What Causes Morning Sickness?

What Causes Morning Sickness?

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[Intro] Morning sickness, also known as nausea gravidarum,
is that nauseous, fatigued feeling that has been ruining days of pregnant women for all
time. The term “morning sickness” is kind of a cruel joke, since, if you’ve ever been
around a pregnant lady or been a pregnant lady, you know that the agony can strike any
time of day or night or just linger. All the time. It’s not fun. This nausea can be mild–similar to feeling
sleep deprived, hungover, or like you were stuck on the tilt-a-whirl all day–or it can
be strong enough to cause vomiting. Which I probably don’t have to tell you is far less
cute and funny as it’s often portrayed in rom-coms where the heroine daintily pukes
into a wastebasket in front of her coworkers and then suddenly feels fresh as a daisy. For a small proportion of women, around one
percent, these symptoms become so severe that they may lead to weight loss, dehydration,
a dangerous drop in blood acidity called alkalosis, and hypokalemia or low blood potassium levels.
This extreme morning sickness is called hyperemesis gravidarum, and it can be very dangerous.
Luckily, no matter how bad you may get it, most women find their morning sickness starts
to fade in the second trimester. So, what causes this misery? Why wasn’t nature
satisfied with pregnancy causing just bloating and backaches and constipation and weird facial
skin discoloration? Well, the short answer is that we… don’t
really know, but because this is science we’re talking about, there are, of course, several
theories. Many experts believe that those craptastic
feelings are triggered by the truly insane amount of hormonal changes pregnant women
experience early on. Especially the increase of human chorionic gonadotrophin, or HCG.
HCG is produced by the developing embryo after conception and later by the placenta. It’s
released to help the ovaries keep producing the hormones necessary to sustain pregnancy. In most normal pregnancies, the level of HCG
in a woman’s body doubles every two or three days, getting higher and higher until it peaks
around the third month. Some believe these soaring hormone levels overstimulate the chemoreceptor
trigger zone, or CTZ, the part of the brain that controls the so-called “vomit reflex.”
And then, it’s hello, Puke City. But HCG is only one of several tricky hormones
at work here. Some scientists suggest estrogen levels may be partly to blame because they
can be one hundred times higher during pregnancy than they normally are. Although, so far,
studies have found no correlation between estrogen levels in pregnant women who experience
morning sickness and those who don’t. And then there’s progesterone, which also
skyrockets during pregnancy in part to relax the uterine muscles to prevent early childbirth,
but this hormone also relaxes the stomach and intestinal muscles, which may lead to
extra stomach acid and acid reflux, which could factor into morning sickness. Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar caused by
the energy drained from the growing placenta may also play a role in the stomach upset,
which is why doctors recommend pregnant women eat lots of small meals throughout the day.
Still others maintain the heightened sense of smell associated with pregnancy may similarly
make some mamas extra sensitive to unpleasant smells. Perhaps the most interesting theory, though,
and it is just a theory, suggests that morning sickness may actually be a useful evolutionary
adaptation. The idea here is that easily triggered nausea may help protect expectant mothers
from eating the wrong thing and getting food poisoning, thus protecting their babies from
toxins. When you’re feeling crappy, you tend to look
for foods that are naturally low risk for contamination. Simple carbs, like crackers
and rice and bread, tend to be far more appealing to a queasy mom than meat and eggs and dairy,
even certain vegetables, all of which can spoil easily in ways that can be hard to detect.
So perhaps the body is telling the mother to stick to safer, blander foods to increase
her child’s chances for survival. And it so happens that a developing baby’s vulnerability
to certain toxins peaks at the end of the first trimester, which is also when morning
sickness tends to ease up. We may never know the exact causes of morning
sickness, but the results are often painful and plain, so make sure you’re extra nice
to all those pregnant ladies. They’re traveling a rough road. Thanks for watching this SciShow Dose, and
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  1. I have been drinking “no to morning sickness tea” to easing my nausea.it is the best home remedy to comfort my morning sickness

  2. ok, this is rediculous. 
    I just browsed through the commends and pretty much EVERYONE here beefed about hanks unproper use of the term "theory" insead of "hipothesis".
    How about a discussion about the actual content of the video?
    You know? Pregnancy? Morning sickness? other obstackels?
    I understand, that this mistake on hanks side is upsetting, but it really is a bit of an overreaction, that everyone here has to scream it out. I think people got the message in the 1st 10 comments or so allready. no reason to continue this up to comment nr. 113!

  3. My only cure was a cup of “no to morning sickness tea” during the day and a cup at night along with frequent snacking and lots of ice water.

  4. I have constant "morning" sickness. ItI have constant "morning" sickness. It is actually worse in the evening for me. I need some relief. I heard about “no to morning sickness tea” but I do not know anyone who tried it so I am hoping someone on yahoo answers can tell me if they are worth buying? is actually worse in the evening for me. I need some relief. I heard about “no to morning sickness tea” but I do not know anyone who tried it so I am hoping someone who can tell me if they are worth buying?

  5. My morning sickness was terrible. It was miserable that I felt tired all the time. I tried dozen of remedies but since I got “no to morning sickness tea” I felt a noticeable change. It worked fine.

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  10. Here's the truth that no one will dare tell a pregnant women or anyone, because most people don't want the truth. Morning sickness and tiredness is all caused because the womens body is lacking somewhere in nutrition, excercise, fresh air, sleep, and the big one is SUN. I'm pregnant with my 4th child and have coached many women in the past with these issues and these simple facts heal every time. Women, your body is creating life. It's taking from you all the nutrients you have in order to protect the fetus forming inside the body. ITS A LOT OF WORK.. . . .THEREFORE YOU WILL BE TIRED. Cravings are your bodies way of informing you that it needs something. Here's the kicker. You won't and cannot crave something thats not in you. If you've made ice cream a part of your diet, while ice cream in of itself is not healthy, your body is wanting one of the vitamins in it. It's not wanting the actual ice cream. Most women are majorly DEHYDRATED, but sadly don't drink water. Ice helps because it's cools and settles the stomatch. Here's, a tip. Wake up early drink 2 cups (1 large glass full) of lemon water and make sure to eat BEFORE the sickness and get plenty of air and excercise. . . OUTSIDE. The reason why for some women it settles after the first trimester is because your body has equalized and balanced out it's diet, therefore not depriving you as much anymore. It ain't got NOTHING to do with any of this stuff, it's has to do with the physical state of the health the body is in. Most women towards there second to third start to excercise and walk, without realizing it, you are increasing the appetite for healthier and more nutritious foods and and before you know it your not sick. Laying around, oversleeping, eating poorly, dehydration Will Make you sick!!!!!! Don't do it, shun it and refuse to do it. Suffer through forcing yourself for a week to do these simple steps. You will not only have a smooth pregnancy, but also a much easier child birth. Pray this helps someone ❤️❤️❤️

  11. The hypothesis about evolution and puking to avoid food poisoning makes a lot of sense. I love turkey and chicken but since morning sickness started just imagining cooking meat makes me want to puke.

  12. What if you’re not pregnant but you still have morning sickness? Btw, there’s no possible way I’m pregnant I’m still a virgin and I haven’t gotten my first period yet. I’m 13 if that changes anything.

  13. Wish I would have watched this 2 weeks ago, only I would question a pregnant girl with being sick lol.
    My dumbass assumed it was psychological ?.

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