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– We’ve all been there. Something embarrassing happens
or you get caught in the act, and you blush, turning
red like a tomato. But what causes us to blush
when we’re embarrassed? Let’s find out on
today’s episode of– – [Announcer]
“Colossal Questions.” – [Narrator] Your
blushing reflex is
controlled by something called your sympathetic
nervous system, which is basically the system that takes over when you panic and happens without you
ever choosing to blush. When you get embarrassed, adrenaline is released
into your body, which speeds up your heart rate and increases blood
and oxygen flow because your veins widen, allowing more blood to flow
through your veins than normal. This causes your cheeks
to turn a bright, rosy red because of all of the extra
blood pumping through your face. But this special
reaction only happens to the veins in your face, which is why you
don’t blush all over. Okay, so that’s how we blush. But why do we do it? Well, that question
seems to be hard for scientists to
answer absolutely, but they do have a theory. Many researchers believe
it’s our body’s way of admitting we feel guilty
or embarrassed about something and automatically
apologizing for it. According to the theory, someone is much more
likely to forgive you and even feel bad for you if you blush after
getting caught or doing something embarrassing. Think about it. You’re trying to
pour yourself a drink and it accidentally spills right as your parents
walk in the room, and your face turns
bright red from blushing. Before you can say a word, your flushed face
is your body’s way of letting your parents
know it was an accident.

49 thoughts on “Why Do We Blush? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS”

  1. Colossal Question:
    So when I was taking a picture of my loose tooth I noticed it was all whiter than my other teeth. Why is this? Why do loose teeth turn white?

  2. Next do how people get nose bleeds (not with any sickness or getting hurt bleeding kind of like when people “blush” when they have crushes)

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