Why We’re All So Depressed – The Jim Jefferies Show

Why We’re All So Depressed – The Jim Jefferies Show

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Last week was Mental Illness
Awareness Week. And to celebrate,
I scrolled through Instagram until I spiraled
into a depression that I only snapped out of
this morning. I admit it was nice
to see people supporting
each other online. Even Hollywood got into the act by releasing a heartwarming tale
about a misunderstood outcast who finally
gets the help he needs and becomes an advocate
for mental-health services. I — I have — I haven’t seen the movie,
but this poster speaks to me. [ Laughter ] But America still has a serious
mental-health crisis. We have the second-highest rate
of depression in the world, and other high-income countries
aren’t far behind. And I think
it’s because of dreams. [ Laughter ] Having goals
makes you sad, right? That’s why wealthy countries
are so depressed. People just trying to survive
don’t have the luxury of feeling bad because
they’ll never be a dancer. They’re too busy trying
to cure their own hemorrhoids with a bag of wood chips. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] As we know, seeing other people
achieve their dreams only makes life more painful. Everybody else’s life
looks so much more glamorous on Instagram than yours. It’s also so easy to see all the things
that we’re missing out on. We’re all suffering from FOMO,
which is Fear Of Missing Out. In Africa, they have
a similar thing called MOFO, which stands for MOre FOod, which is what they’re scared
of missing out on. [ Applause ] A large part
of mental-health awareness is encouraging people
to share their struggles. And I support that,
but after a while, it becomes like
a kind of depression porn. There are a lot of people
out there with serious mental illnesses, but it really doesn’t help
when a reality-TV star posts a picture of themselves
in bed with no makeup saying, “I, too,
struggle with depression.” And then everyone starts
commenting underneath, “You’re so brave.
You’re beautiful. Heart emoji. Heart emoji.” Just stop it! Are we all really
clinically depressed, or is this just how
we’re meant to feel because life [bleep] sucks? Life sucks! It [bleep] sucks. [ Laughter ] Keep the [bleep] dog. No. [Bleep] you. I gave you
the house. It’s my [bleep] dog. [ Laughter ] Have you ever met someone
who is legitimately happy? They’re always dumb as shit. So that ain’t no better. You ever see a happy professor?
No. You haven’t.
‘Cause they’re smart. Einstein understood the universe
better than anyone. And what did he do?
Help invent the atomic bomb. We’re all so miserable
that even doctors have a hard time
telling the difference between real illness
and generally experiencing life. One study showed
that less than 40% of people diagnosed
with depression actually met the criteria. Doctors say the other 60%
aren’t depressed. They’re just dumpy,
un-[bleep]-able losers. [ Laughter ] It’s one thing to be aware
of mental illness, but it’s another to make sure
people are getting treatment. 10 million adults report an unmet need
for mental health care. So what if you need help but you don’t have the means
to get it? I suggest you try to get yourself arrested
in Cook County. We’re here at Cook County Jail
in Chicago. Right now it houses
9,000 inmates, and it’s estimated that 30%
of them have mental illnesses. That makes this
what’s thought to be the largest mental-health care
provider in America right now. That’s right — America’s
largest mental-health
care provider is a jail. Instead of looking down
on murderers, we should commend them
for getting help. It’s good that we’re able
to talk openly about mental illness,
but we need more than a hashtag. We need better funding,
better access to resources, more focus
on community services, including therapy
and addiction treatment… and better crisis services
beyond just jails and hospitals. Because the truth is, we don’t really like helping
people with mental illness. It’s scary and difficult, and it makes us uncomfortable
even if it’s someone we love. If you need help, all too often,
you’re on your own. So you may have to
help yourself. But how? Get arrested! I’m not saying
you have to kill someone, but a minor crime that gives
the nice people who run the jail a reason to put you
in treatment. Hey, uh, hold up a convenience
store after it’s closed. Sell cocaine to a pigeon. Commit bank fraud by telling
everyone that you’re a bank. Then again, maybe —
I don’t know — just maybe… we can take 1% of
the country’s military budget and put it towards improving
mental-health care in America. [ Cheers and applause ] Or is that idea just too crazy?

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  1. The way we live is so unnatural now…So much "advancements" but the world is getting worse and more people are unhappy.

  2. everybody should do what i did and just be content about most things and lower your standards on every thing but you find one or maybe two things you care about and focus on that mine are my game consoles and anime every thing else doesnt really matter

  3. We do not have MOFO in Africa. The depression crisis is also an issue in Africa. In Nigeria, some civil society organisations also observed the mental health week.

  4. I told my mother when I was a teenager that I believe that was depressed for long time and I need to go to the doctor.
    She told " why are your sad?" "Go out and make yourself busy and it will pass"…..
    10 years later I am still depress

  5. Jim I like you…BUT Have you been to "AFRICA"…AFRICA IS A CONTINENT!!! FYI Stop perpetuating fairytales. Thank you

  6. My daughter died from an overdose in 2017, Jim I've been on my soapbox for years about treatment. No, we should build a wall instead. Thanks for helping laugh. I hope you comprehend how much the laughing helps

  7. You can set a fire for a man and he'll be warm for a day or you can set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life

  8. Material world creates unhappy individuals… Life filled with love is not filled with materials only the people and family that supports each other…

  9. It would actually be a strategic asset to be able to keep the military in a generally healthier frame of mind by understanding the long term effects and treatments of mental health issues.

    It would help society in general….but that doesn't seem to be a good enough reason to invest… 😑

  10. For anyone out there battling clinical depression, I highly recommend you to do a bit of research on Psilocybin depression treatments, like David Eigeman also wrote.

    I basically tried everything the healthcare system in Denmark could offer; 21 different types of medication + ECT, PEMF, wake therapy, all kinds of psychotherapy & the list goes on. I also changed my diet, exercised a lot, sleept well, meditated etc. NOTHING really helped. Then I tried Psilocybin mushrooms (after years of 'research'). They helped me out of the darkness, they did what all of the before mentioned couldn't! These fantastic mushrooms literally saved my life! There is hope for you as well!
    Psilocybin mushrooms are not legal in Denmark, but I couldn't wait for the ignorant politicians to catch up.

  11. uhh you cant talk about logical subject matter like redistribution of the bloated military budget. certain people frown upon that. cough trump voting scum.

  12. And here I thought I was depressed because we've drifted into a neo fascist dictatorship working at the behest of big oil and the military industrial complex, and any day now I could be dissapeared by trump loving militias kicking off their "civil war", that's really just a pretext for the rich to start eliminating anyone that wants a solution to climate change, systemic racism, or wealth inequality… but apparently I was wrong, it's just been FOMO all along 🤪!!!

  13. Also I wrote the goo goo dalls new hit songs from the past 14 years wouldn't it be fuc.ed up if I wrote city of angles an all of the goo goo dalls hit songs also the goo goo dalls have stealing problems an the band has savere mental problems here's a tip.(540)383-9624

  14. First World problems… Actual clinical depression is actually quite a rare disease, being bored with your life however, that's basically solely a first world issue.
    I don't really care if that is offensive to anyone's sensibilities, truth is truth… Grow up and Deal with reality.

  15. Does it mean if I’m happy I’m stupid? Right I gotta remember to be more depressed so people don’t think I’m an idiot.

  16. Jim Jeffries is a Mentally ill leftist, I hope he gets his ass sued off. Swatting people in the USA is a Felony Jim & that's what you did. FELON

  17. unpopular opinion: why the fuck does everybody want to change social media, because they hurt their lil feelings, and not to change their retarded feelings towards these media, towards A FUCKING APP?
    Its not real life, unless you make it yours.

  18. Ire ad somewhere that gifted people are more likely to be depressed than those of average intelligence. Makes sense, we think too much. I can't help thinking too much! That's kind of the definition of intelligence…

  19. Let us remember Greyhound Therapy. Pres Regan gave the mentally ill a single, one way ticket to wherever, and don`t come back! Problemm solved. It makes me puke to hear these Repubs tout mental health treatment as a solution to the problm they caused. Hurl!
    And remember, Reggan says ketsup IS a vegetable. Hypocrite repuckbicans! Hurl!

  20. I grew up really poor, which as a adult is awesome, I have really good coping strategies. I understand how to deal with problems, instead of breaking down. I also don't have any social media

  21. WHERE YOU LOOK IS WHERE YOU GO. So many are so easily distracted. GET A GRIP ON IT.
    Ego/mind is only a tool for Soul. Soul is Master. Learn to Soul travel by training your attention span. Chant Huu daily. This is not about religion. ECKANKAR.COM
    When people realize how valuable, how useful, how powerful one's attention is ….you would certainly work to achieve a stronger longer attention span on a higher level of consciousness.
    There are 5 levels of consciousness in all humans growing toward the light and sound, in this order. The Physical level or plane, the Astral level, the Causal plane, the mental plane the Etheric plane, and above all is the Soul Plane.
    WE are soul from the light and sound ,here and now. You don't have to die to know Soul. It is your creative force, when you dream, when you solve problems.
    This is about freeing yourself from the clutches of the mental world, by getting above the noise by becoming aware of yourself as Soul and soul traveling.
    Ego/mind is so noisy and distracting to our tiny attention span, because it wants to be the master. Ego/mind is an important, but very limited tool for Soul. Soul is Master.
    Learn to build and sustain your attention with a daily exercise of a Huuu chant while focusing up and feeling love of the light and sound. It is in everyone because WE ARE ALL SOUL. It is your creative force, when you dream, when you solve problems. Eckankar.com
    Very young children and animals Soul travel all the time. They dwell on the Etheric plane of instincts and intuition, higher stronger then the mental plane.
    Yes it is really that simple …But accepting it,,,is not. Because maybe that noisey distracting ego says this is trying to take something from you.
    NOPE, Religion has an important part of keeping peace and order in this world. Being with people that make us feel good about ourselves is love, and how we build our happiness hormone, serotonin levels.
    Soul is that piece of God in everything that makes us look/grow up with every aaw ha moment when you go from knowing something, to suddenly becoming aware of it.
    And that is when Soul evolves a bit more up through millions of lives, in the food chain order, to become one with the light and sound. Find your peace now.

  22. 2:57 Einstein did not help invent the atomic bomb. the only thing he did was write a letter to FDR saying that Germany was developing one and that the US needs to build it before they do. Einstein was not allowed anywhere near the Manhattan project and no one involved was allowed to speak to him because he was super liberal and the US government thought he was a communist. Julius Robert Oppenheimer, a different jewish scientist, ran the manhattan project. it was he who figured out how to make it work.

  23. You have to address the pay for the community mental health professionals. Part of the issue is the lack of these agencies ability to keep a full functioning staff. People come and go like a revolving door. Which means extra time and money spent not giving care to the community.

  24. I'm not depressed at all, I retired to Thailand and young women chase ME, cops ignore geezers on motorcycles, we don't do winter, healthcare is rated better than the USA by the WHO, the beaches and mountains are great, everything is SOOOO cheap, and MSM doesn't feed me propaganda 24/7. Our ancestors were smart enough to leave their countries of birth, unfortunately the place they went has turned into a freak-show.

  25. Easy way to start-

    30 hour work weeks, more time to smell the roses and more positive messages on media instead of negative ones. With more free time and more smelling the roses I believe people will actually take time to greet and connect with their fellow man instead of scroll on their phones to avoid them because most are toxic now. Mental health is so important. It's the root of everything else.

  26. Good points but I don’t think it’s helpful to shame people who post about their depression online. Reality stars commit suicide regularly and often have underlying issues before they go on a reality TV show which are then exacerbated. Also when public figures speak openly about mental health it help draw attention and destigmatize. There are huge differences between depression caused by situations/society/life in general and serious mental illnesses that have biological causes but they all fall under the same umbrella of mental health and they all deserve appropriate treatment and understanding from others.

  27. Admitting you are depressed is the first step…to losing your autonomy. I've been in a mental hospital and now everything I do and say is dismissed as the actions or reactions of a crazy person. All I learned was to keep it all inside or risk being locked up again.

  28. Online it’s the mentally ill helping the mentally Ill. That’s like asking the mentally ill patient instead of the doctor for advice.

  29. True story. I saw a guy on TV who threw a brick through a storefront glass window to get arrested because he had cancer and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. Once he was in prison he was treated for free. So Jim is actually right…..

  30. Yes. Life sucks. Finally. Why are there people constantly trying to convince others that life in general is great? Just accept it. Life sucks. It's not depressing if you're survival mode or you're a millionaire.

  31. Only being UNCOMFORTABLE AND CHALLENGED GETS YOU OUT OF DEPRESSION trust me. I've had it my whole life keyword had* people could have everything they want and be bored with it in a year. We as humans are born to be hunters gatherers, breeders, living of the land, struggling and athletics! Get outta bed it's not going to be fun, I ran 2 miles going thru heroin withdrawals (which helps alot btw) it wasn't fun but that push and motivation to be uncomfortable has made me FINALLY COMPLETE

  32. One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small,

    And the ones that mother gives you, don't do anything at all.
    –Grace Slick

  33. So , eventually USA prisons are now to some degree have become mental illness cure center !
    At last tax dollars are being utilized in a weird way but …… its working somehow , I guess !

  34. I lose my appetite when I'm down, it's like I lost enjoyment in eating , sometimes I stop eating completely for a week or 2 which makes me feel even more like shit , causes me to loose a ton of weight because food suddenly food is too damn boring to finish !. Like say my favorite food is a burger and as I'm sitting there taking bites , I realize wow , this is actually complete ass and boring why did I even eat this before , then regret it because now I have an upset stomach and can't focus on my work. I only eat to simply survive at this point.

  35. if the problem were just things like instagram america wouldnt be second highest in the world, every fucking country has Instagram 😂

  36. Well… What can i say? Perhaps my wife will comit a crime and i can have a beer, peacefuly, while watching a soccer game after a 12h shift!!! Without all the non-stop bla-bla-bla that will make me wanna kill her, by bashing her head against the marble floor… Shiiiiit, i love her but ill have to kill her, uohohoh-uoh !!!

  37. The vast majority are suffering the anthropomorphic ill-affects of a culture and economy that not only poisons the environment, but the human beings born into the caustic society constructed and maintained to privilege the most apathetic and/or psychopathic among us.
    Poor people are entitled to question the meaning of life but are not accorded the same opportunity to meaningfully explore this question due to economic uncertainty and the daily struggle for survival.
    The vast majority of people are suffering from Drapetomania (Drapetomania: Wikipedia [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drapetomania ]).

  38. Money given to healthcare providers? They really love money. Really love money. Really. Some are good, but most just love money. That's why O'Bama failed….money. Health care providers provide money for themself.

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