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– Just by looking at you, I
can tell what’s wrong with you. (uptempo music) You wanna look your best,
and whenever you have any imperfection, you’re quick to blame it on aging or stress. But really, that’s not all the signs that something is wrong with your body. If your insides aren’t healthy, that will show superficially. That’s why when you come into my office, I look at you as a whole. What warning signs are appearing on you superficially that I can figure out to lead to a diagnosis? Before I spill the beans and explain to you everything that’s going on, you need to understand how the body works. It works in a system and it’s made up of multiple components. When one of those components doesn’t work a lot of times that can show signs on your physical appearance. If one part isn’t working, another part of the body compensates that’s the way your body maintains something, what we call homeostasis,
a balance of what’s normal. Wait, wait, wait, one more
thing before we start. It’s important to know
that while I’m giving you a lot of physical appearance signs, it doesn’t mean that you have the disease if you have one of these. All it means is that you need to go to your doctor and have a conversation. Something you should be doing anyway if you’ve been watching my videos. Boom, these are the top physical signs that tell me something else
is going on inside your body. Facial flush or rosy cheeks. Do you feel like your face
looks a little too red? I’m not talking about the
time where you get sunburned or when your crush looks at you. Hey girl. You may have a medical
condition called Rosacea. Rosacea’s a fairly common skin problem with 14 million people living with the issue in the United States today. It’s not something you should
get really concerned about thinking it’s a danger to your health, but it’s a simple benign condition that can be treated by your doctor. Wait, wait, wait one more
thing about facial flush. If you’re part of the Asian population, you may suffer from
something called Asian Flush. That’s what happens
when you drink alcohol, but because you’re deficient in the enzyme Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase, yeah that’s a mouthful,
you may have a reaction because you can’t clear
the alcohol properly. You may think you have a thin chin, you may think you have a thick neck, you may think it’s just a cosmetic problem and not that big of a deal. I think it’s a serious risk factor for an illness called Sleep Apnea which can predispose you
to so many bad illnesses including stoke, heart
disease, high blood pressure. When you have Sleep Apnea,
there’s actually moments in the night where your
airway completely closes. Whether it’s because it’s too
small or too big, it closes. And when that happens it ruins
the quality of your sleep. We’ve all heard our
partner’s snore at night. (loud snoring)
(suspenseful music) Or wake up in the middle of the night because their breathing wasn’t right. That’s Sleep Apnea. One of the best lifestyle
changes you can make for Sleep Apnea is to lose weight. Unwanted body hair. Ladies, this is mostly for you. If you start growing hair where
you’ve never had hair before it doesn’t mean you should
pay a visit to your spa, but it does mean you should
pay a visit to your doctor. Why? Because that actually has
a medical word behind it, it’s called hirsutism and what that means is you started growing hair in a place where men usually grow hair. This could be due to a hormonal problem. One of the most common being PCOS which is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. When you pair hirsutism
plus abnormal periods, that’s highly suspicious for PCOS. Hey man, you got stanky breath, bro? If you have bad breath,
or what’s medically known as halitosis, it could
be a sign of Acid Reflux. During Acid Reflux, the stomach contents including food, acid, all get pushed up into your esophagus and
create this nasty smell that you may notice when you
think you have bad breath. A lot of people think
they’ll solve this problem by brushing your teeth more,
but that’s not the solution. The solution is to go see your doctor. Some say the eyes are
the window to the soul. But what I say, the nails are
the window to your health. When a patient comes into my office and I’m doing a physical exam, I pay extra attention to the nails. The nails give me a lot of information on what’s going on inside your body and tip me off to some illnesses I should be on the lookout for. If you have clubbing of the fingers, that could point to a chronic
respiratory infection. If you have spooning of your nails, that could point to a
chronic anemia process. Some of you may worry
about white marks or lines on your nails and generally
that’s not a problem. But if you do have two
lines running parallel horizontally across your nail, that could be something called Muehrcke’s Lines and representative of
kidney or liver issues. Some of you may find dents
or ridges in your nails and generally, that’s not something you should be concerned about. If that does occur with
some weird symptoms at the same time, that’s
definitely something I wanna hear about and could point to a more serious autoimmune issue. Do you guys remember what
the body’s largest organ is? – No, no! – Skin. First thing’s first, you know how you have that little pimple that little scratch that never seems to heal? To you that may not be of any importance, but to me it’s incredibly important. If you have a non-healing
wound of the face it’s Squamous Cell Carcinoma
until my tests prove otherwise. Also of utmost importance
to skin are moles. No, no, no, not this type of mole. – Mole, bloody mole! – Yeah, that’s the mole I’m talkin’ about. Most of the time moles are
completely harmless and benign. However, sometimes they may represent a serious form of skin cancer. The way doctors make
this distinction is using the ABCDE classification
system along with Dermoscopy. When you’re younger it’s not
abnormal to form new moles, however as you age in
your fifties and sixties, if you’re still developing new moles that could be a cause for concern and cause me to investigate further. Hair. It’s perfectly normal to see
a few strands in the shower, but if your shower drain
looks like a baby rodent, there might be something else going on. Excessive hair loss can
be caused by an overactive or underactive thyroid
or something like anemia. So when a patient walks into my office I pay extra attention to
what’s going on on their scalp. However, have no fear,
a lot of these issues can be diagnosed by a simple blood test. Also, it’s important to
remember that you’re able to lose up to a hundred
strands of hair per day and that’s totally acceptable. ♪ Look into my eyes ♪ The eyes will give you
a lot of information. If you look at the color of the eye, if there’s something off,
it’s not perfectly white. A lot of times you’ll see
some yellowing of the eyes and it has a medical name
it’s called Jaundice. That occurs when there’s something wrong with your liver or your gall bladder. I could also look below your eye and get some extra information. Things like redness or bags
can represent something called Allergic Shiners,
which is a very common symptom of people who
suffer with allergies. Springtime, fall time, very common. If you don’t sleep well, if
you eat high sodium foods, if you’re dehydrated, the
appearance of your eyes is gonna appear fatigued, heavy, sad and it’s not gonna be a pretty sight. You know what they say
about big feet, right? – Yeah, no, yeah, no. – It’s important to make sure
that they’re not just swollen. That could represent a wide
variety of medical issues. Things like congestive heart failure, circulation issues, lung issues, autoimmune things like arthritis. All of those can lead
your legs to balloon up. But, if you have some mild
swelling at the end of a long day of being on your feet,
that’s something called Dependent Edema and likely
nothing to worry about. A lot of these signs I’ve pointed out may seem like superficial concerns, but they truly tell me a whole story of what’s going on inside your body. Never be afraid to tell your doctor if something doesn’t
feel right, look right or even smell right. If you have any questions
in the meanwhile, drop me a comment down below,
we’ll have a conversation and figure out what’s going on. Otherwise, make sure to
hit subscribe and share this channel with your friends and family. (static) (loud breathing) (static) Those people over there
are a little weird. Oh wait, that’s me. (static) The food that’s supposed
to be in your belly along with the acid gets regurgitated back into your esophagus which creates that nasty smell you hear. (people laughing) (static) (static) ♪ Look into my eyes ♪ ♪ You will see ♪ (bleep) (static) Hey, yo, you got swollen feet? You know what dat means, right? Big socks, snug footwear (laughs). (static)

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