WORST Back Stretch EVER. Stop This Today! Can Cause Back Pain & Sciatica.

WORST Back Stretch EVER. Stop This Today! Can Cause Back Pain & Sciatica.

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  1. is it okay to do toe touches while sitting on the floor (or mat) with your legs outstretched? That way there's no weight on the back.

  2. When I can touch my toes with ease, I'm not having back problems. When I can't is when I'm having lower back pain. I make sure I can touch my toes to keep the back pain away.

  3. It’s hard for me to believe that forward bend with hands flat on the floor is bad for your back. Back extensions are called the cobra.

  4. I see what you guys are saying but as someone who is 49, started doing yoga at 16 and has zero back issues, clearly the forward bends and twists do not result in issues for everyone. How you move into and out of a position and how you modify to accommodate your own body are crucial. Mindful movement and stretching has kept me young.

  5. It’s funny to me how many people are confused because of a yoga move. But yoga was primarily invented as a SPIRITUAL practice—it’s not exactly scientific, guys.

  6. What do you do if you're someone who did that exact stretch(the first one that you said to never do) for years and now has terrible sciatica that doesn't want to go away? Also playing drums with bad posture for many years has effected it.

  7. I love the pro chair scooching lolol. You guys have been so helpful for me to refresh on my pt and unlearn some stuff I should not be doing. You are a joy to watch. Thank you so much.

  8. I wish you would explain why this is wrong. you show twist stretching standing up and twist stretching laying down. I can't figure why it would damage anything hanging upside down and twist.

  9. That second stretch I learned years ago in yoga and is one of my favourites. Always feels good on my lower back and I feel energised after.

  10. So, they made us do all those 'potentially' damaging excersizes in school like the sit-ups too, by keeping your legs straight!?
    Can we sue them ?? ಠᴥಠ

  11. I need a video about how to lift and carry babies and toddlers so as to not hurt your back. I know not to twist and lift, but at 1am the other night I managed to pop something in my lower back. I had to ice it and stay off of it for 2 days. Also, what’s the best position to breastfeed in so that you don’t hurt your back. Breast feeding can make my legs go numb and make my back hurt. I’m sure there’s a better way to do it, but no one teaches it. I’m not that old and never had a back injury before, but being a mom to little ones hurts me like sports never did.

  12. This motion is EXACTLY how I reherniated my L4-5 disc and ended up with a second surgery, left leg nerve damage, daily pain, and disability. I was a home health nurse and did it caring for a patient. Listen to Bob and Brad, do not bend and twist! 😢

  13. You ever think about changing the name of the channel to Brad & Bob? Or are you just displaying your names in alphabetical order?

  14. Wow! Here I have been basically doing this FOR back pain! I know not to bend and twist my spine during ab exercises too! Didn’t think of it while doing this stretch because I thought it was a great yoga pose that I learned. It always seemed to decompress my upper back but I could always tell it did nothing for my lower back, which is what I’m having problem with now. Thank you Bob and Brad!!

  15. Yep, I knew it. I threw my back out last Christmas time and was pissed because I'd finally been working out and doing stretches consistently. But I had also started stretching just like that. No longer, as you can imagine. I wondered whether that played a role in it and now it's confirmed. I've been doing much safer stretches ever since… ones similar to those in the video, in fact.

  16. There's stretches and then there's strengtheners. Sometimes they may overlap somewhat, but each person should know what you're trying to achieve with the movement.

  17. So does this include forward fold in yoga too? Every yoga instructor teaches forward fold and its spos to be a good thing.

  18. What grade school did you go to that said touching your toes is a back stretch? It was always given to me as a stretch for your legs…. my favorite stretch is to lay on the ground on me back and pretend i'm suckin me own cock. Really great back stretch fer me 😉

  19. Thanks bajillions!! I grunt that toe touch every day in a hot shower because that's the only place I can accomplish it. It hurts, but I figured it was because it is always in spasm mode on account of my hernia mesh debacle. I'm done with making that pain!! Thanks again.

  20. Bending over to stretch is excellent if done carefully and correctly, in daily life we need to be able to bend at the waist, even to pick something light up, unless we want to start doing the ‘grandad bend’ (bending the knees and crouching, just to pick up a piece of litter for example!). The fact that your body weight helps you to bend is actually beneficial (if done correctly), also, the important muscles you have to use to bring your body back upright get a very beneficial workout

  21. Not sure why this popped up in my recommended videos, but honestly? Not mad about it. What sweet and intelligent men! Thanks for sharing your stretch recommendations!

  22. Y'all talking like our backs are so weak. Touching your toes is very healthy and good. Very good for your tendons and hamstrings and lower back. If you have a weak back to begin with then its probably not the best way to stretch. No pain no gain. It's the type of pain that's not good. Lower lumbar pain is not good. But slight tendon and muscle pain is good. You'll never become flexible without it. Everything they're doing laying down is the same thing they said not to do standing up. This is bullcrap. Lol torquing twisting the back when your stretching. Ok then.

  23. I seriously, am fracturing vertebrae just walking across the room. I can’t imagine not having pain when I try to stretch.

  24. OMG, really? I've been doing these bad stretches since 60's and this advice comes over 50 years too late; however, i have not experienced any injuries from doing so. Thanks for demonstrating and explaining these new stretches, especially the one with the squishy ball and chair stretch for the mid-back at 7:06

  25. This is the position everyone does every day when they wash their face…..I can’t use the bathroom sink to wash my face I’m forced to take a shower.

  26. I curious about the cobra pose or what you call "back extensions." I have lumbar stenosis and quite possibly facet joint syndrome and was told NOT to flex my spine. What says the most famous…?

  27. 💯% RIGHT about that bend and twist!!! 😭☹️ One Spring, I was trying to make rows in prepared dirt that had been tilled by machine. It was lose, but heavy, and I was using a typical garden hoe. I had NEVER suffered a backache of any kind or back pain prior to that evening, but felt some pretty severe soreness as I sat in the floor playing Monopoly with my kids, and had to cut my turn short. By morning, I was unable to walk unassisted. I have never known a day without pain since June 1, 2006. Turns out, I had ruptured my L4-L5 and it was leaking and there was pressure on my spinal cord. If only I had known better! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  28. What most people need to do is stop babying themselves and strengthen their core muscles and spinal erector muscles. Their spines are taking over in compensation for weak musclds

  29. OMG ''a local PT place had we do this yesterday. and when they asked me to do it i was shocked. i did it and i tell you i should have listened to BOB and BRAD. within mins of doing this ''stretch'' i went from a 6/7 pain to a solid 9 pain and had trouble putting my coat on. WOW. be careful out there folks. trust your instincts and trust BOB and Brad, i have had 2 fusions already and another on the way.

  30. Patient: Doc, I am having trouble lifting my left arm.
    Doc: What happens if you do?
    Patient: The pain in my should kills me.
    Doc: Just don't do it.

  31. So if your oppinion is that bending over is putting " a lot of stress on your lower back" then i would assume you think dead lifts will actually shatter your spine. get the f*** out of here.

  32. 1:12 These are the bad stretches they are talking about

    2:52 This is what you should do instead

    5:25 Another option (applicable to the vast majority of people)

    7:06 Another option if you have problems in thoracic area

    8:04 Another option

    9:33 Another option

    10:52 Final option

  33. OK I'm now officially lost. I've been suffering with constant day and night severe Sciatica, where it feels like my entire leg is being crushed in a vice with intense pain in my lower back, buttocks, hips and legs, and I've done all the appropriate stretches for months with little to no effect. I have now recently started stretching by gradually trying to touch my toes while standing and keeping my legs straight, and for the first time in years I'm now feeling so much better, roughly 85 to 90 percent better, and now you're saying I should NOT do that.

  34. Bob and Brad have that uncanny ability to make you swear that you had them as middle school teachers at some point.

  35. I have degenerated disks in my lumbar and beginning my journey to alleviate my numbness and sciatica. However when I bend forwards and take a deep breath and hold it and then exhale without releasing the air, my mid spine decompresses and the vertebrae crack and it feels so good.

    What can I do to get a similar reaction without putting that lower back in a danger position?

  36. the table is handy for your demo but most people are going to be on their floor doing this and it would be helpful if you showed them a proper way to get up without doing any extra injury/pain to their spine…:)

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