Yoga For Back Pain – Back Strengthening Stretches To Relieve & Prevent Back Pain

Yoga For Back Pain – Back Strengthening Stretches To Relieve & Prevent Back Pain

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hi everyone this is Cole Chance from YogaTX, thank
you for joining me on your mat gonna do a little bit back string and stretching
most everybody I massage therapist as well and everybody has back issues lot of out of the way we live our lives
all out front of us and hunched over we’re just gonna do some things to try
to open that up and do little strengthening as well and fully get back
on your feet feeling well so what start on any sort of -ism child’s both so wide
leg child’s pose needs wide so we’ll be coming forward and walking it hands out
as much as you can can rest your forehead on the mat or any
other really feeling your belly expand in between your thighs and also feeling you’re feeling that
three hundred and sixty degrees in my back is also rising bellies falling to
really expanding talk a little bit further out here release right hand slide it underneath
this little and go with me here with her left hand it will take a little twist
here so you can stay right here you can start to walk your your left hand over
to the right and twist your chest to the sky can also take your left arm around
your back if it’s available some different options and also just stay
right here some kind of pushing you don’t bend your elbow as well you know
pushed the ground away so many options to make some organic movement and see
what feels good to you draw extended Mac outlaw her left arm and
take it you can just stay right here for like any good stretch on your left
shoulder deltoid area you can start to play around some variations can push the
ground away with your right hand your right hand over to the left side can also take it behind your back so funny variation that works for you
now they’re big inhale release all things both looked our lips
keeping arms out in the front straight as long as you can relax your
forehead on the grounds that they get a good stretch here or inhale this like a cow couple really getting some articulation
and your spine so pushing the ground away and your ex sales guy he’ll burn
down coming back through when you’re coming through the action of pulling
your palms toward journeys a really good strike again stretch left side of your spine the
other side to articulate their spawn in all directions was getting good left
body stretches well with more time coming to center that aside first let’s
open up to the right really open open open underneath your
left hand with the same variations here that we did on the other side will be
acceptable in different ways you can push the ground away really her left leg out a little bit brighter
here really bring all your pieces back in your arm will go all the way back up
and open to the right and pleasure the other side the left arm over age and
then down variation can always switch with get a little stretch relieved Bashar so right hand rear leg
back in open all the way back to the future a little bit fingers wide most of the
weight in your shape she can play with any other fingers up that’s where you
want the most of your way to her toes up into them blog here here for a few
breath really push the ground away after I’ve been giving massages I
created down dog back back starting to get a little tired I just really wants to get in shape for a few breath really
good full body stretch forward to plank pose gonna come down to our bellies even
come down to your knees are you can come straight down with your new straight but
we want both in your hips so that were so that you’re in a diagonal shape and
then we’ll come slowly all the way down to the ground a little bit of strengthening here so
I’m rooting the top of my feet into the ground into the ground in and help and
come up I’m not wanting very much weight in my hand that actually if you want to
bring your hands up you can do that as well content them and just gonna happen there
for stability wanting to strengthen here release break down by our thought I’d bring your
palms facing down back to center in helped push your feet and your palms
into the ground and tried to let your feet on the ground Center bender legs grab your ankles or
feet there’s different variations of this
we’re going to do the one where I’m going to leave my and my pelvis on the
ground I’m really gonna be pulling my chest so instead of pulling everything
up I’m just gonna be working on my chest I’m going to really kick my feet into my
hand and pull my chest my shoulders can be forward here we
don’t want back on a roll holders back and release everything down side plant our hands push it back to your heels of parties
together this time in the first child pose we were getting more into our hips
by thinking her legs wide and thinking download this time we’ll get more of an
art in our back and let your shoulders over of stretching back and shoulder to
shoulder been aware of your body rising and
falling with your brother do a little dance in Campbell here
that’s nice so come up to sitting on your needs and if you need something
underneath your knees then just feel free to grab a towel or blanket or
pillow anything that you want quick so yeah I wanna touch my toes my heels are
coming up my toes are tucked under my left hand to my heel I’m going to press
my hips forward right here that’s completely fine you know take my right
arm and look back towards my life and stay right here come down a little bit farther just find
your age can also keep your hand your left hand on your sacrum and just look
back arms around bend my right into my right
heel or leave it on my right side of my sacrum pushing my hips forward i’m
looking over my rate but so you know we’re going we’ll do this a
couple times a little bit faster so I’m bending engine at the hips and coming
around in my left hand coming up with my right way around played him i right hips forward looking
down and one more time playing around dance and camel final twist to equalize without work so
come to the seated pose and again you can use a pillow or something underneath
your hips so first let’s just plan to our left hand right palm facing just go
up and over here or just towards the guy can also take your hand behind your back
into it real diva style right down up and over you can keep it
up and over with their chest hurting forward if this helps you to help me a
little bit to put my hands behind my head into the routine black really
getting back side body lower back right hand or left
me left him behind your sacrum live and west 12 background left him to your knee right
hand behind your sacrum you know we’re going to rest her well thank you for practicing and these
are just some really good stretches maybe if so the more inaccessible you
can work towards that are you can take that out and just work with what feels
good in your body we’re all different so our practice we
all look very different so honored that and thank you for practicing again
called chance that you’ll get TX our new website and also you can
follow us on Instagram TX or call champion yoga and see you all next time
thanks for joining think about visualizing that coming together onto
your back here around so bring your elbows
together tuck your chin as you start to curl your back the should light up the
muscles going on either side of your spine here so you can control the
intensity if you need to come not go as far as can be intense

82 thoughts on “Yoga For Back Pain – Back Strengthening Stretches To Relieve & Prevent Back Pain”

  1. hi, is it safe for someone who has screw in their back and thighs due to an accident 10 years ago? no pain, just extremely weak muscles due to several years of restricted movement

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  4. This is my favourite short yoga practice for my mornings before work. Makes a huge difference in my back πŸ™‚

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  6. I started doing yoga about two weeks ago due to severe back pain. I felt relief within days, so I am making yoga a part of my daily morning and evening routine. And Cole's videos are just the best: Thanks!

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    Thank you.

  12. I just want you to know how grateful I am to you and how much you have helped me. I have Fibromyalgia & Osteoarthritis. I love the Video's you do for back pain and this one is very helpful. I practice Yoga with you everyday now and this has been the best thing for easing my pain. You have been a God Send to me. I can't go to the Gym and practice Yoga everyday. They only have it 3 times a week so this wasn't helping me enough. Thank you so much for what you do. Many blessings. Namaste!

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  17. Thank you for this video! This practice replicates almost all of the exercises my physical therapist wants me to do at home for my back injury.

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