day. I'm always tired. And i don't work or anything and have no motivation to do anything… Have any advice?

  9. I think you are the best doctor in the universe, so glad i found you. This are all facts, for me having a ocd, is like having a wampires in the brain, brain are just stuck, but with food and therapy and medication there is hope for mental world, it's nice to listen people like you, <3

  10. Want to know the REAL cause of depression? It's supressed emotions! Usually because of an early childhood trauma. I've healed mine in only 2months just by knowing this. No pills. I wish more people would know this. Let me know if you need help.

  11. Dear Dr. Marks, I’m 57 yrs. old & I’ve had depression mostly all my life. I’m epileptic & was first diagnosed with major depression after trying to commit suicide when I was 16. Over the yrs. I’ve been diagnosed with many illnesses such as schizophrenia to bipolar depression. I’ve been on several different medications over the yrs. with some which helped, while others just made issues worse. How can a person live with themselves while trying to treat these mental illnesses successfully. I still haven’t found my answer to my life’s problems while trying to regain my confidences and be normal again. Could you make a video explaining the roads we would travel and how to succeed life’s mental issues. Have a great life Dr. Marks and God bless you always.

  12. I really appreciate all of the knowledge that you given me!! I went to schools for Psychology and didn't get all of this..

  13. Taking Atorvastatin (Lipitor) will induce "brain fog" and statin induced myopathy, taking the maximum allowable dose of 80 mg for 8 years will result in a diagnosis of a Bipolar condition for which additional medications will be prescribed. Statin Intolerant. The effects of statin induced myopathy diminish rapidly after the medication is stopped. The mental and emotional conditions persist despite every effort, including neurotransmitter support. I don't know what to do. My life is in shambles. The bad connections make sense.

  14. I grasp that you are making an effort to isolate and specify the topics, so it is easily understandable to a wide audience, and I would certainly say that you excel at doing so. Perhaps, in a older video I have not gotten to yet, you go into it to some degree, however I must admit that I found the absence of any reference to the diathesis stress model, somewhat conspicuous. Just sayin'

  15. Depression is not something hereditary or born with it, due to life stressful events our neurons failed to produce. it may develop gradually and psychotherapy and certain medications may not work out as expected. i am not suffering from depression and I don't have any idea how it feels to be depressed and suicidal. Clinically depressed individual is an emergency situition. I'm not depressed but still undergo a psychiatric treatment due to life stressful events and life crisis. sometimes medication may not work out for everyone. its not clearly being explained to me what are the purpose of taking higher form of antidepressant. i just follow order and instructions from my doctor i believe she knows best better than i do. due to life stressful events I'm force to seek out help of a psychiatrist but i believe here in our society stigma is still one of many problems and issues faces a person consulting a "psychiatry" i wanted to stressed out that not all people consulting to a psychiatrist and having a treatment is mentally ill. sometimes our coping mechanism failed and we can't handle or face our problems or a life stressful events that lead us to seek professional help. i believe a mental health advocate should make the public aware that not all people consulting to psychiatry is mentally ill. but due to "life stressful big events" we are force to undergo a treatment to prevent future illness that will result in more serious problems for the individual and the family.

  16. Wow-I had no idea that this had been discovered (I was still so 2000!) I love the analogy of the open wound treatment. I have been using 12 step mindfulness day to day and it has provided a clearly structured approach to my own behaviors and spirituality. With therapy-whats not to love?!

  17. I take both Effexor and nortriptyline. I understand one is an SSRI and the other is a tricyclic. How do SSRI's and tricyclics differ?

  18. um I'm now in a potentially in a really difficult situation right now my username has expired way back in Feb. of this year and I was never even aware of any exspiratins and now I can't log back into my Facebook anymore and now there saying that ones it's expired you'll never be allowed to even be well atleast how political stand points have put it into the pool whatever that means ever again I have never even heard of that description of pool ever before now I live in Ontario so I don't know how much Dr Tracy marks would know or even have any ideas to I don't know I just really feel in hot water with this right now anyone have any ideas

  19. If you haven't already, will you go over how drug addiction to opiates effects people with major depression? My brother actually had a suicide attempt after quiting a mild opiate addiction. How do withdrawals effect major depression vs. the drug habit it's self, even if you are a completely "functioning" drug addict. Do you think that depression causes people to self medicate with drugs like opiates, or do those drugs cause the depression?

  20. Can you get depression from an incident that happened to you? I have PTSD anxieties and panic disorder. Something happened to me 7 yrs ago. Have not been the same since.

  21. I've gone to 2 therapist and never opened up! I'm afraid to. Dont want to go back there. Should I continue to find a therapist. Is it my fault I cant open up and trust anyone?

  22. Thank you, Dr. Marks, fir another great video. Had exercise been studied as a way to improve neuroplasticity? If so, is there an optimal type/ amount? Thx!!

  23. Hello ! I have a close friend who has been prescribed Abilify for depression, from what I understood to help him "shrink the distance" between him and other people, because he often feels like he's not really here. And it is also supposed to be a mood stabilizer. Have you ever prescribed this med? Do you know something about the possible side effects?

  24. my lovley grandaughter has had chronic depression for 5 years
    she is 20 years old now and a beautiful person, kind and thoughtful
    nothing sees to help her dr tracey and it makes
    me sad to see her not happy and she gets so stressed
    at unusual things and she cant even talk to me on the fone
    God bless you dr tracey
    you are a super caring person

  25. I have only recently found your channel. I appreciate your videos. Very much. I was on Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety meds for about 10 years. I went off about 5 years ago. Recently my depression and anxiety came back and I have an amazing therapist. We have decided to go the non Med route. I’m more than ok with this. It’s right for me. I just started a mindfulness course and it is already quite helpful. I’ve been a teacher for 30 years and it had become increasingly stressful over the years. I am so encouraged by the research being done on this subject.

  26. Are they up to clinical trials of these yet? It's more than exciting for me to hear this.
    Also, I was wondering if at any stage you might do a video on residual symptoms? I.e. when medication is very helpful but doesn't alleviate everything?
    In my case, escitilopram is a magic amazing life saver, yet I still sleep ~ 14 hours a day.
    I'm emotionally balanced but soooo unproductive!
    Thanks for your incredible series in the ocean of internet rubbish.
    I love you (sincerely!)

  27. I wish I could get up in a morning and not have my depression slap me in the face before I'm even out of bed. I've had dysthemia and double depression for 40 years. Would love to be excited about anything or have the enthusiam to go out and live my life.So low now its like a physical thing.Husband tries to help but I just want to shut down and isolate myself.looks like off to my Dr's again.No sympathy please.It's just one of those things.Keep fighting hard people that's all we can do.

  28. Staying up all night can cause depression. And it hits the hardest right before the sun rises.
    But anyway I'm diagnosed with a crap load of stuff. I don't any meds for it because of the bother with a doctor plus being afraid of big pharma. I get a check for all this. Not proud but it is what it is. I take suboxone. yeah heard right drug problems mixed with all this. Not good. Been on the suboxone for about 3 years so I'm hanging in there. I deleted my MEWe account. (sort of like a Facebook thing only better) I always saying stupid things or at least I'm thinking that. But I just left. I had good contact friends to. Found out I was accepted in a more cautious group than I realized. So I was liked. But I just left. I have even known to blocks friends. It's the social network to. It causes problems. I much rather talk in person or on phone. Doctor used to give me seriguil but that was bad! I know one thing that makes me feel better is work or excersise. I work around the house. So o need to do that often. I just got a lot of issues right now. aggravation,losing stuff,depression,just want to disappear. Not die just disappear. Ah well thanks for reading.

  29. Another theory – when will Psychiatry know what is going on with you when the brain is not at homeostasis. It gets so frustrating when psychiatrist ask you what drug you want to try after trying one that didn't work and you suffered through the painful side effects. Pharmaceutical companies are making billions in profits.

  30. Dr Tracey, what about trace amines? What are their role in depression and especially, treatment resistance? Also, would it be fair to say that since neurons that fire together wire together, substances that are neuroprotective (selegiline comes to mind) have their share in fighting depression? Thanks!

  31. I completely agree with this. the brain is an awesome thing. It's hard to believe that these brain chemicals; dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins would have so much power over us. You can up these brain chemical levels naturally. There is an easy way.

  32. Shalom Doctor. Please tell me that you are in the Metro Atlanta area if not can you recommend an African American female doctor. I have been under the care Dr. Janelle Martin in Lawrenceville but she no longer accepts Medicare PPO. I have been diagnosed with Panic Disorder with depression. My last hospitalization was 24 years ago and was discharged on Zoloft 2oo mg and Klonipin 1 mg TID. This medication has stopped helping years ago but it's so difficult to find a doctor here that accepts my insurance. I also suffer from PTSD which I have been treated for at all. Yes, I'm a mess. My email addy is [email protected] .com. Thank you, your video is awesome. I know that you are busy but I hope to hear from you soon.

  33. I've come to think of it a bit as the "Parkinson's of the mind". The physical brain being like a film projector that projects the intangible mind – that is YOU. The gears in the projector break down, the lamp overheats, the film warps & breaks. The perpetual, overwhelmingly painful sensation of sustained waking brain death. The term "mood disorder" doesn't describe it accurately.

  34. I'm a bioinformatician working in mental health research. Because my education mostly focus on programming and maths I need to study many psychiatric topics by myself and your videos are so helpful, enjoyable and so clear at the same time. I'm a giant fan of yours.

  35. Thank you so much for that explanation. I've always had a lot of questions about treatments and why they work and don't work for some people. I'm going to watch this again so that I haven't even better understanding.

  36. Also one more comment. It seems to me just by observing people around me and including myself because I know I am depressed that just about everybody has some level of depression. Am I Wrong to think that.

  37. Thank you for the amazing videos! Nobody on the internet gives related information in an easy to understand way and in a short period of time. I appreciate it! 🙂

  38. Hi Dr. Tracy, I agree I wish you were my doctor!!! I was diagnosed with clinical depression as a teenager and it has only gotten worse to put it lightly. I’m now 58 and it’s almost unbearable. You’re right as far as living a very stressful life, that’s a definite yes. I also have fibromyalgia and arthritis. I do know my depression makes my fibromyalgia worse. As far as hereditary my mother also struggled with all 3. My dads mom was in the era of electric shock treatments and institutionalized many times in the 50’s and maybe 60’s. I don’t do well with antidepressants, allergies or side effects. Usually hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. Oh yeah also diagnosed with sleep paralysis and recently nocturnal hypoxia. Apparently I don’t go into REM sleep at all and only 30% of the stage before that (sorry I can’t think of what it’s called at the moment). Sleep in it’s self is a challenge. Currently I’m on 37.5 mg of Zoloft which seems to be my maximum before I reach zombieville and not getting out of bed at all. I’m so tired of feeling this way! As it is I don’t do much more than bed and couch due to my disabilities with the fibromyalgia and arthritis. The pain is very limiting to living. I use to be a nurse for many years until the pain was to much. I miss myself even though I struggled with depression I could function most of the time. When I say depression I mean anywhere from sadness, crying most everyday, not getting out of bed, not bathing for over a week, very poor appetite. No friends, family doesn’t come around. Any suggestions?? Thank you very much

  39. This was amazing. Thank you Tracy! It's so important to give more credit to mindfulness practice and its benefits within. I need to ask you something: how can you explain neuroplasticity and bipolar disorder? Is there a relation?

  40. Ok now what if a drug antidepressant was given for other issues besides depressants and after stopping the drugs now you have a chemical drug induced depression. Lots of people stopping drugs cause depression three fold ..

  41. Yep. I tried over 10 anti-depressants over many years with no effect. Mindfulness and contextualizing my mental history (attachment theory/CPTSD) has been the only thing that has slowly moved me towards better mental health.

  42. If you take this medicine that fixes the connection will you then start producing dopamine and the other chemicals normally I have suffered with depression for 20+years and have tried I don’t know how medications and nothing has really helped am excited to hear about this new look into fixing depression rather than just nursing it what do you think about that new magnetic treatment thank you I love your videos have a blessed day smiles

  43. Dr. Tracey, thx a lor for this video. I am on antidepressants, they work a little, not like I would like them to. You talk about new medication (closing the wound). Where can I get more info about this? thx a lot!!

  44. Dr. Marks, in my MDD journey, I've come to understand that the limbic system gets worn down by the hormones adrenaline and cortisol generated by chronic/sustained stress and trauma, leading to an inflamed limbic system that cannot function properly in mood regulation. This was not explained to me initially (by my doctors or counsellors) and I was four years into my medication before finding this out. Most of the fellow MDD sufferers that I have met or corresponded with all share a common experience of childhood trauma, often followed by a stressful event (or in my case, a series of events) that led to a breakdown. With that, I have referred to MDD as a limbic system injury, which takes a tremendous weight off of the inherent symptom feelings of weakness and failure. I'm curious to know if you would you agree with this perspective?

  45. It's November 1st 2019, and I just saw this and really feel terrible after watching this video. this last week was my first week in a while that I've been feeling okay and that with my medication taking viibryd. what should I be doing, stopping? I'm not sure what to do because of this video

  46. What about traumatic experience? Is it wise to always assume a chemical deficiency? Or is it always wise to treat bad brain circuits through chemistry rather than the reprogramming of CBT for instance? In the future I trust that the clinical perception will become more balanced away from only focusing on the neurological side of things to see the experiential as just as important.

  47. I agree with this. I have tried many meds and the side effects were horrible. I feel it is life and stress that causes the connections to not connect.

  48. A drug that treats symptoms further upline is still not treating the original cause. Why are the circuits not connecting? We can keep peeling this onion, but we as a society never seem to address the underlying issue, ie. why so many of us are depressed and anxious in the first place. "It is no sign of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society". _ J. Krishnamurti

  49. Various mental health disorders ie schizophrenia bipolar …..they say…..theyll have it for life but what about neuroplasticty for those? What about a segment on that?

  50. just wondering if anybody else has this problem ! im bipolar 2 and every time i get a new batch of litium 1100mg per day . every 3 months i will be ok on the new batch or i skydive into major crash until i get another batch and the im fine but a very scary ride every new batch . the drug company was concerned but have no idea ! im just highly sensitive to lithium. 20 years on this med ! has anybody else had this problem with lithium potency ?

  51. I worked with mental health kids in a prison from 2006 to 2015 and I didn't know about the new research. and please do a video about psych drugs how some people have side effects that result in suicide/ shooting.

  52. Dr. Mark's, your videos are professional and perfect in their art direction. Please add a bar to your cover page at the top or bottom w your name, so it is easier to find you.
    I'd hate to miss one of your videos.

  53. Is it true that depression runs in a family?
    My maternal grandmother attempted suicide by drinking bleach in front of me when I was 8. She has been taking antidepressants for 3 yrs. My maternal uncle committed suicide last year, he was experiencing symptoms of depression for the last 1,2 yrs without a treatment.
    My depression started from August, 2019 after I moved to a new city where I didn't have any friends. After months talking therapy, I'm getting much better.

  54. Is there any type of natural foods or certain drinks you can take to fix these complicated issues in the brain than proscribed drugs?

  55. I have a question on this subject that I hope you can actually respond to.
    Have you heard of type 3 diabetes and do you agree that it is a valid condition? I am a type 2 diabetic on metformin and was on glipizide. Brain fog and depression were issues, after changing my diet and losing 50 pounds I got off of the glipizide and the brain fog is improved. Depression seems about the same so far. The real question in all of this is this , if diabetes and a high carb diet damages nerves in the rest of the body ( and blood vessels ) is it possible that our diet could be the cause of the poor nerve reception in the brain? And can it repair itself if the diet is corrected or is the damage permanent?

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