What Causes Migraines? | Living Pain Free With DR-HO’S®

What Causes Migraines? | Living Pain Free With DR-HO’S®

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Hi, Dr. Michael Ho. Now, if you like the information you watch
in the video here, please subscribe to my videos by clicking the button below. Now last time we talk about what migraine
and tension headache is. Today we are talk about what causes migraine
and tension headache. From a clinical experience I find the cause
is a combination of a pinched nerve in the neck, disruption in blood circulation between
the neck and the head, or weather changes, hormonal changes, and just general stressful
factors in life. Now, migraine headache have a tradition, okay,
of many triggers that I know. Things like, you know, when a woman gets her
menstrual period, that can trigger severe migraine. When the weather changes, when the barometric
pressure changes, that can trigger a migraine headache. Uh, factors like sleeping in or not sleeping
enough can also trigger a migraine. There’s also postural stress that can trigger
a headache, like sitting in front of your computer, working on your smartphone, you’re
sleeping with your head and neck turned all night, you can wake up with a bad neck and
a migraine or weekends when people tend to sleep in, again, if you have a stress in your
neck and shoulder area that can trigger a migraine and a tension headache. So there been multiple factors and many factors
that causes your migraine and tension headache. Now, the good news is there’s many things
you can do about it. I can help yourself to relieve those migraine
and to decrease those headaches. Well thank you for watching my show and if
you like the content please press the button below and subscribe.

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