What If a Venomous Snake Bites You? – Dear Blocko #8

What If a Venomous Snake Bites You? – Dear Blocko #8

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Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! Yee Haw! It’s a western baby! Horses are falling from the sky! Sorry for that intro. Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko! This is the show where I answer your questions
about your world, and my world! Let’s get started with the first question Star Shine Asks
Dear Blocko, What happens when a snake bites you? A snake bite? Ouch! I hope you’re not asking from personal experience. That’s because a snakebite can be pretty
dangerous, especially if you’re talking about one from a venomous snake. Any snake that bites you should be treated
as though it’s venomous and you should get help immediately. Venomous snakes can choose whether or not
to actually release their venom, but if they do, those fangs of theirs are going to release
different toxins into your body that have varying effects depending on what type of
snake bit you. Generally, these toxins can lead to things
like local tissue damage or internal bleeding, and can affect your nervous system, or directly
go after your heart. Paralysis and even death can happen in the
worst cases. The main thing about treating a snakebite
is to administer the right antivenom as soon as possible. Antivenoms can prevent or even reverse most
of the harmful effects of a snakebite, so they’re super important! Tito Rodriguez asks
#DearBlocko why do you laugh and have a funny feeling when your tickled? Well, it looks like people laugh when they’re
being tickled as more of a reflex-like behavior than more voluntary laughter, like say, when
you laugh at a good joke. “Tickling laughter”, as we’ll call it,
is actually an early form of social communication and vocalization in humans, and other primates
too. So, it’s not that you necessarily find being
tickled funny — in fact, many people don’t like to be tickled at all yet still can’t
help laughing. Recent research has also found that while
tickling laughter and voluntary laughter have some similar brain activity going on, one
thing that sets tickling laughter apart is that it’s more associated with your hypothalamus,
and as such, your flight-or-fight response. And now it’s time for questions about me
or my world! the real lazy bones asks
Dear Blocko what are those ”glitch” monsters? I mentioned the Corrupted Blocky Beings in
a previous Dear Blocko. My animator informed me he made a bunch of
Blocky beings way back in 1997. That’s like a thousand years ago? Right? He wanted to experiment with different looks,
and create a whole world of characters, but one character got corrupted and glitched out. It started to infect other beings in the first
town my animator made, and it was all down hill from there! Maybe we can figure out a way to turn them
back to normal. I’ll have to get back to you. Yusuf asks
Dear Blocko, have you and your animator had any problems or arguments? We do argue here and there. Animator sometimes is so indecisive! I get annoyed when things change too fast. As i’m walking he might change the trees,
oop i guess he didn’t like the sky that color, oh, and now i’m floating. I’m kinda like my Animators crash test dummy. Except I am no dummy! Uh, hold on guys. My animator want me to test out this new machine. One second. What exactly does this thing do again? Animator? Animator? WAH!! So, do you have any questions about your world
or my world? Let me know in the comment section below,
and make sure you use the hashtag Dear Blocko, so i can find it. Wanna watch more Dear Blocko? Check out the previous episode we did! Dear Blocko, could popping pimples kill you? I’m afraid to pop. I feel you amber. My adolescent years were the worst, but pimples
are actually pretty common, and usually aren’t that much of a concern. As always, my name is blocko , this has been
life noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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