Which Sex Has Better Pain Tolerance?

Which Sex Has Better Pain Tolerance?

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– I’d be an ass (censor
beep) chauvinist if I say men have more pain tolerance than women and then I’m just saying
what everyone wants to hear if I say women have more
pain tolerance than men, so we’ll just find out I guess won’t we. (upbeat music) – I think I read that women are proven to have better pain tolerance. – In general, I feel like I’ve heard girls have a higher pain tolerance than boys. – I think girls have a higher
pain tolerance than guys do. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Three, two, one. – Ahhhh. – That stings. Right off the bat stinging and hurts. It hurts really bad. – Oh, that hurts. – Oh, it’s cold. – It’s like crawling up my arm. – Ahhhh, this is pleasant. – It feels fine so far. – This kind of just reminds me of like being on the ice and skating
around and stuff in the winter. – Ahhhh, ow, (censor beep) that. I’m done, I lost, I lost. Ow, (censor beep). – Alright, I don’t want to do it. Ugh. – It’s very cold, ay yi yi, (panting). – I actually keep thinking
about Titanic for some reason. – God. (censor beep) Is this what the people in the Titanic felt like? – (panting) okay. I’m done. (panting) – The rest of my body is sweating. (laughs) – Do I even have a hand anymore? Oh my God. – Ohhh. – (whimpering) I don’t like it. – If I leave my hand still
I think I’ll be good. – (censor beep) me. – I can’t do it anymore
(censor beep) ahhhhh. – This hurts. It’s just more like it’s
kind of like boring. My hand is very numb right now though. – Okay, now it hurts, alright. Ahhhh, I can’t move it. – Right up to the edge there. Alright, that’s enough. – Yes. I felt like that way I feel when I go on a run. Where like it starts out really terrible and I really don’t want to be there and then after awhile you’re like well this is just the pain I feel for now, so I might as well just keep feeling it. (timer dings) – Oh yeah. – Yeah. – It’s like a nice warm bath. – Yeah, it’s great. – Can I bring this to my desk after we finish this video? (laughing) This i fun. – Okay. – Okay, mind over matter, calm down. – Yeah, I’m good. – How are you so good? – I honestly don’t know. I did not expect this to be like this. – (censor beep) me. I’m just going to take
my hand out of here. This is too (censor beep) painful. – Do it. – I’m ahhhhh.
– Yeah do it. Take it out. – Ahhh, no. You already won so I’m taking it out. – Alright, alright. – Ahhh, I missed you sweet hand. – My hand is pink.

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  1. Honestly I think we all go through a lot as a whole not just pain so this isn’t really an accurate representation not hating but

  2. I have a really low like , extremely low pain tolerance so
    if you flick me I will tear up
    But my heat tolerance is amazing

  3. It depends on the person, regardless of gender. My mom remembers from when I was about 3. We were going from Texas to Missouri, and I had a bad strain of the stomach flu. I said nothing to my mom about it, but I started puking uncontrollably. I remember being at my grandparents place shortly after, and I felt fine, but I just kept puking. Over the years I went on to have bird AND swine flu, multiple broken bones, and a random seizure or two. Out of all of it, swine flu was the only thing to make me feel other than fine

  4. I just love how men are saying, well we gave to deal with women. As if we’re forcing them to deal with us. If you think dealing with men is easier go do that. We love gay men in 2019. Stop denying it, we all know you sweet it’s all good.

  5. I also think it’s not about gender

    But if that fact is true it is because

    1.girls go through period cramps

    2.wearing bras that’s to little

    3.go through pregnancy pain

    4.and we girls for god sake

    But then again not about genders

  6. It depends on the sensitivity and what the person does for a living because a swimmer might be used to it but someone who works in an office probably wont

  7. Call it sexist if you want but to me if you have ovaries you have a higher pain tolerance. Just fact. Yes some people can get waxed or cut urself and feel nothing but until you've pushed a human out your body or dealt with the pain from periods you cant say anything.

  8. Women have double the amount of nerve receptors as men do. But we also have a higher pain threshold. So women feel twice the amount of pain as men do, but in doing so, also develop a higher pain tolerance. So women technically have a higher pain tolerance but they're also feeling more pain than what a man would so it appears about that same.

  9. Guys it has nothing to do with the gender because im a girl and i have a low pain tolerance and i know boys and girls that have higher ones than me

  10. Lol 😂 this thread is filled of idiots, men are the ones who are stronger and smarter, women are more tenacious and are good at remembering multiple things than men, because men like to make things easier and that's why only tackle one thing at a time but if they try hard they too can remember different things.
    An average woman is not smarter than an average man but is more experienced, a woman thinks with her experience and a man thinks with his logic (of course as they age they use both experience and logic but each use experience and logic more respectively rather than vice versa).
    That's why a woman is wiser but a man is smarter. A man needs to be smart to tackle the world while a woman needs to be wise to make the children aware.

  11. It’s all about a pain threshold, some people have a higher pain tolerance than others, making them feel less pain. I’m pissed that they are forcing gender stereotypes on to people by putting the word men in blue, and woman in pink. Do they even know that there are more than two genders?

  12. It pains me to see people commenting things like "men are stronger than women". I believe it is based on your body type and the way you are built, the way you maintain your body and how you keep in shape. Nothing to do at all with gender.

  13. while it does depend on the person's individual pain threshold, women in general do have a better pain tolerance, just like how men on average have more muscle mass than women

  14. My male friend and I did this. His brother asked us if we were holding hands under the water.Both of us quickly withdrew our hands from the water. But to this day, I still wanna know who would win.

  15. This isn't exactly a broad scientific study, meaning individual pain tolerances are definitely gonna play a big role. In terms of large overarching studies based on sex, women have generally been found to have higher pain tolerances tho it also depends on the type of pain. Cold pain is different from other types of pain.

  16. All these women in the comment section complaining about periods

    They will never understand the pain of when you accidentally hit your dog in Minecraft

  17. At 3:02 the dude literally has a bigger bowl with alot more ice while the woman has a much smaller bowl and looks like theirs barley any ice

  18. I don’t think pain tolerance is justified by gender but more by how much endurance and determination you have. And if we are talking about survival situations (legs bleeding or something like that), it depends on how responsive you are to your “fight or flight” mode

  19. I think anyone would think woman have a higher pain tolerance then men I mean they have to do child birth from why I heard from my female friends period cramps and other things

  20. Once I iced my feet for a condition I have for 30 minutes, no sweat. I’m not sure if I’m weird, or if the water just wasn’t as cold?
    (I’m a female)

  21. I think girls have a higher pain tolerance because of the pain in out lives. Childbirth, period cramps,being punched in the boob

  22. Interestingly enough, data shows that men tend (in a variety of things) to be at extremes, either very good or very bad, while women stay more to the center pack (but have the capacity for both) which is what we observed almost perfect here

  23. I think in the end it can only be judged by a life-death situation. Here you can only see their will power

  24. I have a medical condition when I can't get too hot or I'll get really itchy, then I'll start to scratch tiny holes in my skin and get blood all over my nails (it can also be triggered by me being too active due to my asthma and weak lungs from my sickocell infecting them). The nurse at my school will give me bags full of ice and cold water to put on body while I rode the bus home. I would chanllenge people to see who could keep the icepacks on them the longest knowing I could win… I'm a girl🤷😂😏

  25. Why do so many women reprimand men for not being able to feel the pain of period cramps or child birth? Like really? What do you want him to do, stab himself in the gut when your going through the pain? Just shut up about it already! Cant you talk about anything else when it comes to differing pain tolerance between the sexes? And adding an emoji to your commit does not make it funny or ok.

  26. Okay so I tired this and I was able to leave my hand in the ice for an hour and 10 minutes. I didn't stop because the pain was bad, I just got bored and was like "f*ck this I have other things to do". I'm female and I grew up in Colorado so idk what these result say but at least I made an attempt lol. Also just and fyi I didn't experience any real injuries my hand was just really swollen

  27. The ice one wouldn’t trigger me because as a ballerina I always ice my feet with cold water and ice sooo….(yeah)

  28. A study, undertaken by the University of Malaga, published recently in The Journal of Pain, found there was little or no differences between the sexes when it came to the ability to cope with pain.
    The study included 400 patients with chronic spinal pain – 190 men and 210 women. The findings suggested more similarities than differences among the sexes. Resilience, rather than gender, was the key factor.
    The study’s main author, Carmen Ramírez-Maestre, said: “More resilient individuals tend to accept their pain, that is, they tend to understand that their ailment is chronic and they stop focusing on trying to get the pain to disappear, to focus their energy on enhancing their quality of life, despite the pain.”
    She added: “In this regard, patients who are able to accept their pain feel less pain, they are more active on a daily basis and have a better mood.”
    This is the latest in a long line of studies that suggest women are very much the weaker sex when it comes to pain. Or certainly no more macho than men.
    Nearly a decade ago, the University of Bath, put men and women through different pain tests and found that women are wusses.
    Volunteers were asked to put their arm in a warm water bath for two minutes before plunging the same arm into a vat of icy water for a further two minutes or until they could stand the pain no longer.
    The women felt pain much sooner than the men and were able to endure it for far less time.
    Furthermore, when men were asked to think about the sensory aspects of the pain rather than the emotions related to it, the pain decreased. This strategy did nothing to help the women.
    Two years ago Leeds Metropolitan University put volunteers from both Libya and Britain (to see if culture and nationality made a difference) through a series of pain tests. In one, they were jabbed in the hand with a 1cm-wide blunt tip, while in the other, they had to hold their hand above their head while a cuff was applied to restrict blood flow.
    Dr Osama Tashani, at Leeds Metropolitan, said: “Traditionally, high levels of stoicism are associated with men and high levels of sensitivity are associated with women. Some ethnic groups are described as more stoic, while others are viewed as more free in expressing their pain behaviour. We did not detect differences in pain unpleasantness.”
    Some interesting studies have been undertaken to discover how the weaker sex cope with childbirth, which – I accept – is probably not very pleasant.
    Brain-imaging techniques have allowed researchers to peer inside the brain, examining the chemical processes that occur in the presence of pain. The University of Michigan has found oestrogen plays a big part in how women react to pain. Oestrogen levels increase during pregnancy, and the researchers found that this appeared to help the brain's natural ability to suppress pain.
    "When oestrogen levels are high, the brain's natural painkiller system responds more potently when a painful experience occurs, releasing chemicals called endorphins or enkephalins that dampen the pain signals received by the brain," the Michigan team reported. "But when oestrogen is low, the same system doesn't typically control pain nearly as effectively."
    So these studies show that women not only handle pain no better than men, but when faced with a real challenge – popping out an 8lb human being through a 10 cm cervix – they are pumped full of a natural pain killer.

  29. BOI! I'm a female and my friend at school there was alot of this frosted wood and I put my hand on it and moved my hand and the frost melted and I put if there for over five minutes mind you my hand was numb and my friend decided to slap my hand and he got hurt and I didn't and it's not cause of the cold sooooo yeahhhh

  30. Actually boys do have higher pain tolerance than girls but only thing is that girls constantly have to bear more pain.

  31. As someone studying science, mainly biology, let me just say that this is a terribly executed experiment. And not only that, also a pretty weird way to present it believable.

  32. it’s winter here and i still don’t like wearing my sweater at school because I’m too hot

  33. Honestly, I think it depends on the person. But they only did that at the end so the little girls who are like. “Girls are better than boys…blah blah blah” don’t feel bad.

  34. Once my brother get sick and my lord he really loud about moaning in pain for 3 days, I get he sickness and is really painful but my mom say thank god I was not THAT loud and my sickness during 5 days.

  35. Let me save u guys the time of reading the comments 90% are "try period cramps" "well women deal with period cramps" guess what it's scientifically proven that men get kidney stone much more than women and it's also proven they hurt much much worse.

  36. I monks people have said this but downst it matter not by the gender but the person? Also what about non binary?

  37. I wish I could just give up and be like “I don’t like this” when I’m on my period and then just not have my period

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