What You Don’t Know About White Castle’s Famous Sliders

What You Don’t Know About White Castle’s Famous Sliders

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You know how all the popular eateries of today
boast of fresh ingredients, unique toppings and clean places? That’s exactly how White Castle became famous. Yes, that same place where Harold and Kumar
went to chow down on a ton of sliders was at one time the pinnacle of innovation, and
responsible for changing the entire way Americans eat. And they owe it all to a tiny hamburger. Here’s what you don’t know about White Castle’s
famous sliders. “Good morrow, sire! Welcome to the Castle of White!” The first fast food hamburger McDonald’s may be synonymous with fast food,
but White Castle beat them to the punch by nearly two decades. In 1921, “Billy” Ingram and Walter Anderson
decided to open a restaurant focusing on the relatively newfangled sandwich called the
“hamburger.” After their first joint in Wichita, Kansas,
proved popular, they soon opened branches in El Dorado, Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska,
becoming the first hamburger fast food chain in the world. Why white? Thanks to shocking exposes like Upton Sinclair’s
The Jungle, the meat industry had a bit of a bad name back in the day. To counter that, Ingram and Anderson decided
they would show how pristine their operation was by painting the building white and using
stainless steel on the inside so no stains could hide anywhere. The marketing gimmick worked, and White Castle
was born. Burger design White Castle had a secret to getting their
burgers out quickly — they were wicked tiny. In fact, they’re so thin, White Castle can
make 18 of them with just one pound of beef. That allows them to be cooked faster. But originally, they still weren’t being cooked
fast enough. White Castle pioneered the art of searing
both sides of the burger to keep the flavor in, something other chains like Five Guys
and Steak ‘N Shake later emulated, but it still took too long to cook them. So in the early 1950’s, a White Castle cook
from Cincinnati by the name of Earl Howell suggested they poke little holes in the patties
to cook them faster. It worked, leading to the burgers you know
and love today. Onion time White Castle used to flip their burgers, but
like searing, it just took too much time. So now they simply put the burger on top of
a pile of onions and let the burger cook via “onion steam.” They then lock in that steam bath by plopping
the bottom bun on the burger while it’s still cooking. It’s this onion method that gives White Castle
sliders their unique taste, as each burger ends up paired with roughly two ounces of
rehydrated onions – just enough to provide that special flavor. The burger content White Castle boldly claims they use “100 percent”
beef, which is nice, even though it doesn’t mean a whole lot. Ground beef can be any cut of cow, though
the Department of Agriculture says it can’t have more than 30 percent fat. So how much fat does White Castle beef have
exactly? Each tiny slider packs 6 grams of fat — 2.5
of which is saturated. And with all that fat comes the calories,
with 140 a slider. So if you pick up a Crave Case of 30 sliders
you’re looking at almost 4200 calories. Science! In the 1930s, hamburgers had a bad reputation,
so White Castle co-founder Billy Ingram commissioned University of Minnesota Physiological Chemistry
professor Jesse McClendon to do a study proving White Castle burgers were safe to eat. Test subject Bernard Flesche, a med student
at the university, spent the next 13 weeks eating only White Castle Burgers, and survived
the experience intact. The study, Ingram said, showed that people, “…could eat nothing but our sandwiches and
water, and fully develop all physical and mental faculties.” Flesche later became a doctor and died of
heart problems at age 54, and according to his daughter, “he never willingly ate hamburgers
again.” They have a food truck There are just over 400 White Castle locations
spread across only 13 states, so there’s a pretty good chance you’ve never had a White
Castle slider. Luckily, there’s a solution: the White Castle
Crave Mobile food truck, which drives around the country, selling sliders outside events
like fairs or NASCAR races. In 2015, they parked outside the Orlando theme
park Fun Spot and sold over 10,000 sliders in a single day. And if you can’t find the food truck, you
can also check your local supermarket, as White Castle is the nation’s top distributor
of frozen burgers. They’re exactly the same as the burgers in
the restaurants, but you’ll have to supply your own pickle. Slyders Even if you’re the biggest White Castle fan
in the world, you might be spelling their signature burger wrong. Technically, the trademarked term is Slyders,
though even White Castle doesn’t always remember to use that silly Y, referring to them on
their own website as “The Original Slider.” Harold and Kumar go to Krispy Kreme Let’s be real — when you hear White Castle
you think Harold and Kumar. But that almost never happened, because the
movies’ producers first approached Krispy Kreme instead. They declined, though, as something about
a couple kids stoned out of their minds apparently didn’t sit will with the image they wanted
to sell donuts. Instead, White Castle stepped in and etched
their name into pop culture history. “Damn, that hit the spot.” “That was the best meal of my life.” Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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  1. They used to taste great many many years ago, but I notice now that they taste like the cardboard that it comes in. I live a few blocks away from a WC and I had 5 sliders. I had diarrhea 6 hours later. I swore I would never ever go near one of them again.

  2. 10,000 sliders in a single day? something doesent seem quite right there unless someone went to get more buns and pattys theres no way theyd have haad that much product on there truck

    also assuming that it takes 10 minutes to cook a patty (i base this off hw long most burgers take )
    theyd have to be running 166 bugers on the grill at any one time assuming they worked a 10 hour day that also means theyd have to sell 166 burgers every 10 minutes which is like 16 burgers a minute or almost one every 4 seconds?

    ive gotta go look into this further something aint right

  3. Im from Arizona. So the only white castle we have are in the freezer section. And I dont eat frozen meals.

  4. For me, it took them way to long to serve that over priced small burger. Don't get me wrong, I liked them, but the price coupled with the slow service was I believe the death of them in my city. The Rallys across the street served the food at least twice as fast, and you got more for your money then White Castle..

  5. Black bean and veggie sliders 🍔 why don’t they give these as a frozen option in store I buy the beef ones

  6. I sure wish Texas had a White Castle 😢 I've only ever had the frozen ones. Albiet delicious, i know for a fact they're just not the same 😭😭

  7. I used to eat mad double cheese sliders with a lrg fry and a lrg sft drnk now I am a vegetarian and I ordered the impossible slider and it was awesomely good

  8. I hate titles like these that suggest something negative. CLICK BAIT! The title should be more like "Stuff You May Already Know About White Castle if You Ever Watched Another Video or a History Channel Show's Segment on the Subject"

  9. White Castle sucks, I don't see the point of having to eat like 10 mini burgers instead of eating 1 big one. In N Out FOREVER!

  10. Woah woah woah, hold up for a sec. What is the source on the picture @ 2:03 ???? Why are those ready to eat buns sitting on top of raw uncooked beef? Did no one stop to think about how many food safety regulations that breaks?

  11. My great great grandmother worked at the white castles but lost her nefew when he tries to visit her. He was hit by a car.😭😞

  12. As a boy I ate White Castle's (as they were called) without the holes. I thought the holes were added to lower cost by reducing the amount of meat per burger. I felt cheated when holes were added.

  13. That's our illustrious governor of OHIO, John Kasich at 2:26. With his policies, I can see why he's chowin' at White Castle.

  14. and thats why White Castle is slaying the burger market and Krispy Kremes is a dying franchise. You want a range of customers, not the standard.

  15. I've only had White Castle once in my life. I was in Vegas but unfortunately I did not actually get to enjoy the White Castle sliders because I had just eaten a huge breakfast and was about to puke before I ate the White Castle slider. I guarantee next time I go to Vegas I will have White Castle AND In N Out

  16. Here in the North East (New Hampshire) , we can only get them from the grocery store frozen food section, not the same but close

  17. Love me some White Castle Cheeseburgers; we don't have any White Castle here in Delaware, but can drive to New Jersey where they made the movie at and get my Crave on. And plus I buy them by the box (frozen) not as good as fresh! But still pretty tasty! 🙂

  18. You missed the best fact of White Castle. The 5 holes are really from the bullets it took to kill the rat.
    That's okay, I'll still keep eating that garbage.

  19. In NJ we call them rat burgers. Late night hangover recovery. Go down so good, next day on toliet blowing them out

  20. We have white castles where I live. And let me sit one thing straight. The frozen white castles are nothing like what you get in the store. Yes they have the same basic luck and flavor. But if you’ve ever had one from the actual store/restaurant then the frozen ones will not live up. Plus an interesting sidenote. One of the owners of white castles were on the TV show undercover boss. You should check it out if your white castle van.

  21. A whole bunch of White Castle burgers and one of those Kardashian sized bums. If you got your fingers to the hole while you farted, the reek and sound would be superb.

  22. Their burgers look so plain, it's literally like your mom made them with those dry, gross, packaged buns from the supermarket 😂

  23. Wish that White Castle will come to Puerto Rico I know they sell them in the frozen food section in Walmart but it's just not like going to White Castle and having that nice warm Burger miss him dearly

  24. Why don't we have a white castle in Baltimore, that's some bullshit! I wanna taste a white castle burger! Without getting frozen mini burgers at the market

  25. The video fails to mention that there is a warning label, stating that consuming this product can expose you to furfuryl alcohol, which is to California to cause cancer.

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