Why Virtul Reality in smartphones is dead? Why end of Daydream & Gear VR is good? History & future

Why Virtul Reality in smartphones is dead? Why end of Daydream & Gear VR is good? History & future

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During Google’s event where the Pixel 4 was launched, there was an official confirmation from Google that they have no plans to support DayDream in Android anymore. Combine this with the lack of support for Samsung’s GearVR in the Galaxy Note 10, Apple not caring to develop something related to Virtual reality and Windows Mobile being in the grave for more than 3 years now, we are looking at 1 thing! Smartphone VR is dead. And it might sound like a bad thing for the future of Virtual Reality, but in my opinion, it’s a positive sign of things to come. Here are the reasons why Even though Virtual Reality existed as early as 1838, it became much more mainstream and accessible to the public after Google introduced the Cardboard, giving competition to Facebook, which bought the Oculus VR company. The cardboard was cheap and even could be self made, which takes the technology to millions of people and gives plenty of opportunities to developers to come up with interesting ideas, which could make the technology much more mainstream. With Samsung and Sony announcing the GearVR and project Morpheus, it looked like the future of mobile VR was exciting. Or, so we thought! But in 2019, the platform is pretty much dead and the following are the major reasons. The first one being the ineffectiveness of Smartphone Virtual Reality to blend in with real life. You see, smartphone VR was a bubble, and it was supposed to pop one day. Now, if you have paid attention to the background of my videos, you can see certain showpiece items in that shelf. Those items inculde an old film camera, an iPod, a wooden elephant and you guessed it, a “VR headset”! Now, this headset has been there for more than 2 years and it’s truly an indicator of the life of smartphone VR headset in an average user’s hands. I was pretty much excited to try this out for the first couple of times and that’s pretty much it. Any friend of mine who comes to my room is again excited to try this out for literally 2 minutes and then the excitement dies. After that, to become mainstream, VR platforms needed apps that could blend in with the real life, but that never happened. Of course, you couldn’t just blame the app developers for that. So the entire concept of slotting in your smartphone into a separate headset just to experience VR was a flawed concept from the start itself. The setup was often clunky and confusing and while using your smartphone to power VR, it often sucked the battery of your phone, potentially leaving you in a tight spot when you came back. Also, every time I used these headsets, I’ve always felt a headache after few minutes of usage. Further more, even though the headsets were cheap, only flagship phones which had a QHD screen and a powerful processor could give a good VR experience, which meant that not everybody could experience VR properly. Despite this, the GearVR from Samsung sold more than 5 million units, solely due to the excitement, while products like DayDream from Google came no where to that level of success. But the death of smartphone VR was caused due to the lack of interest in Virtual Reality by some other company. And that company was none other than Apple! Generally, smartphone features are never introduced by Apple, but one thing that they often do, is to popularize a trend. But in the case of Virtual Reality, Apple has never shown any interest and it’s unlikely that they’ll ever show an interest. Alright, the reason why I told that the death of smartphone VR was a good thing for Virtual Reality is because smartphone VR could never match the experience that a stand-alone VR headset can give. Now, people just need to decide between a standalone VR headset like Oculus or more premium PC based headsets like the Valve Index or Vive Cosmos. So the death of smartphone VR can be considered a positive symbol because the floor for what can be considered good in Virtual Reality just got much higher!

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