28 thoughts on “Why Good Trading Strategies Fail (Stock Market for Beginners)”

  1. Never overstay your welcome once you have a good entry in your position. Scaling in and out of positions are a great way to control your risk and rewards. Great info as always clay!👍

  2. If I buy 100 shares under PDT rule as a beginner, and want to sell it partially, does it also counts as one trade out of three daily trades? If we are talking about just day trading.

  3. When I get out, I get all out based on facts that I see, not emotions or hope, which would warrant keeping some shares. Only time to average is on the way down, IF it is a true dip opportunity. I'd also never hold through those massive pullbacks like that.

  4. Trading Strategy

    I frequently use similar strategy trading futures.
    I look for potential reversal setup and leg into several contracts.
    When, if, reversal occurs, then let the, let’s say, 3 contracts run.
    When in profit, I then scale out, one at a time, and let last contract run until clearly meets resistance or unanticipated news hits market that causes sudden reversal that I feel might last.
    Once in a while, I open with large number of contracts, 10 to 20, then flatten half of the contracts with just a few ticks gain, then scale out the remaining contracts quickly while in profit, and then let the remaining 2 or 3 contracts run to where I anticipate resistance ie VWAP, or double top, prior day high, etc. I then start scaling out of the remaining contracts.
    All easier said than done.
    When you hit that buy or sell button on the Dom, and announces position open, your hard earned money is at risk, and you just hope that every thing goes as planned.
    Even the ideal setups might move quickly against you. I have so many times jumped in, and had huge move against me immediately, then Benzinga will broadcast breaking news about trade war or Brexit, or some other headliner that likely caused the dramatic move in market.
    So, nothing easy about trading stocks, futures or options. And, must trade with real money, to know how trading will impact you psychologically. Paper trading is like playing video game, unrealistic. Must have some amount of real money on the line to really get a sense of how you are going to handle the trading grind.

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  6. From a bottom line standpoint I don't think you're any better off with a partial sell. It seems half the time you'd have been better off holding the entire position, and half the time you'd be happy you sold half.
    Are you saying a trader will actually make more money in the long run with partial sells? The math just doesn't work out.

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