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  1. I have battled with depression ever since my divorce three years ago. My self-esteem was at a realMy self-esteem was at low point when I got this depression treatment “fetching kafon press” (Google it) and my confidence was shattered. Within weeks of reading your book and putting your advice into exercise, my depression had completely removed and my self-confidence started to come back..

  2. I went to a mental facility once. It was so bizarre. They locked all the bedroom doors during the day so you wouldn’t go in to sleep all day, but the only other thing to do was to sit in a communal room and watch tv….ALL DAY LONG. They had a “library” but it was a really small room with magazines and connect 4. I didn’t get the point of being there. There was a REALLY strange lady there and everyone would say “ I feel sorry for HER roommate!” I would look at them and say “Thank you”, yea, because she was MY roommate. It seemed like everyone smoked, A LOT (I don’t,but to to each his own). It just didn’t help me at all.

  3. I love this channel, this video in particular has helped me understand the reasons why and how i was so mentally fragile as a child (from last year of kindergarden till 7th grade on and off) i was extremely paranoid and thought witches, monsters and other creatures were «out to get me» now i know that if i begin acting like that again i can recognize what’s going on and get the help i need.

  4. I am still so totally confused on psychosis!!!! I keep hearing the same old crap over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over ! Does anybody really know anything about psychosis what it actually feels like how can you tell whether somebody's in it how would you tell whether you're in it! I was diagnosed with schizophrenia but my understanding of psychosis I guess is different from the psychologists! How would I know I am actually in a psychotic state! Yes I self-diagnose myself as major depressive because everywhere I take the test whether it be the doctor or the psychologist I am depressed what does that mean! How does that tie into psychosis nobody can you give me any actual information!

  5. Do you have any information on cannabis induced psychosis? My brother who I'm pretty sure is bipolar started smoking cannabis heavily from morning to night and it clearly sent him into psychosis. He displayed all 5 symptoms you talked about here. He has now been in the hospital for a full week and the doctor just changed his meds yesterday again. It feels at this moment like we might never get him back down to reality. I'm scared, angry and confused about why he is having the delusions that he does. He remembers things differently than he used to and is using that to hate his whole family/support group. He has filled his sons mind with all of it too, which is another level to the hell we are all going through..

  6. I just got out of the mental hospital I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder with psychotic features and I’m 14 so I’m glad they caught it early

  7. My mom was having suspicious thoughts about someone is planning against her & she is also showing sign n symptoms of depression .is she suffering from psychotic depression..?

  8. What’s major deppressive disorder with psychotic symptoms. Is it those shadows I see in the corner of my eye?

  9. Been sleeping in my car for 7 years now. Dont talk to anyone, dont do anything. Just sit. All day in my car for decades now. Psychosis, mania, major depression, severe anxiety. Nothing works for me. Nothing

  10. mental health is so important but hospitals just make u more depressed and u become self aware u start thinking that ur actually crazy

  11. I’ve had anxiety for a year now, but it has turned into depression lately. I’ve been feeling so weird but last night I think I might have had a psychotic episode. I turkey felt like I wasn’t me anymore and that I wasn’t real, I thought I had imagined my whole life and none of it was real. I looked in the mirror and had a full panic attack because I didn’t know who that was looking back at me. I didn’t sleep at all because I felt so crazy all night. Today I’m not the best from it at all. I’m afraid to look in the mirror when I hear my voice it sounds alien to me. Please help is this a psychotic episode? Should I go the hospital?

  12. I have been diagnosed with psychotic depression and ocd. is this possible or do i have a third disorder? you said psychosis is a symptom.

  13. Psychotic breaks are horrible. I recently cut open my hand into the tendons because I was needing to relive stress from going over the edge ended up having to get drove to the hospital at 4am

  14. I got psychotic depression but I don't have continious low mood?? Infact I rarely feel low at all. They diagnosed me based on a suicide attempt but I was trying to make it all stop. Am I misdiagnosed?

  15. I've been Feeling like Ill mentally I feel something is taking over me and I feel like I need to take phycotic pills cause most of my day and nights I start to get breakdowns mentally and I even hullisinate or have dulisions I can't help being Depressed No matter how much I try to keep Fighting it one min I'm happy next I'm going to Scream and Damage Things or others it's been almost 14 years since I haven't snapped from before its hard to get out of bed to get dressed shower or anything I can't help it and when I'm around others I put a mask on it's not easy to ask for help my own mom doesn't see that my mental health doesn't exist but it really does I lost my mind mentally when I was being ticked and bothered

  16. My wife went through this 2 years ago. She's 100% better thank god she had an amazing doctor that knew it right away. It was incredibly rough but she made it through and back out the other side stronger than ever. If you are going through this or know someone is please hang in there and don't give up. I can promise it gets better.

  17. I just graduated and my dad bought me bare and wanted to celebrate. Didn’t feel like it meant anything so I really didn’t react & everyone was like “ you should be happy” but I’m thinking “ it doesn’t matter, everyone gets one. I didn’t work hard enough for it” basically..

  18. Why does her left eye keep rising up out of her forehead while her right eye sinks down and into her face?

  19. I have PMD and my last bout of psychosis was in 2012, I will give anything to never experience it again, life is far from perfect but my meds do a good enough job thank you for such a concise and destigmatizing vid

  20. I think something that's really important with depression with psychotic features is how less prominent anosognosia is than in schizophrenia. It's kind of like, you know your delusions are wrong, like maybe you want them to be wrong, but at the same time you hate yourself for questioning your beliefs. It's like, I know demons aren't out to get me, but they are, and they're coming tonight, and I can't get help because the cops are in on it. But when I write it on paper or say it out loud, I know it's not true, and I know I'm sick. That mind set probably saved my life many times, and I got help.

  21. Getting a job has helped me too….I had lived off my retirement for about a year avoiding getting one because the last place I worked was toxic and a year before that my wife left and six months before that one of my students had died. I am healing and videos like these help so much. I apply a lot of what is suggested and then go with what works. I have been able to sleep normal time for the last week and a half straight.

  22. My mom had been struggling with macular problems for a few years. About a month ago she was diagnosed with Charles Bonnet syndrome, that alone is scary in and of itself, but my dads health has suddenly just gone down, literally overnight he lost the ability to walk and now is home on palliative care/hospice. So this has been about two weeks now. After seeing some very strange and behavior from her I took her to the dr the other day, so now on top of her other issues she was diagnosed with depressive psychosis. I’m at a loss, I help her the best I can. And even for the hallucinations that she knows are not real in that brief moment her fear is VERY real. I have weather related PTSD and I liken her fear to that! When the wind gets really bad I just panic, even tho I know the accident I witnessed 18 years ago (a tree branch was broken by wind and it fell on my then 14m old son) is not gonna happen again, in that moment it doesn’t matter the panic completely takes over. So in that sense I understand her feelings. I told her not to be scared to tell me when she ‘sees’ someone in the house and I will help her make them go away. Any other suggestions are welcome as well!

  23. Idk if I’m crazy… I always talk to myself like thinking I’m talking to someone… but I’m aware that I’m talking to no one…

  24. People think I have hallucinations or that I have psychosis but I don't. Never had never have had hallucinations! I just have depression & some anxiety.

  25. I just can’t be a normal happy, I look around at people and they look happy, maybe because they have their life together. I get stressed so easily by people and how they think about me, but I also kind of hate them. I can be a neutral very low happy or a very I don’t care about anything happy, and then I should just die kind of despair I shouldn’t of listened to meditation and hypnosis videos it made me into a complete idiot. I wanted to become more zen and it work but I also wasn’t motivated by anything. I just didn’t care. I feel so confused, I been taking too many melatonin and a natural anti anxiety over the counter meds. Now, I’m just more psychotic, more not in reality. I don’t know when this will stop if it would ever stop. It’s all because I became too easily overwhelmed and too full of social anxiety. I’m just easily manipulated, and I just care too much about what others think of me. My emotions are crazy I feel like a toddler that needs attention. Pieces of my old self slowly come back and it’s like they don’t understand what happened or how you could of screw up so badly. It’s just layers of a personality that you don’t actually need to survive show themselves, then I question to myself how much of me is me? My mind is shattered. My reality is shattered. Also, the one layer that just wants me to fail and die. Self sabotaging a way to get myself closer to the finish line.

    Solution: is the same as always, stop trusting my other layers to manage my own brain, even the positive layer or super ego layer this time with more empathy as always. I focus on the different parts of my brain in despair and then take them back. Maybe DID is a real condition. Good thing I’m able to bring myself out of it by focusing.

    The idea that you’re higher self or spiritual self will always heal your own brain is a lie. Imaginary friends or spirituality will not always lead to your salvation. It has a purpose sure but shouldn’t taking over or be the one running the show, our emotional selfs shouldn’t be running the show. Dat my lesson for today. Good bye now. Controversial, and then this is when people really hate me. Disregard everything I say because I brought up someone’s religion beliefs.

    Now, I just want to say that this stuff is true and factual because I’m really Neo from the Matrix. I figured out the human mind and no one else has ever figured this stuff out before me, you are welcome. I’m trying to boost my ego did I go too far?

  26. Why do we just stop enjoying things? It’s just strange. I move like I’m a mess all the time, sometimes I just can’t read out loud and other days I’m fine. I feel like I have a brain tumor, then that makes me feel more hopeless, that I shouldn’t try as hard anymore. I should just be a house plant.

  27. All I know is that…when I'm falling and failing to depression…I have to return to the simple. Be it focusing on how water feels on the skin in a shower, how the cool air of a breeze, how just being alive can be a pleasure with every breath. Let it all go and live in that moment. Finding a simple moment of enjoyment of living in that moment is what starts to fortify the foundations in my self. From that…be kind and slow and return to those simple things and start adding more. Treat yourself kindly and don't judge yourself harshly.
    I'm struggling right now. I have a wall of rage also that is…kept at bay and I haven't acted on. But I'll be fine. I just need to breathe and focus on the moment for a while.

  28. Kati Morton should be my counselor she is exactly right i have psychosis depression should i go to the emergency room ? 😔

  29. My back clicks when i stretch and yawn, it hurts and it makes me sad… does that mean i am a psychopath?… probably got toxoplasma gondii too and that causes cysts to develop and grow on the synapses, dendrites, axons and other neuronal structures in the brains of innocent infant children and is transmitted through the spread of feline fecal matter, the SMRI study the link between the parasitic protozoan and behavorial symptoms similar to schizophrenia, and that… that is not at all! advantegeous to either a productive nor a successful life!, it is a child safety issue if i have ever seen it!… i bet you the whole shiny gleaming city of london england to one polluted derwent river mud brick that t. gondii is a major contributing factor to the onset of chronic depression!

  30. I'm at my wits end. I've struggled since at least the age of 15 and am nearly 44. Also am trying to care for my Mother who also had mental health issues and dementia . I was on meds for years and they didnt really help so I recently decided to discontinue therapy.

  31. Honestly, whenever the topic is "delusions" or "hallucinations" I always listen a bit harder, because the examples given, and the criteria by which we determine what is "real", just doesn't hold up. I feel like the process used to identify the actual basis of a given experience is today incredibly lacking and not at all reflecting the broader literature, or even having solid philosophical underpinnings.

    Example, quite literally all of the criteria of psychosis can be produced solely by microwave irradiation of the head, or stimulation of the brain with implants (which via nanotechnology, perhaps, can now be grown rather than surgically implanted). Maybe not all forms of all criteria, but the overarching thing itself. Even if a perception does in fact have no relation to some absolute material basis of reality, how do we determine where it's coming from? If someone is very set on an idea which is not accepted by others, to what lengths, and with what level of honesty, will it actually be investigated and systematically proven false? My guess is, on the whole, barely at all. We all know how the world really is, right?

    On the note of demons and electrical outlets, power frequency fields (as well as higher frequency transients and harmonics) are in fact biologically active, there are many structures in the body capable of transduction and amplification of any information in such a field. A more tangible example is in people with melanin in their iris, if there is any ambient light, even very dim red light, power frequency fields will couple to the retina, act on the channel which controls melatonin synthesis in the pineal, and suppress it accordingly. This effect was absent in albino mice. Could it be that, by some means, the individual has an awareness that they are being acted upon by some agent and its general direction, this leads them to the wiring in their walls? It was well noted in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the USSR that workers around microwaves could learn to detect irradiation, its general direction, and certain frequency, modulation, power density attributes. I simply do not buy the idea that outlets are associated with energy and are common openings in the walls (that look like faces), and this is solely where the idea comes from. Outlets as a target seem somewhat common. The woodpecker signal being picked up by power lines is also an interesting idea.

    Not a comment on your video directly, most people in their entire lives would never have cause to investigate the effects of electricity and magnetism on organisms, but it is a growing disturbing reality that there is a vast difference between what is true, what is possible today, what is right in the literature for the last 100 years, and what the majority of people know and believe. More disturbing still, what people say they think is something quite apart from their actual, ultimate behavior. A very bad place to be, one that inspires little security or trust.

    Though actually I suspect schizophrenia stems from dysfunction of the digestive system, and long term conditioning via repeated childhood trauma. But. Microwaves will do the job too. Medication should be avoided and used as a last line. The individual should first try fasting, with filtered water. Possibly vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate) and minerals to protect the liver from whatever may have accumulated in their body. NAC to downregulate muscular autolysis, potentially. I recently fasted for 6 days and would have gone longer, it's not really a big deal and, along with looking for mechanical problems with the spine or what have you, should be a first line before putting more junk and disruption in the body. Why look at the spine? Just look at what stimulation of the cranial nerves, especially vagus and trigeminal, can do to brain function. Compression of blood vessels, inhibited CSF circulation, tugging on the brain stem in some cases. Can't hurt, generally.

  32. It’s only happened 3 times, first time it happened was my ultimate breakdown. It lasted a week where I had vivid delusions that a zombie was following me and watching me everywhere I went as well as thinking things were watching me from the vents and thinking that if I looked in the mirror, my reflection would possess me. That time I needed to be inpatient for a couple days and take antipsychotic medication for a few months to get me through my dark time. The other 2 times only lasted a few hours. One where I thought a ghost girl was sitting on my couch and another where I thought a faceless alien was peaking around the corners. Luckily it’s only happened 3 times in 6 years always decreasing in duration and severity because I’m recovering dramatically from my depression and minimizing my general life stressors.

  33. Fuck now know im a severely depressed very borderline personality disorder type and yikes ive bin at the end of my rope for my hole life so far i really hate medication and doctors i just wish i was normal and i wish i could trust other people especially other doctors i dont even know how to go about getting help anymore all my failed attempts in the past have really made it some kind elephant in the room that i cant deal with anymore do you have any advice for me like for example i always lie to myself and convince myself that i can help myself and i dont need some doctors help with something that i can probably figure out better myself but thats as far as it ever goes my fucked up self uses that only tp get me tp bail out of the mental clinic or the hospital and then go back to all my negative suicidal self destructive habits again until i break down again witch is happening more and more frequently to these days.

  34. I hate playing the i need help card so bad that ill do and say anything to convince the doc that im good to go and regret it later every time who the hell can you trust in the world when you cant even trust yourself tp help you out

  35. My major depressive disorder turns psychotic when I'm under a lot of stress. I start hearing things I really don't want to. But when this happens and I realize they aren't real I know its a warning to call my doctor and get my stress levels under control.

  36. Why is it that if you are AWARE that you are psychotic, the doctors suddenly rule out a psychotic diagnosis? I have psychosis diagnosed as a medical condition 😂😂 when i know for a fact i habe schizoaffective disorder from psychotic mania lasting months followed by months of depression with psychosis present ALWAYS.

  37. thank you so much for this video. i had a psychotic episode while depressed in july and was so confused and scared. i was in the hospital for a week and since then ive been doing great – havent had another since. thank you for normalizing this. i didn't realize that it was common – i thought it only happened to people with schizophrenia.

  38. I love Kati’s work, quality stuff, but.. 6:16 🤣 I was an inpatient once and a nurse said much the same thing. I said then what am I doing on the psychiatric ward?! If I wasn’t crazy it would have meant MI5 really was….😱 “Crazy” is a treatable condition, not a character flaw!! In my experience if a sufferer is asking if they’re crazy it’s because they’re getting glimpses of precious insight, and saying they’re not is like squashing that with unintentional gaslighting. Try saying yes, it’s just temporary, let’s get you some help with that.

  39. I wonder if I have had this. When I have gotten really depressed there is a point where I begin believing there is a conspiracy of people trying to keep us here (on earth/alive) and that everyone who presents as happy is either faking it because that is the mechanism of trying to convince us to stay, or they may very well be depressed but don’t want to be accused of not being part of the conspiracy. Even the smiles or laughs I do see become distorted in the sense that it seems hyper-exaggerated acting that I wonder if it’s real. I also get confused and wonder if I’ve ever felt that, was I basically tricked into being part of the conspiracy before, or was I genuinely happy? There’s a point where I feel myself on the edges of this live world and the other, and it is hard to convince myself to stay. The only reason I’m not sure is it all seems a bit too self-aware. Like I question my theory, and my understanding is that usually people with delusions it’s so fixed that they don’t even question it, it’s just a part of their fabric of their thoughts. (My depression is fine right now, last noteworthy bout was maybe 2 years ago)

  40. at 1:47 2 or more of the following i have a poor appetite, trouble sleeping/insomnia, low energy, low self-esteem, poor concentration and feeling hopelessness all but one yay and i get up every day look happy on the outside but not on the inside and i don't like to socialize, i am always tired, struggle to concentrate, zone out but i don't know how to get help i can't even try i don't trust people with it can i have advise and i don't want to tell my parents or teachers or friends and i am to shy to speak up and i don't know how to tell because i am 13 my parents will have to know and will be tould about it and i am in year 7 felt like this from year 5 but the eating thing only recently and small parts in the past please give me advice and i have thought of self-harm before but never done it the closest I have gotten was running a knife along my arm gently them put it away for my brother was home

  41. You have great videos. I've been diagnosed with major depression many times throughout my life. I'd love to listen to what you're saying, but when I'm depressed, I can't handle fast speech. I mean no offense, but you speak so quickly that it makes me feel frayed and chaotic.

  42. I was Diagnosed with MDD in 2017, and when I changed doctors they didnt get any info on me and literally refused mental help, and gave me vitamin d vitamins for my hair loss and 'low mood'

  43. I have psychotic depression. I have episodes where it's like no matter how much of my antipsychotics I take I still have delusions and hallucinations.

  44. Kati Morton
    : " Blessings " You humans sure have a lot of Problems ! This is why I stay away from you –
    But – Try an Have A Nice Day Anyway !

  45. I wasn’t diagnosed I don’t think so (I actually don’t know because at the time unfortunately only my parents got to catch up with the doctor after getting my psychiatric appointments…) but I’m pretty much convinced I had a psychotic break 6 years ago when I was about 14, I was very very ill at the time with bad anxiety/flashbacks/panic attacks because I was so depressed and suicidal. I can swear I was very delusional and every delusion was related to killing myself like me deserving to die and being the worst person alive/being above everyone and being too good for the pain I was in, turning every situation to a possible suicidal opportunity and etc. I also hallucinated bugs and sounds, I could swear people were talking about me or being after me for acting insane when they actually was just chatting. for the outside eye I’m pretty sure I was looking pretty much like how I’m acting when I’m dissociating (being very much quiet and confused) but I remember snapping at people for doing nothing because I was so confused.. it was awful but I’m glad I had experienced a psychotic break when I was a child, looking back I can learn so much about myself.

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