What the best science really says about depression | Johann Hari

What the best science really says about depression | Johann Hari

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I kept learning intellectually about what
causes depression and anxiety. And that it’s much deeper than the story
I’d been told by my doctor—that it’s just a missing chemical in your brain. But I think it really emotionally fell into
place when I went and met an incredible South African psychiatrist called Derek Summerfield. So Derek was in Cambodia when chemical antidepressants
were first introduced there. And the Cambodian doctors didn’t know what
they were, right? They’d never heard of it. So he explained it to them and they said,
“Oh, we don’t need them. We’ve already got antidepressants.” And Derek said what do you mean? He thought they were going to talk about some
kind of herbal remedy or something. Instead they told him a story. There was a farmer in their community who
one day, a rice farmer, who one day had stood on a landmine and had his leg blown off. And so they gave him an artificial limb and
he went back to work in the fields. But it’s apparently very painful to work
in water when you’ve got an artificial limb. And I imagine it was quite traumatic—He’s
going back to the fields where he was blown up. And he started crying all day. He didn’t want to get out of bed. Classic depression, right? And so they said to Derek, “Well we gave
him an antidepressant.” Derek said what did you do? They explained that they sat with him, they
listened to his problems, they realized that his pain made sense. He was depressed for perfectly good reasons. They figured if we bought him a cow he could
become a dairy farmer then he wouldn’t be so depressed. They bought him a cow. Within a few weeks his crying stopped, he
felt fine. They said to Derek, “You see, Doctor, that
cow was an antidepressant.” Now if you’ve been raised to think about
depression the way that we’ve been indoctrinated to, that it’s just the result of – there
are real biological factors but it’s just the result of a chemical imbalance in your
brain—that sounds like a joke, a bad joke. They gave the guy a cow as an antidepressant
and he stopped being depressed? But what those Cambodian doctors knew intuitively
is what the World Health Organization has been trying to tell us for years. Depression is a response to things going wrong
deep in our lives and our environments. Our pain makes sense. As the World Health Organization put it, mental
health is produced socially. It’s a social indicator. It requires social as well as individual solutions. It requires social change, right? Now that is a very different way of thinking
about depression and anxiety but it happens to fit with the best scientific evidence. And it really required me to reassess how
I’d felt about my own pain and how I tried to deal it unsuccessfully and open up a whole
different way of responding to my depression and anxiety that worked for me. And I think as the World Health Organization
says and the UN says, if we talk less about chemical imbalances and more about power imbalances
we will get more at the heart of depression and anxiety and we’ll find better solutions. This was a—this was such a personal and
difficult journey for me. There were these two mysteries that were really
kind of haunting me, and it’s a sign of how afraid I was to look into them. I wanted to start doing this seven years ago
and I figured it would actually be easier to do a book that required me to go and spend
time with the hitmen for the Mexican drug cartels instead, which I then did. And the first was: why was I still depressed? I’d gone to my doctor when I was a teenager
and I’d explained I had this feeling like pain was kind of leaking out of me. I didn’t understand it. I couldn’t regulate it. I was very afraid of it. I was very ashamed of it. And my doctor said, “We know why you feel
this way. There’s a chemical called serotonin in people’s
brains and it makes people feel good. Some people naturally lack it. You’re clearly one of them. We’ll give you these drugs. They’ll boost you back to a normal serotonin
level.” And I felt such relief when I was give that
story and even more relief when I was given the drug. And for a few months I felt radically better. And then this sense of pain started to kind
of bleed back in. So I went back to the doctor and he said,
“We didn’t give you a high enough dose.” I took a higher dose. Again—got relief again, and the pain came
back. And I was really in that cycle until I was
taking the maximum possible dose for 13 years. And at the end of it I still felt terrible. The second mystery, and to me the much more
important one, is: why are so many other people in our culture feeling such profound despair
and anxiety? One in five Americans will take a psychiatric
drug. One in four middle-aged women in the United
States is taking a chemical antidepressant in any given year. And I thought, I began to think, “Could
it really be that just so many people are just mysteriously lacking a specific chemical
in their brain? Why does it seem to be rising so much if that’s
the cause?” So I forced myself to go on this journey over
40,000 miles for my book Lost Connections. I met the leading scientists in the world
who studied the causes of depression and anxiety and the solutions. The first thing I learned is that story my
doctor told me is not true. Professor Andrew Scull at Princeton University
says it is deeply misleading and unscientific to say that depression is just caused by low
serotonin. Dr. David Healy in Britain says you can’t
even say that idea has been discredited because it was never credited. There was never a time when half of the scientists
in the field believed that. It doesn’t mean there’s no value to chemical
antidepressants. There’s some value, but what I learned is
actually I had been wrong about depression all my life. Until I went to my doctor when I was a teenager
I thought it was “all in my head,” meaning you’re weak, you’re just not tough enough. And then for the next 13 years I thought it
was “all in my head,” meaning it’s a chemical imbalance. What I learned is: it’s largely not in our
heads. There are real biological factors that can
make it worse, but the main causes of depression and anxiety are in the way we’re living

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  1. I was depressed a big part of my life. Then i began to eat D3-vitamin, 4000 ie a day during vinter. Life still sucks but i don´t care about it anymore. My brain became stable. Suicide-toughts is d-vitamin deficiensy (?). Really easy to fix!

  2. Thanks for that, but it's not about how we are living today, it's about how we perceive how we are living today. Reality is about perception and how your subconscious controls the habits of perception. Original Buhddist teaching know this well

  3. What about people who have great lives and still feel depressed ? loving families, physical health, good income and still feel shit. Feeling depressed because you lost a limb can't work without pain and have hesitation to go back to the place of the trauma is a totally rational feeling, that's why it was justified, that's not depression. Depression is irrational or illogical.

  4. The idea of depression is that you feel awful regardless of your circumstances. I'm happy for him, but he has managed to completely miss the mark here. Yes if you are sad due to your circumstances then changing your circumstances is much more effective than medication. But that would mean that you felt depressed. Not that you had clinical depressing. Which is very different. Even if everything is going perfectly, people truly suffering from depression will still have all their symptoms and feelings that go along with the illness. This video is very misleading and could do real damage to those suffering who might think it's their fault for how they've gotten to their current state of mental health and current life situation.

  5. This bullshit idea that a doctor can diagnose a chemical imbalance. You can't do that without a brain biopt! Depression is a symptom of a western degenerate lifestyle. It's not that a single factor like diet, genetics, social status, sun exposure, sleep, circadian rhythm, sense of purpose matters exclusively, but it's that THEY ALL FUCKING MATTER! you can have fucked up genetics that give you a bigger amygdala, which makes you more prone to fear and anxiety and thus stress, which then can lead to greater susceptibility to stress related disease. You can be born on a high latitude so you lack CRUCIAL SUN EXPOSURE while living most of your time indoors, leading to cognitive impairment that's the result of light deprivation. You can come from a broken home having had shit parents who have left you inadequately socialized, which is the reason you don't have friends or have trouble maintaining them. As a result of your lack of social status you're constantly in a state of depression, making you impulsive and prone to alcohol and drug abuse. Which in turn ruins your health even more, besides the shit diet you're eating consisting of junkfood. Because you live a depraved perverted crap life and you engage in no meaningful endeavours whatsoever, so you stay up late gaming or bingewatching netflix till there's no more soul left in you and you pass out from the sheer stench of degeneracy and depravity. The next morning you wake up, you get up and you take your dose of citalopram and wonder if this is the day it will finally work for you. The problem with western thought is that we treat knowledge in a reductionist manner, when we should look at things holistically. If you think you've tried everything then guess again. I'll repeat myself by saying everything you do matters. The way you eat, sleep, spend your time etc. The big clou is that we evolved to behave in a specific way in relation to a specific environment. Any deviation from it causes drastic, often negative, consequences. You can't even be born via c section without having a weaker immune system for the rest of your life. You can't even be bottlefed without having a weakened immune system. We think we know better then nature but we are fools. Focussing on depression alone means missing the bigger picture. If you're looking for solutions focus on these things: sun exposure(or heliotherapy), circadian rhythm, sleep, social status, diet(look into paleo/weston price), exercise.

  6. Yes…
    … but no:

    Psychosocial and chemical imbalance ideas of depression ignore the complexity of it, to satisfy our own biases.

    Also, to say it's a social problem ignores the disease problem… and to say it's a disease problem ignores the social problem; thus, resolute action is taken on neither.

  7. I'd call that Systemic Gaslighting. That makes me very curious to see if there's a correlation between Narcisistic traits and depression in geographic areas (or cultures).

  8. This is such an important topic. Here's a response piece from the perspective of one of our senior clinicians: http://bit.ly/2FTkI1F

  9. I used to be powerfully manic depressive. And I didn't have any thing to be depressed about. Tried to kill myself once. No reason outside of just being depressed.
    But I got more educated on the subject myself. Now, when I'm feeling up, and soaing though the clouds, I bring myself down a notch by saying, look man, you know you're going to crash. Brace for impact.
    Teaching yourself what to expect in either case goes a long way to evening yourself out. Making your mind more boring. You lose the highs, true, but you also lose that dark, indescribable pit you get sent to.

  10. countries, where kids are left with there families being killed by bombs their whole town destroyed that is real depression.
    “They claim their labors are to build a heaven yet their heaven is populated with horrors. Perhaps the world is not made. Perhaps nothing is made. A clock without a craftsman. It's too late. Always has been, always will be…too late.”

    ― Alan Moore, Watchmen

  11. watch wild wild country on Netflix. People felt this disconnect in the sixties and joined cults. We are hip to it but some will be doing this again. history repeats.
    The fastest way to raise people in poverty from poverty is STEM all day in K to 12. The future is tech and all need to be able to code, Etc, and get a job at 75K out of high school. All possible and the best program from trump and betsy. Throw in emotional intelligence training and resilience and we have school systems making mature adults who can get out of poverty. They can listen to Joe Rogan once a week for extra credit. If you want to be a journalist or what ever, you can go to a specific school and write articles and interviews people for two years. No history, or any class that is not centered on being a jernalist. Very specific training. Not making all schools in poverty areas all STEM is cruel. First future job skills, then dreams.
    De criminalization of drugs, I agree with him 100%. People have a right to do to their bodies what they want but they can't drive or get pregnant. The drug war is idiotic and un American.
    Depression is caused by MANY factors. Anyone can listen to Joes show and change their life for the better by a large percentage.
    I agree that work sucks. BUT. Many people are self centered regarding what they want right now. Johann's family member with two kids and little child support for the father is a perfect example of poor planning and living in a fantasy. No intelligent woman who has worked hard to get an education would breed with a man who has not worked as hard as she. People who do Not think they are special plan for a poor outcome, especially to protect their children's future as well as they can. Unless he is in prison, He could be working a job to pay child support. She got herself into the mess she is in and frankly, who would not have seen that coming? Consequences help us learn. Why should someone else bail out people who make really self centered and stupid choices? I'm sure he can take care of her with his job and book sales. Seriously.
    Joe is 100% correct when he says most people are actually lazy. They do not want to learn or change. David Geffen put millions into gay marriage getting to the Supreme Court. It was not a vote by Americans. It was a less religious, more rational Supreme Court. Spirituality is the answer not religion. Geffen made it happen.
    Johann, like everyone who talks about mental health, is completely liberal and ignoring the FACT that many people are IMMORAL. They are under "personality disorders" in the DSM. That is where people who are immoral from a lesser to greater degree are listed with the criteria they exhibit. Trump is a malignant narcissist. Google it. Liberals make excuses for people. They want others to help them while ignoring the fact that personality disorders do not want to change and their core identity is being a victim. No therapy or drug can change that. Johann is delusional about everyone just needing a leg up. It is narcissistic to think others are like you. Immorality is a real thing. Immoral choices made over and over is the only reason people have very shitty lives.
    People are homeless because they made hundreds of immoral choices. No family or friend to help you when down? For good reason. The homeless are suffering the consequences of chronic immorality. Few really suddenly ended up that way. When you work in homeless services, clients have to get sober and take their meds for psychosis. They refuse. If the solution was as simple as housing, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Sorros, Gates, Ellison, Page, would easily solve it. Notice they ignore it? It's not because they are shitty guys. They looked into it and walked the fuck AWAY! Johann is a child about this. They can all get jobs and work. We do not need illegal labor. England has banned free speech. I have zero interest in following England's liberal cult mentality.
    Capitalism can be a harsh environment but it is a cleansing system. Anyone who has worked in our government, especially social services, knows that it is full of fraud. No one cares, they just get through the day, and everyone is on the make for free everything. My friend from Russia states every time I see him "I would rather be homeless on the streets of America, than ever live in a communist country". He got an education, worked in a kitchen, and got a job while learning English. He, like so many, came with nothing. Foreigners laugh at Americans who complain. Perspective and gratitude, with planning, is the way out of any bad childhood. One can get therapy for 35$ an hour in any city. What I learned in social work, anything given for free is not appreciated.

  12. ECCLESIASTICUS 30:22. Give up not thy soul to sadness, and afflict not thyself in thy own counsel.

  13. I think much of depression is partly existential – we are aware on some level that we are going to die one day, and that's not a happy thought, so we do everything we can to suppress this understanding. It sometimes shows up as chronic low level depression and I think most people feel it at least some of the time. Life circumstances and a shitty society that fosters shame and exclusion and also part of the problem. I do not believe that it is purely an within-the-individual problem. I also don't believe that medications are the solution, though they may help short term for some people

  14. It’s confusing. One group says drugs does help, the other says doesn’t. I had depression and anxiety since I was a kid, recently found out it was inherit from my dad, cause he was depress and tried so many times to commit suicide. His doctor prescribes every type of anti-depression drug, anti-schizophrenia drug, but his condition even worsen. So we took him to to have electric shock treatment, lost few memory but the result still not very positive. Finally, we decided to give up. We notarise his testament as he wish , I throw his drugs away and accept the fact that he will gonna die eventually. Up until now, fourth months, he still alive and seems recovering gradually.

  15. I hope those of you on medication do not stop taking them. THAT would be disastrous. If you want to get off medication, you need to wean yourself off bit by bit, day by day and then find yourself a crutch! That could be therapy or mindfulness meditation, but please don't watch this and leave your meds cold turkey. You will regret it.

  16. I believe depression and anxiety arises from your childhood. You can be born with it or suffered physical and mental abuse from the time you were 5 to adulthood. Being abused in anyway for a long time has to have something to do with it. If your parents hit you or verbally abused you for years how can that be good for you?

  17. When you "take an antidepressant medication" you're just *doing drugs*. You're doing a psychotropic drug that (may) induce a desirable effect, such as feeling less depressed. There's a difference between a drug that REMOVES a disease state – Tamiflu, for instance – and a drug that INDUCES a desirable state. Prescribed psychotropic drugs, also known as psychiatric medications, are members of the latter category.

    There is no "antidepressant" drug that's somehow fundamentally different from, say, alcohol, or opium. If we don't know what "depression" actually is in terms of pathophysiology (and we don't), then we can't say that something like Prozac is anything at all like Tamiflu or Tenofovir. The best scientific evidence today indicates that to the extent that so-called antidepressants "work" (which is, putting it mildly, highly highly doubtful), they work because of a) expectation effects in human beings and b) they introduce desirable mental states.

    Taking an SSRI and finding that it helps you is fundamentally no different than drinking a glass of whiskey and finding that it helps you. The whiskey has greater potential for addiction, of course, and maybe its side-effect profile is less desirable than the SSRI, but again, at bottom, they're no different.

  18. There still neurological causal reasons for depression…..but he's right a better environment and a sense if empowerment and high quality of life helps so so much to positively affect our biology.

  19. I kind of agree with some of your points actually. I do believe this is down to part of the problem with doctors – in my experience (from the UK) they rarely have time to listen and analyse your symptoms/problems properly, and what's worse is that in my local doctor's clinic you are only allowed one problem per appointment – despite the fact that some seemingly disparate symptoms can have one major cause.
    Giving a drug and saying it will do X is easy. Arranging counselling sessions and professional help is harder (and in the UK, subject to waiting lists).

    That being said, in my experience, counsellors and psychiatrists are generally more on point about antidepressant medication; that is to say that drugs are a tool in the arsenal to be used to treat someone, not the be-all and end-all. By focusing on only one solution, as some doctors do, it's like a car mechanic trying to fix a car using only their favourite screwdriver!

    The field of study into depression has also changed significantly in the last 40 years. Curiously in this time there has been a kind of U-turn and older style drugs (e.g. MAOIs) are making a comeback, albeit in safer forms. The relatively new assumption (about the time of the development of fluoxetine) that serotonin is the main cause of depression is also being challenged, and we now have agents that target noradrenaline, dopamine and even melatonin.

    In short, I think it is dangerous to demonize antidepressant medication, they do have their place, but on the other hand we do need to think more about using every available tool rather than just sticking to "it's just low serotonin".

  20. I'm sure this has been mentioned in one of the comments, but what about the wealthy who are depressed and suicidal that can afford (and have) all the cows they want?

  21. People with depression are more likely to kill themselves, you can't help someone if their dead. Medical intervention should not be seen as taboo, or strange and shouldn't be held off just to see if X Y and Z will work first. You can do multiple things at the same time, including antidepressants, to help people.

  22. I mean… I guess. But they clearly care about other people there. Buying him a cow? Changing his job? You can't do that here. You can't just say "Welp, I'm depressed because I work at a shitty job, maybe everyone will care and they'll help me find a job that will make me happy." But they won't. That's not how it works. If you have depression because of where you are in life it will take a LOT of change and motivation and stuff to change it and get somewhere else and you have to do it yourself. Medication is all that can help in a lot of cases. That's just how it is now.

  23. Hello all, this is the hardest medical advice to pinpoint because all of our situations are different! But if you were as severely depressed as I was for over 15 years until 25 years old I would tell you that life is too short to be ashamed of who you REALLY are. Hopefully you are being HONEST with someone very close to you that loves you no matter who you were and where you’ve wandered. Telling someone that you are in deep deep pain and they feel that pain with you and tell you they love you is honestly the most freeing feeling. Honestly. Luckily I can just say “as long as my momma loves me, I’m okay with what’s happening.” And that will last forever 🙂 thanks for reading everyone. I like to come back to these videos because they were a huge part of my life when I couldn’t figure anything out

  24. 'For almost the past 100 years, mental health professionals have told us that that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.'
    This is a gross simplification to say the least. It would be better to say: 'for two thousand years now philosophers and scientists have emphasized that one needs several approaches to counter depression (and its 'predecessor' melancholia), both physiological and psychological, and that there are several causes for it, both physiological and psychological, and that its complexity has been recognized for two millenia as well, and now this guy is pretending to say something new by using this ridiculous strawman of the mental health professionals that are considering us to be some kind of machines but really it is much more complex.'
    Ironical, that this channel is called Big Think…

  25. Well, that was informative but offered no solution to clinical depression whatsoever. Thanks, I guess. And, no, I don't think a cow will fix my problem at all. Dumbass.

  26. No, the difference between the past and now is that people still get depressed as they always have, but now we understand it better and can manage it with modern medicine.

  27. Yes. We are no longer living in a community or a tribe. People have often thought themselves out of a depression, this innate chemical imbalance cause is 99.99% bullshit. And often it is caused by unfelt unexpressed emotional pain and anger from very early life / childhood.

  28. ????
    Another idiot posting I’m depressed when my blessings finally has them thinking I’m depressed than appreciating pops told me 2 educate the world aka “LOST WORLD” that keeps the devils alive..????

  29. PTSD isn't the same as as a depression!!! Depression is sandness, lack of energy, and a negative outlook on life despite life being great by pretty much every metric. It is a chemical in the brain man. You're talking about depression due to a dramatic event. That's not the same. You're mistaken and don't know what real depression is.

  30. Look into the inflammation theory of deppression. very interesting stuff. basically a chronic inflammatory response of the nervous system could inhibit the actions of chemicals in the brain.

  31. Depression is simply the natural reaction of a being capable of feeling pain and suffering realizing one simple fact: the world in which they live is a meaningless, endless, cycle of pain and suffering. Some of us might just need that hypothetical dairy cow to get better, but some of us realize the deeper truth: the world is shit. People are shit. Everything is meaningless. We all suffer needlessly. It never ends.

    So yea . . . is depression really that mysterious? Doesn't seem a tiny bit mysterious to me.

  32. So true… I wish somebody could help me… I have no resources and am feeling so pathetic about my life…I’m on so many meds and none of them work…. I have really had it and can’t see a way out of this mess of a life… I don’t even know how to help myself…

  33. For myself, antidepressants are so helpful in giving me a boost so that I could go to therapy, so I could actually work on myself. After about 6 months, I didn't want them anymore. Behavioral therapy was working. I ended up changing my life with therapy. My mother and brother are both depressed and on medication, but refuse therapy. It makes me sad because, while medication helps, they still aren't enjoying their lives. I do wish more people would give behavioral therapy a shot. I don't believe we should tell people to not take medication if they feel it's beneficial, but other options should be more readily available

  34. depression in the U.S. is different than in a third world country, right? depression stems from a lack of ______, a loss of _____; but those blanks are different things in different parts of the world

  35. They should rename this channel to deep thought. Which most do not do instead they turn to quick fixes and bandaid solutions.

  36. So this video was just to say that therapy is a great way to deal with depression?? Isn't that common sense?

  37. I think it has to do with purpose. When someone has a purpose they have things to look forward to and things to accomplish. Did you know the sense of accomplishment actually has chemical effects to the brain? Like why is it that people within religious groups have lower rates of depression? I’m not saying you have to be religious in order to feel accomplished but religion does give a sense of purpose and something to look forward to by default (heaven, the world to come, eternal paradise…). Even if it may not be true, religious people believe it to be true and therefore are constantly working towards that their entire life. And if one makes a mistake, it can easily be fixed. Atheists can be happy as well and religious people can also be depressed. What’s the one thing depressed people tend to say? Life isn’t worth it, why am I here, what’s the point, I have nothing to live for, no one really cares about me, life essentially has no purpose so what’s the point and so on. So wouldn’t that answer why that chemical imbalance is happening? At least maybe a factor of it? There has to be a reason for it. Things don’t simply just happen. Going with that notion can also cause people to become depressed because there’s no reason for us humans being here then. If we are just here by default, as a result of other things happening, we have no reason to be here. Why would anyone live then? I understand people who commit suicide. Like why would they live if there’s no reason for them to be here. I’m not saying religion is the absolute answer. People can find purpose in their families, helping others, etc.

  38. Of course this guy is getting flamed. You can have a great life, be depressed, and NOT have a chemical imbalance. No amount of friends, hobbies, success or loved ones can make up for the inherent meaninglessness of it all. Just because someone isn't ever happy doesn't mean there is something wrong with them. In fact, not one thing on Earth is inherently good. Please stop taking your SSRI's – brainwashed folks spout the bullshit that you need psychotherapy and medication and exercise and your depression will be managed. It's untrue. Depression is simply extremely rational thinking. Mental illness in general is characterized by a more accurate perception of reality. We need more negative people, because those are the people who are going to change things.

  39. Fraudulent title. You did no real research to synopsize the phenomenon of depression. This video is nothing more than your ignorant opinion.

  40. I have treatment resistant, reoccurring depression. I’ve tried all the alt stuff people talk about and it doesn’t work for me long-term. My anxiety just morphs through the years. I’ve had every type of anxiety listed in the DSM. I’ve been living with this since a small child. I do think there are various causes for depression and one man’s antidepressant is another mans placebo. I will most likely always have depression, and I’m okay with that. I’ve learned to live with the symptoms and keep it moving.

  41. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. ?❤

  42. Why does he have so much spit in his mouth and has to keep swallowing after every sentence? It’s a gross nervous tick and I wonder if anyone else noticed it

  43. What are people's opinions on other mental health illnesses when it comes to medication? Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, for example. Would these illnesses warrant medications? I ask because I have Bipolar, and I'm interested in what others' have to say.

  44. Meditation (go to a class or better yet get a coach), exercise, proper sleep, good diet, great relationships, busy with people, less screen time, nature, journal to be positive, take adaptogens, quit caffeine and no booze or marijuana, be present, go to therapy. This is how you do it without meds.

    Some cases warrant medication and it’s helpful.

    >In MY EXPERIENCE< psychologists and psychiatrists aren’t taught things like how caffeine has been known to increase anxiety and depression, same with people pleasing, narcicissm, and so on.

    Depressed brains are inherently negative (check out the dirty gene by dr Ben lynch – one of the best naturopaths out there on mental health) but you can refrain your brain to think positively with persistent and consistent journalling! Get a therapist to help out!

  45. Breakdown of the family, community, belief in institutions, etc. What's left? Why, depression. And its kissing cousin–rage. And its other cousin–narcissism. Enjoy.

  46. From my personal observation & understanding, when you tell people the don’t need anti’s they get pretty triggered. I think it’s because it’s comforting to think you have a chemical imbalance you can just take pills for

  47. If you look at his book briefly, he has all these things to do that are vague and extremely difficult, especially if you are depressed like I was. Johann, come back with something helpful

  48. I have severe depression, anxiety attacks, panic attack, suicidal ideation, and currently on medication. Medicine are pretty expensive though….I'm a 19 yr old boy and have been suffering since I was 13 and I went a psychiatrist when I turned 19… Please go to doctor and trust me it helps… I never thought anything would help

  49. This is absolutely disgusting. THATS NOT DEPRESSION you moron thats just having a shitty life. Depression is when your life is going fine and you still feel terrible and depressed. This can be caused by many ways about a third is probably inflammation, then theres dopamine, serotonin, gaba, glutamate and more. The idea you can talk your way out of this is a disgusting denial of biology. Elimination diet's has repeatedly been shown to cure depression in people with autoimmune problems, gabapentin can help with severe anxiety associated depression, and SSRI's can save a persons life. SNRIs raise norepinephrine (noradrenalin) which may be more useful for physical fatigue and pain. This man is an ignorant weasel who needs crawl back into his hole.

  50. People have a need for closeness, understanding, security, physical touch. When yr parents are sending you to strange people you don't know at the age of 3 months and yr cries are considered "normal" HOW WOULD YOU feel? If parents are sending you off to school to follow classes that are boring and you are pressured to at least succeed in one of the fields that society and industrial commercial "lonely" culture expects you to thrive and be successfull(how much unconditional love do you receive from other humans( partner, parents, siblings,..) We all need to feel we belong(but not in artificial way we are inauthentic for work and social reasons) You are abandoning yrself for the sake of "not" being an outcast amongst family, colleagues". At job interviews you have to sell yrself as if you are a product serving the ones owning the money(businesses and governments and institutions) even if you want to rent a place to sleep and live you need to sell yrself. Where is someone really genuinly interested in you or has ever been. spouses like you for yr looks, yr skills, yr … Parents like you if you can be succesfull in one of the boring trades that industrial commercial culture requires. WHO ARE YOU AND ARE YOU BEING AUTHENTIC AND LOVED FOR BEING YOU? DO YOU FEEL SAFE AND SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE REALLY UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING YOU? ARE YOU LISTENING TO YR PERSONAL NEEDS? (sleep, food, physical touch, listened to) maybe you will discover that this system is not serving you and you are serving the system. If you feel powerless it is normal that you feel lonely, abandoned and without hope.

  51. horses live in groups, monkeys live in groups. we as humans are seperated from our closest relatives most of the time, there is no security and we are not supposed to be happy and thriving only depending on ourselves and being individualistic. human beings have lived up to 99.99 % of human existance surrounded by people staying with them whole their lives. That is what is wrong and why depression is rampant and suicide and homicide and addiction. Change the circumstances and people will be happy even when people experience trauma as they are surrounded by People caring for them . People are not supposed to live seperated from family .

  52. There's a name for what lifetime depression is referred to medically. It's "dysthymia". Dysthymia differs from clinical depression in that you never aren't, at some level, depressed. A "perma depression" if you will. Drugs usually only help minimally in these cases~like mine.
    I was first clinically depressed at 12. Molestation and incest for 6 years, two offenders, started my depression, plus my first bout of anorexia began and I've never recovered. Back then you simply put up and shut up. I'm more than positive my parents wouldn't have believed me about either of my abusers. These things just weren't talked about.
    Then our daughter died at eight weeks of age (Julie Diana b. 12 Feb 1984-d. 07 Apr 1984) and a whole list of problems exacerbated by her death came along.
    I'm 63. It's now been 51 years and I'm still on a drug for depression. I'm an RN/PHN with almost 40 years of nursing under my belt and I did a specialty in mental health, yet have never been~the word "whole" comes to mind. I've always, always felt like a part of me is broken, unfixable. It's literally a lifetime struggle. This speaker is spot on. Drugs alone can't and usually won't, come close to a cure. It's like a band aid on a hemorrhage.

  53. my short answer would be. if the people have to serve the system the outcome for the people could be good or bad. If people's actual needs are the basis you look for way's to achieve it considering these needs. I would conclude that a lot of people are dissatisfied, unhappy, stressed, unhealthy, so time for a new system is needed as even the biosphere and other species are going extinct, people are not thriving but the numbers are still rising.

  54. giving drugs to help w depression is just coping, it doesnt fix the problem

    its like putting a bucket under a leak and saying the problem is solved

    depression happens when, for example, you really want to do something in life, but you cant, either because of social pressure, or you worrying how it will make u look bad, or so on

    lots of times, the fix is to get over this dependance on your self image or ego, like understand that the majority of people dont really care what you are doing

    like they could shun you like 'no no, thats not how you live life properly', but if you do it anyway, they will have no choice but to accept it and move on

    and eventually THEY will worry wether they are being annoying or wrong and they will leave u alone

    and you would have done the thing that you really wanted to do but were holding yourself back, and you would be actually happy

    dan pena talks about this when he talks about the 'snowflake generation', and how people are afraid to do what they really want

    he may be really brutish about it but he has a point, just do what you really love in life, that there happiness that you were lacking, that will give you that serotonin naturally

  55. I get what he's saying. I feel like I cant put that advice to my antenatal depression. I have never felt such a hormonal imbalance so deeply before. I don't feel like it's my life situation because I am happy about this pregnancy and am well supported. I truly feel my hormones change throughout the day and the deep depression coming on, so I feel like that is truly a chemical imbalance?

  56. There is no scientific reason why your so depressed. Whatever chemicals that in your body I guess. But still it’s all just thoughts. We just have a lack of understanding to life and have misleads. Like I’m depressed. There really is no reason life. Nothing will happen if we are all gone. It’s really not bad thing to look at it. We supposed to be only having positive thoughts. That’s what drives us away from depression. Some people just question everything and would lead you to a bad life sometimes. Depression is nothing but just pain and anxiety. There is absolutely no reason why we should have depression because it can actually destroy us. Nobody is supposed to hurt other mentally. We supposed just live out like natural animals we supposed be. But humans wanted to create society where we all connect. But, as we all know we have failure in the world. Our knowledge is what creates depression of course. Even with low hormones or chemicals whatever. I still just think depression is just a thought. Nothing more to it

  57. I was saying to a psychiatrist, it's not just a chemical imbalance. I have my reasons, I know exactly why I'm like this. It's because I am the consequence of my whole life. It's because I feel infinitely sad inside. Psychiatry has sure a long way to go, before they will learn a more meaningful side of the story. I have never felt like psychiatry can help. I tried anti-drepressive drugs. 3 months I used Wellbutrin. I felt nothing, no sadness, no joy, no creativity as an artistic person, I felt empty as hell. But at least I didn't feel depressed. However at some point I just stopped using them, cause I didn't feel them as a solution to my problems.

  58. For all the critics that say that he's not giving enough sources, not explaining where the research comes from or more details on specifics… you do realize that this is a CLIP right? That he wrote an entire (incredible) book with all of the sources and research clearly indicated to where you can go and read the exact same study to verify the content. It's unfair to expect someone to be able to sum up a meta analysis in 5 minutes. That's not the purpose of this video.

    By the way, in his book he talks about the resistance that people feel when someone is telling them a different story than the story that they've been told/told themselves about the source of their pain. This is what is happening here. It's easy to be cynical and dismissive, and it's also normal. BUT if you're actually curious (and not just cynical) and want to know more of the information read the book! It is incredible. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and it is life changing.

  59. "If we talk less about chemical imbalances and more about power imbalances we will get more at the heart of depression and anxiety, and we'll find better solutions." This is incredible.

  60. Not every one can buy their way out of depression or an impossible life situation. , I do believe that antidepressants can bridge the gap till you resolve what you may need to do next to make changes in your life style or goals . That takes insight and possibly guidance for many . Our society is taught not to think introspectively , and to fear being labeled as mentally ill . Knowing your self is a big part of getting better . Blaming others, who may be in the same rut is easy . Certainly Poverty and un- resolved or untreated illness ( all medical health problems ) is the leading cause of depression in America , next to social economic isolation and the financial inability to take charge of your destiny . A Pill can't solve that . Social justice is the only hope. Medicare for all , and affordable housing should be a right afforded all people . As well as free job training , or higher education . Private industry profits continuously from our privately paid educations ..as well as our taxes incentives, and government CONTRACTS .how is that fair ? When will corporations give back to communities they profit from?

  61. "The best science" from a man who claimed, in a TED talk, that Vietnam vet all stopped using heroin when they came back from the war. Someone is selling something …

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