What It’s Like Living With Depression

What It’s Like Living With Depression

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(alarm buzzing) – Just hit snooze, stay in
bed with me a little longer. – I can’t be late again. (somber piano music) – Aren’t you tired? Maybe you should call in sick
and just stay home with me. Let’s get back in bed. I don’t like that one,
it makes you look fat. And that color is awful on you. – Why are you even here? – I don’t know, you tell me. – I don’t know either. – Right, choose right. (chuckles)
What are you talking about? – He won’t understand. Hey, pay attention to me. This work stuff is stupid and pointless. Why do you care about it anyways? – It could’ve ended, but
they’re doing a good job. It’s like, I don’t know if
needed a last season, we did. That was nice, but weird. It’s like, I don’t know
what to do with myself. It’s not like you never have
time for it during the week when things are really open, when you’re at work and you’re like, “Ah!” – Are you sure you
wanna do this right now? Please stay home with me. – (crying) I don’t even
know why I’m crying. – I know. I understand you. – [Voiceover] What’s
wrong with you lately? – I don’t know, I just… – [Voiceover] I mean you’ve
really gotta snap out of this funk that you’re in. Just come out with us
tonight, that’ll help. – You’re an idiot if you
think that will help. Plus, you always act like I’m not around when we’re with them. – I gotta go okay? I don’t wanna be with you anymore! Will you just go away? – You can’t just walk away from me. Think of everything we’ve been through. No one knows you like I do. (somber piano music)

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  1. I’m just saying for the people who are insecure and don’t get bullied u shouldn’t be insecure because u don’t get bullied and ur not lonely like me

  2. My bestfriend group thought that I faked my depression because I didn’t cry in front of them but I cried at home

  3. I am weird I laugh or grin every time someone insults me and even if they bully me a lot but it hurts me deep down and makes me want to cry I think I am laughing a lot because I have social anxiety

  4. It's not just words… it's like its punching and forcing you and if you fight back it will always win and if you wanna give up, it wants you to give up.

  5. Everyday I wake up. I gotta put my fake face. I laugh, but it hurts. I wish somebody understood.

    But nobody does.

  6. This is random, well not really. The past few months, I’ve seen “Like this comment and you will get good luck for life” comments. This story is so ironic! Even since I started liking them (for fun), my best friend has been acting different, weird and rude. She IS talking about me behind my backs, now more are. This has actually caused me depression…only my friends know, I’m to scared to tell them the reason. Even my best friend knows! I cry every night. My best friend doesn’t know the reason either. My PARENTS don’t even know. Why I won’t tell them? My best friend is my family friend and we’ve had many good times. We are going to different high schools and she wanted to spend time together during our last year. Now she wants to get used to me not being around. I waited for her in cross country, which made me come LAST! I had very sore legs today, she ran off and said “bad luck!”. I can’t deal with it, the feelings have stayed in too long. She is supposed to stand up for me, instead she AGREES with the rude person. She lets her little sister, we will call her Coco, hurt me and THROW DIRT AT ME! She runs off for no reason and she criticises me EVERYDAY! I don’t know what to do, I gave my life to her, she was nice on the school holidays! I do everything for her! I ALWAYS stand up for her, what do I do?

    Please, if you can, give me advice on what to do, and please if you do, if you have a similar story or recognise her choices, could you write in the reply’s area? I’m only 11, I don’t want to live my life in pain if more people find out and in high school I get bullied, which equals more depression. If you can, could you please drop a life, just to make me feel better? I am very sorry to the people who have depression, I know how you feel. WE WILL ALL POWER THROUGH TOGETHER, AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE. YOUR LIFE IS VALUABLE AND NO ONE CAN USE IT OTHER THAN YOURSELF! STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS. YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON AND NO ONE CAN RUIN YOUR MIRACULOUS PERSONALITY!

  7. I was watching this with my sister in the room, neither of us had headphones on and I accidentally had the sound on fully, so when she heard what they were saying I got so embarrassed and shy. This sounds dramatic but no one knows I have depression and it kills me inside. But if I just start a conversation with someone about it they'll just judge me for it and I already have enough people in my life doing that already

  8. i thought it was gonna be someone explaining it but then i played the video and i heard the music and i was like "oh this is real"

  9. My friend suffers from depression and she gets angry at the fact that other people try to act depressed and she just get mad because it’s not something that makes people feel better you can’t just pretend to be depressed because it’s really just wasting time cause it has no happy effect on her

  10. I cried during this because I relate so much I never wanna go on to the next day I just wanna travel back in time when I was happy and keep re-living it it's been months since I've felt normal and happy I forgot what it even feels like and I have emetophobia so the struggle is really really real I just don't wanna do it anymore for some reason and whenever I look in the mirror I judge myself and break down and judge how I look how I feel and my personality and I have a fast metabolism and I don't like it because I'm super skinny my ribcage is literally showing and I really really need to gain weight in my mind I'm this worthless skinny little miserable girl who doesn't deserve to live…anymore…

  11. Me: i love myself, change my mind.
    Depression: you're fat, u can't do anything right, people is sick of you, you don't deserve everybody. just die.

  12. I like the end where she smiled at the guy , we know who the other dude in the black hoodie is!! facts depression is like having a bully next to you all day every day -_- S/O to the ones struggling bc your not alone .. I wish mine would just go away too ??

  13. When my boyfriend and I were still together he didnt know I had depression but thats exactly how i felt!

  14. Ik how this girl feels,I have depression too and I have anxiety and I always have mental break downs :..(

  15. It took me awhile to realize that the girl in the black is her depression? I thought they were a couple at the beginning

  16. i’m depressed and i sometimes have like a mood(?) and whenever i have to go to my dads house he’s always like “oh just snap out of that mood” blah blah blah

  17. It took me the whole video to understand the girl was depression cuz I didn't read the title..I was daydreaming while reading

  18. I remember trying to get help from a teacher I truly trusted. He told me I was being spoiled and ungrateful. It made things 10 times worse. It took forever to get better, but I can say I’m finally a full year depression free and I’m very proud of myself

  19. Please reach out for help if you're dealing with depression or any mental illness. I know that it's easier said than done, but it's important to talk about how you're feeling and what you're dealing with.

  20. I can relate to this video especially when the girl said just hit snooze stay in bed with me a little longer bc it’s so hard for me to get out of bed most days

  21. Oh god this is horrible. I've been in denial. Trying to remain strong and be confident but I have all these things.

  22. I struggle with anxiety and depression. If I'm nervous or stressed, I get super depressed along with it. Like this morning I barely said anything because I was stressed. I started talking and eventually felt a ton better. But now I know, I just need to laugh and talk with some great people.

  23. Believe in Jesus
    Luke @-“If you want to be my disciple, you must, by comparison, hate everyone else—your father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even your own life. Otherwise, you cannot be my disciple.

    Luke @-In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.

  24. Ack. my best friend has depression and it's just really hard to see her like this sometimes… can't even imagine what she's going through. This video made me understand a bit more though, even tho I can't relate.

  25. I have depression most people see me as a happy girl always postive and smiling but they don't know my past like how I was bullied and all my teachers hated me for no reason and my dad had to leave the state for his job to make money for me and my mom and siblings and my friends say u can't be sad but yet I'm always the shoulder they cry on when they feel sad and they say Its just an emotion cause they don't know what I feel and my anxiety and asma and my adhd also my adhd was told by a professional docter.And also how my brother is in the army and giw I get teased for being a nerd and wearing glasses and having braces and alays having my hair in a ponytail??

    And if u are still reading this just know you are a BEAUTIFUL human being and don't deserve to be depressed abd if your friends leave u out and don't include u then they are faje and don't deserve u ?????

  26. i remember being so sad i didnt wanna accept it was depression and then i had a mental breakdown at school and had no reason why i was crying next thing yk i had chronic depression

  27. Hey if there is anybody here trying to understand what depression feels like-
    It feels like you are empty inside, and you usually stop caring about almost everything. For some people it never ends and for other people it will come in waves, like they’ll be fine and even happy the whole day and then in the evening they suddenly feel so sad.. along with feeling empty.
    It feels like you have no purpose and the train just stops with nowhere to go.

  28. Finally someone acknowledged it! People don't take you seriously even after you are diagnosed depressed and wonder just why you can't act 'properly' and the worst off are refused treatment by their own parents.

  29. I was diagnosed last year. It's terrible. To people who think depression is fake, I'm just glad you haven't had to feel it.

  30. Everybody in the comments: can relate
    Me: aw man.. that must feel terrible.. eats a burrito while at a friends house

  31. I was depressed for years, but I finally got over it. Still hate the song happy though. I used to listen to it constantly trying to convince myself not to commit suicide.

  32. For anyone who dosent understand the girl with the black t shirt is resembling her depression that's why she's always there wherever she goes

  33. Ohh I get the girl that is with her now! She is just- yeah nvemeind I'm not gonna say anything or I might cry again. Sad bcz a lot fo people feel the same like me

  34. To me depression is
    Waking up on the floor of a fog filled forest with densely populated trees with no leaves. You can hear people in the distance but can't see anyone. You feel alone and afraid and go towards the sound of people to ask for help out of the forest. You search for a couple of hours to find once again the place you woke up at on the ground. You lay there in the fetal position waiting for help for some time. You decide to search again for the people in the distance and the cycle repeats. Sometimes you just lay there waiting for the forest to consume you. Irish depressed

  35. Depression started in 8th grade. Had few friends. In 9th grade I was completely lost. My old friends made new friends and they lost interest in me. I used to cry all the time in one of my classes. Now in Sophomore year I dont cry anymore. My sadness has turned to anger and hatred! Me knowing that ill be the few people who never had been in a relationship in Highschool. Comment-9,197

  36. I lay in bed all day when I’m not in school. I don’t do homework. I cry everyday after school. I barely talk at school because I’m a loner. Wearing same clothes all the time. Hating to do my makeup and daily routines even tho I know I have to. Anxiety for tests and school. Wanting to kill myself everyday….

  37. I feel so lonely sometimes I can’t talk to people everyday feels like a never ending loop I don’t know why I’m sad

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