Why Some Foods Make You Depressed

Why Some Foods Make You Depressed

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For those suffering from depression or feeling as if you are becoming depressed, your diet can be a large contributing factor in your mind’s fight for happiness. As indicated from a recent study done by researchers
at Deakin University in Australia. The study consisted of 67 men and women with moderate to severe depression who had relatively unhealthy diets, grading each participant’s mood on a scale of 0-60. Researchers put half of the recruited subjects
on a modified Mediterranean diet; better known as, a “Modimed” diet. After a 12-week study, researchers saw an
average of an 11 point improvement with 32 percent lowering their mood scores so low,
they no longer met the criteria for depression! At this point, you may be questioning how
little they had to eat to feel better. After all, it is a diet. The wonderful news, calories were not restricted! The participants ate to their hearts’ content. So what did they eat to get happier and what
on earth is a Modimed diet? The Modimed diet encourages foods such as
whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, lean red meat, fish, eggs and olive oil. Subjects had a maximum two sugar-sweetened
beverage per week and maximum 2 alcoholic drinks per day. Although that sounds brutally difficult to
follow – especially that last part – surprisingly, the diet cost 19% less than standard unhealthy
diets, and was much easier to stick to with 31 out of 33 participants making it all the
way to the end of the study! What is so special about the Modimed diet? It incorporates more healthy ingredients such as olive oil and nuts while removing harmful and unhealthy foods such as processed meats and refined carbohydrates. The diet is specific enough to limit sweets
and processed foods while being broad enough to encompass all food groups. The incorporation of little processed oils
that are high in essential omega fatty acids also aids in improving mood, especially because
omega fatty acids cannot be produced by our bodies; the only source is food. It may be difficult to believe that a simple
diet change can completely alter your mood and improve your depression. But is it really that far off? Considering the many processed and GM foods,
and refined sugars in nearly all products we as individuals consume on a daily basis,
it should come to no surprise how our diets have altered our nutrition intake for our brains. There is still ongoing research for finding
the best diet and types of foods we should be eating to improve depression symptoms. But for now, this shows promising results
and a great way to focus on your health while paying attention to your diet.

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  1. It can beat depression, Sure. But it doesn't sound healthy at all. Including Soda, Red Meat into diet, not to mention beer! Drunk person can be happy, sure. But is drinking healthy? I am not discrediting this study but the sample size is too small and they have only consumed one diet (modimed diet), please add more subjected later with various different kinds of diet.

  2. low fat, low sodium, ect. can cause you to be depressed and unhealthy. if you don't want the fat don't eat the item at all because chances are the fat is there to help you break down what your eating. just eat as less processed foods and make better choices and avoid low anything. that and cut sugar intake because sugar can make you moody and depressed.

  3. This isn't necessarily wrong or right, its correct for some people who are less healthy but I eat relatively healthy and I have been for years because of my depression, yet it hasn't made it better. Even when I was first diagnosed with depression, I was a very healthy person, it always depends on the person. You can't always beat depression from changing simple things, sometimes its just too complex and you have to figure out what you need to repair in your own mind, which aren't always related to how others are.

  4. Eating makes me depressed.
    Whenever I eat, I feel like I'm hurting someone or disappointing somebody.
    I cry after I ate, and I hurt myself.

  5. Hey guys, can you check my video Food For Thought out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwI5Wjd-STk

    I'm trying to explain how mental health is a vital issue that needs to be resolved and accommodated to immediately otherwise it will progressively become worse. My belief is that this issue will continue to rise whilst individuals continue to consume unhealthy food, at the level that is occurring currently.

    Foods that can provide your body with the materials required to increase GABA levels within your body could be used to combat this. However, in my video I must highlight that I am not solely explaining that it is just GABA, but that GABA is one of many neurotransmitters that is involved as well as it's synergistic workings with glutamate.

  6. Yeah this is partly why literally 90% of the people I know are depressed. They make unhealthy food choices smh.

  7. This video was misleading but I'm glad I found out about the Modimed diet. It actually sounds surprisingly close to mine.

  8. the two sodas and two beers thing doesn't mean that they should or could do it every day or every week, that was the MAXIMUM. So if they go for drinks on Saturday they can only have 2 beers and that it's all, and if they don't drink at all the rest of the week it's fine, doesn't mean they HAVE TO

  9. food used to make me feel better (i’d eat out of stress, frustration, sadness, etc) but then i started feeling guilty and ashamed lmao so im like this now

  10. You need to explain that yes our diets help people with depression but just eating diffent foods doesn't fix everything and they still can be depressed

  11. That diet just sounds like eating proper actual food. Throw in the occaisional sweet thing and I am all for it! I personally have found that eating loads of fruit and vegetables (while not changing anything else (this often includes eating unhealthy foods)) has made me feel physically better.

  12. Study the effects of veg & fruit & not some loony vegan sites as there obviously mad (as they don't see humans digestive systems are designed primarily for meat not veg) & you'll find meat like beef is the main food you need to lose weight & cheer up & boost energy massively.
    Greens are chemically fighting us it's the plants defence & most cancel out other nutrients..but raise the meat in your diet a lot & you'll see massive changes fast.
    We don't have a gorillas colon or a cows 4 stomachs were not very suited to veggie diets but we have evolved to be omnivores as meat is not always available..but our digestive system like a cat is very designed for meat.greens don't give you the energy you need.study meat & veg more for yourself & if you don't want to eat animals eat a vegan as there very low intelligence creatures they won't suffer.

  13. For me foods like burgers, Hot dogs, sandwiches and other junk food makes me depressed but when I eat something healthy like a salad it makes me happy.

  14. How do you know if somebody is happy? Sometimes depression isn’t shown like an outfit or it’s hidden .. so therefore this experiment isn’t true

  15. Nigga is eat veggies and shit with fruit roasted shit and I still hate myself. I. Fucking healthy and sad.
    Oh.. right…. I don't eat meat. FUCK.

  16. Depression had made me stop eating instead of eating more. I ended up losing over 25 pounds in the course of 3 months and had severe dehydration.

  17. Don’t believe this crap. I have depression and eating candy and snacks makes me happy. I tried eating 100% healthy for 1 month and I felt more depressed. I’m normal weight so it doesn’t give me anxiety.

  18. 100% Eating fat, real meat and a few veggies and I'm happy. Eat carbs and I get sad. Do i still eat carbs at times? YES, yes I do. Why? Oh that's easy, I'm self destructive occasionally.

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