What Does a Panic Attack Actually Do To Your Body?

What Does a Panic Attack Actually Do To Your Body?

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This video was sponsored by our friends over
at Hollywood Health & Society. Thanks guys! Hey There! Welcome to Life Noggin! Have you ever suddenly, for no reason, feared
you were going to die, or sensed impending danger, or felt a detachment from yourself? These scary but very real experiences are
symptoms of a panic attack. The intense fear experienced during these
attacks also causes physical reactions in the body such as chest pain, nausea, dizziness,
shortness of breath, sweating, numbness in the extremities, and a racing heartbeat.,, Panic attacks share a lot of similar symptoms
with anxiety attacks, but there are some key differences in how they occur. Anxiety attacks are a response to a certain
trigger or perceived threat. , After a period of excessive worry, symptoms
build up slowly but are generally not that severe. They can last for days or even months. Panic attacks, on the other hand, happen very
quickly. They can LAST a few minutes up to a couple
of hours and can either occur out of nowhere or be caused by a trigger such as stress,
substance withdrawal, phobias, or remembering past traumas.,,, They are much more intense
and can make someone feel like they have lost control or that death is imminent. People affected by panic attacks may have
just one or two before the cause is resolved or may experience recurring attacks. Due to the intense fear they experience, some
people live in constant fear of having another attack, which is the definition of panic disorder.,
But panic attacks can result from other psychological disorders as well, like social anxiety, phobias,
or obsessive-compulsive disorders., Scientists are still unsure of the exact cause
of panic disorder, but some theorize it may be the result of an overactive amygdala signalling
for the release of adrenaline., Adrenaline causes several physiological changes. It increases your heart rate to send more
blood to your muscles, makes you breathe faster and more shallow to create more oxygen and
make you more alert, and releases blood sugar and fats to give you more energy.,,, Together, these changes prepare you to deal
with a life threatening situation and are often thought of as your “fight or flight”
response. The resulting physical reactions are similar
to what happens during a panic attack – faster heart rate, sweating, nausea, and shortness
of breath – which is why scientists believe the “fight or flight” response is involved.,, If you do suffer from panic attacks, you are
not alone. An estimated 4.7 percent of adults in the
U.S. above the age of 18 will experience panic disorder in their lifetime. And of adolescents between the ages of 13
and 18, 2.3 percent will. That’s about 12 million adults and teens in
the United States alone who will suffer from panic attacks., But I have good news: Panic disorder is treatable. Therapy and medication help reduce the frequency
and intensity of panic attacks., A 1992 study on the effect of cognitive-behavior
therapy found that 82 percent of patients were panic free after eight weeks of treatment. And six months later, 63 percent were considered
in recovery. So if you’re suffering from panic attacks
or a related illness, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. This condition does not need to be debilitating. People who experience panic attacks are normal,
everyday people who are able to work at their jobs and live their lives. Links to free resources are down in the description
below! So are you someone who suffers from panic
attacks? If you have a story that you’re comfortable
with sharing, let me know in the comment section below Thank you so much to our friends over at Hollywood
Health & Society who sponsored this video. To find out more about what they do and see
how you can help their great causes, click the link in the description. as always, my name is Blocko, this has been
Life Noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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  2. I was 14 when it happend and it was a anxiety attack, atleast thats what i got told. I was trying not to sleep and I stayed up to 3am and then i got tired so i decided i should sleep. When i fell asleep idk how much passed but in my sleep i feel my heart racing and the need to breath so i wake up and omg when i woke up it was so bad i only thought maybe i'm just sick bc i felt nauseous. Anyway I think i had that for a bitt so i just stayed lying in my bed and i think i had this wake up thing 3 times in total. The 2nd time it was 4am or something like that, and it was so much worse i started texting my friends some fucked up things about dying and that idk whats happening but i feel like i'm gonna die. After so i tried sleeping and of course it happend again. it was then 7am and i woke up by myself but as soon as i did the racing heart went away but i still couldnt breath properly and as soon i started getting ready i started shiverring and it was just so horrible i ended up crying in my bed and my mum let me stay home and we went to the doctors. She said it probably was an anxiety attack bc she has the same thing often so

  3. Me just about to do a zipline: I will do this
    Panic attack: hey buddy wait a moment GET OUT OF THAT TREE
    it happened because I'm afraid of heights and I'm never going to do a zipline again

  4. I had one panic attack I was scared and my head on the right side started to hurt and then my arms felt num and tingley so went to get some water btw this was in school I yelled at the teacher that I had to go and ran to the office it was gone by 5 minutes and I never had it again this was about 7 months ago

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  8. I have bad news: Some panic disorder cases are sometimes chronic. 😂 I’ve had them for about 2 decades. Xanax is a savior


    In 3ed grade I had two teaches a nice one that taught English and a mean laid back grandma that taught Spanish. This grandma was no ordinary nice one,nononononoonono, this one was a cold blooded 50 year old grandma. She thought of me of a stupid idiot that did not know how to multiply. Back then I my favorite subject was science (and it still is) so when I once wrote a detailed passage for our homework, and keep in mind I was one of the smartest kinds in the class. SHE THOUGHT I STOLE IT FROM A RANDOM ONLINE TEXT!!!!!! I got 2 panck attacks from her but luckily a warm shower and tea helped.

    I don’t think anyone read what took me 30 min to write


    Why im shaking when im playing shooting games and then when someone shoot atme and when i hearit my whole body shakes but idont feel any fear plss be notice

  11. I've had times were my heart starts racing and shortness of breath occurs but it would be completly random. I was just playing with friends and it randomly happened.

  12. Dear Blocko: Is biting your lips accidentally dangerous?

    And a follow up question (hopefully I get an answer) is there a reason why I always bite the same part of my lips

  13. i’m twelve years old. 2 years ago i had so much anxiety. i was scared of everything. i thought i was dying all the time. i stayed in my bedroom in the dark. i stopped eating because i was scared i would choke. i skipped on going on vacations because i thought i would stop breathing in the middle of nowhere. then one night i went crazy. it was the scariest moment of my life. i was screaming and running back and fourth yelling i was going to die. crying my eyes out and panicking so much. i had to get rushed to the hospital because my parents didn’t know what to do. my heartbeat was fast and they had to calm me down. then a few days after i started puking, puking everything i ate. i would cry and roll around on the floor begging to go to the hospital because i was so scared. i got blood tests and ultrasounds. i got pills that made me tired whenever i had a panic attack. i felt like i was going to die. so my dad set up an appointment and i was diagnosed with severe anxiety and social anxiety and i take pills now and i rarely have panic attacks and they’re not as bad. i still have fears but i feel calm now. sorry i just wanted to get that out there. i go to the clinic next month to see if my pills are doing any damage to my body and to get therapy.

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  15. I hate anxiety. Everybody thinks they have it but they don't even know what it's like to not do things because you're afraid you're going to pass out. I've begged my mom and husband many times to take me to the ER, I owe the hospital money because of a panic attack I told the nurses to help me and lied down on the floor. I've woken up at 2 am scared with all of these symptoms since I was 8 or so.
    I can't workout anymore without feeling like I'm going to pass out, can't drink coffee or eat sugar before bed because of the fear. I've read everything about it, seen several doctors that want to put me on meds including valium but I'm trying my best to control it naturally, I am not afraid of people or going out, I'm not going through anything stressful, it's just a mental disorder many people have to learn to live with and its deeper than what most people think, I'm speaking for the people who don't abuse substances, dont have a hard time socializing, take a care if their bodies and still suffer from this.

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  18. I still have panic and anxiety’s attacks to this day and I do take my meds and they have been becoming after time but.. I still have my days when I do have one.

  19. Honestly, when I was younger (in my early teens) I would always justify my panic attacks with some broken logic, but the day I had a panic attack at my church surrounded by people I know and love, that's when I knew I had to go and see help because I knew that there was no reason to why I was so scared.

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